Membership: The Captain (Steve Rogers of Earth-35429), Iron Prince (Nathaniel Richards of Earth-14181), Khan (Kamala Khan of Earth-81111), Killmonger (Shuri of Earth-52191), Thor of Reality-19110, X-2/3rds of Earth-24530

Purpose: To capture the Exiles team led by Earth-295's Blink

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Rogue Watchers of Reality-616 (Acitua, others)

Enemies: Exiles (Becky Barnes of Earth-86315, Blink/Clarice Ferguson of Earth-295, Captain America/Peggy Carter of Earth-86315, Iron Lad/Nathaniel Richards of Earth-18651, King/T'Challa of Earth-18136, Valkyrie of Reality-22681, Wolvie), Sandra of Earth-616

Base of Operations: Unrevealed, possibly Earth-616's Moon

First Appearance: Exiles III#10 (January, 2019)

History: (Exiles III#11 (fb) - BTS) - A group of rogue alien Watchers from Reality-616 recruited a team of their own Exiles with each member picked from their home reality moments before death specifically to counteract a team of Exiles led by Earth-295's Blink. The Watchers pulled Earth-81111's Khan, a former member of Blink's team who was thought dead, from the seconds prior to her supposed death and tasked her with leading their Exiles team, promising to send Khan to a reality in which her deceased daughter had lived if she led the Watchers' Exiles in capturing Blink's Exiles. The other members of Khan's Exiles were each promised something as well in exchange for joining Khan's Exiles.

(Exiles III#10) - When Blink's Exiles were traveling from Earth-38191 and attempted to guide their reality jump home, they arrived in Earth-616's New Jersey, where Earth-18136's King sensed someone approaching. Khan then emerged from the shadows and  introduced her team as the Exiles, explaining that they were there to beat Blink's team.

(Exiles III#11) - Confused, Blink asked who these other Exiles were and Earth-24530's X-2/3rds quickly reminded Blink that they were the Exiles. Khan's former teammate, Reality-22681's Valkyrie, admitted that she was happy to see Khan, whom she had thought dead, but Khan did not share the sentiment, admitting that she hoped Blink's team would come along quietly rather than get hurt. While Khan continued discussing the matter with Blink, Earth-14181's Iron Prince whispered to Earth-52191's Killmonger, wondering why Khan was even bothering to talk to such "insects" as Blink's team and, while Killmonger agreed with Iron Prince, she opted to continue waiting since their mission required teamwork. When Blink remained confused as to what was going on, Khan announced that she was getting her deceased family back as X-2/3rds threatened the childlike Wolvie. Earth-18651's Iron Lad and King of Blink's team soon realized that each member of Khan's team appeared to be counterparts of Blink's team and when Iron Lad questioned whether Khan's team was intended to replace Blink's team, Iron Prince commented that Iron Lad was starting to catch on. Khan then proclaimed that there had been enough talking and she ordered her Exiles team to take down Blink's team. In the ensuing melee, Khan battled Blink, apologizing for the events and insisting she had no choice if she wanted her daughter back. Each member of Khan's team soon took down their counterpart on Blink's team, with each remarking on what they were getting in exchange for taking down Blink's Exiles. Barely conscious, Blink managed to teleport her team to a nearby small island to buy them time to think about how to handle Khan's team and they realized the rogue Watchers of Reality-616, who had previously tried to place Blink's team on trial for interfering in the timestream, were behind Khan's team of Exiles and their attempt to capture Blink's team. Blink soon realized that Khan might go after her team's loved ones and she teleported her Exiles to the summer home of Sandra, the Earth-616 counterpart of her aunt. Finding Sandra a hostage of Khan's Exiles, Blink apologized to Sandra for her getting drawn into the conflict and asked why Khan was trying to take down her former team that had mourned the seeming loss of Khan. Khan explained how the rogue Watchers had plucked her from death and promised to send her to a reality in which her husband and daughter were alive if Khan's team would apprehend Blink's team alive. Blink then asked Khan to release Sandra since the conflict involved only the two Exiles teams and Khan agreed, commenting that she was not a monster and had only hostage taken Sandra hostage to ensure Blink's team would accompany them back to the rogue Watchers. When Khan mentioned Blink's team coming along peacefully, Iron Prince and Earth-35429's Captain instead instigated a fight with Blink's team. During the fight, Blink suggested her Exiles switch opponents to fight the members of Khan's Exiles who were not their counterparts. Doing as ordered, King and Iron Lad focused on Reality-19110's Thor, whose skeletal form they disrupted by canceling out the kinetic bonds that held it together. Valkyrie attacked the Captain, pounding Iron Prince into the ground before fatally hurling the Captain into a rock. When Killmonger went in to blast Earth-86315's Captain America, Cap deflected the blast with her shield and it hit X-2/3rds instead, downing her. Cap then hurled her shield and knocked out Killmonger. Blink and Wolvie faced Khan and when Wolvie mentioned that Khan would not want her daughter to think her mother was bad, a saddened Khan gave up the fight despite protests from X-2/3rds and Iron Prince, who reminded Khan of where the rogue Watchers would return them if they did not bring Blink's team back with them. Before any further protests could be made, Khan's Tallus device activated and teleported her team of Exiles away. Blink's team was left wondering whether Khan's team had been returned to their home realities or even if they had been annihilated from existence. Realizing they wouldn't get answers there, Blink and her Exiles teleported to Earth-616's Moon to confront the rogue Watchers.

(Exiles III#12 (fb) - BTS) - Khan's Exiles were sent back to their respective home realities to face oblivion.

(Exiles III#12 - BTS) - Blink and her team of Exiles arrived on the Moon and announced to the rogue Watchers that their "knockoff" Exiles had failed and it was now the Watchers' turn to be beaten. The Watchers admitted the failure of Khan's Exiles but when Blink demanded to know what had happened to Khan's Exiles, the Watchers revealed that they had been returned to the oblivion from whence they had come. When a horrified Iron Lad asked if the Watchers had let all of Khan's Exiles die just to bring Blink's team there, the Watchers solemnly claimed that the lives of Khan's Exiles were a small price to pay to rein in the danger they claimed was presented by Blink's Exiles.

Comments: Created by Saladin Ahmed, Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez.

Despite some online sources referring to Earth-19110's Thor as "Skele-Thor," I could not find an instance anywhere in his appearances where he was called anything other than just "Thor."

Profile by Proto-Man.

 Khan's Exiles team has no known connections to:

The Captain (of Earth-35429)

Hailing from a reality ruled by an unspecified "Fatherland," Steve Rogers was given a Gamma serum that mutated him into a hulking, superhumanly strong monster while severely debilitating his intelligence. Becoming an unquestioning soldier of the Fatherland, Rogers took the alias of the Captain and was plucked from his reality seconds from death by a group of rogue alien Watchers from Reality-616 to join their own team of Exiles led by Earth-81111's Khan. Tasked with apprehending a team of Exiles led by Earth-295's Blink, the Captain accompanied his Exiles team to intercept Blink's team and when a fight broke out between the two teams, the Captain faced off against his counterparts on Blink's team, Earth-86315's Captain America and Becky Barnes. Captain America-86315 quickly recognized the Captain as Steve Rogers, who she cared for in her own reality, and asked what had happened to him, prompting the raging Captain to exclaim that a Gamma serum had made him strong for the Fatherland. Unable to harm Steve Rogers out of fear and caring for her own Steve, Captain America was easily defeated by the Captain and tossed with her unconscious teammates. After Blink's team escaped, the Captain aided his teammates in taking Earth-616's Sandra hostage in an effort to force Blink and her Exiles to return. When Blink and her team teleported there and found Sandra hostage, the Captain grew impatient waiting for Khan and Blink to talk things out, exclaiming that he wished to fight and another fight broke out. The Captain again gained the upper hand against Captain America until Blink suggested her team switch opponents. Reality-22681's Valkyrie then jumped into battle against the Captain, surprised that he managed to withstand her strongest blows. Valkyrie eventually managed to blind the Captain by covering his face with her cape and she hurled the Captain into a rock, where his head was fatally smashed.

The Captain had superhuman strength and durability, able to fight hand-to-hand with and withstand blows from demigods.

--Exiles III#10 (Exiles III#11 (fb) - BTS, Exiles III#10-11,

Iron Prince (of Earth-14181)

The mustached Nathaniel Richards of Earth-14181 was contacted by the time-traveling Kang the Conqueror, a counterpart of his own future self, who wished to have his younger self join him as a conqueror. Agreeing to join Kang, Nathaniel was given a strong suit of armor and took the alias of Iron Prince. He was ultimately plucked moments before death to join a team of Exiles gathered by a group of rogue Watchers from Reality-616. After being promised that he would be returned to his reality strong enough to usurp Kang as conqueror, Iron Prince joined his team of Exiles in traveling to Earth-616 to apprehend a team of Exiles led by Earth-295's Blink. Ignoring his team leader Khan's attempts to talk Blink's team into surrendering, Iron Prince gladly joined in a fight that broke out between the two teams of Exiles, facing off against his counterpart on Blink's team, Earth-18651's Iron Lad. Gloating that he was stronger and more of a man than Iron Lad, Iron Prince quickly took down his counterpart and tossed him into a pile with his unconscious teammates. After Blink's Exiles escaped, Iron Prince joined his Exiles into holding Sandra, the Earth-616 counterpart of Blink's aunt, hostage and when Blink and her Exiles showed up to rescue Sandra, another fight between the two Exiles teams ensued. This time, however, Blink's Exiles switched opponents and Iron Prince was easily defeated by Reality-22681's Valkyrie, who slammed Iron Prince into the ground. Subsequently recovering, Iron Prince witnessed Khan giving up the fight and attempted to talk Khan out of giving up, reminding her of how they would be returned to face death if they failed to capture Blink's Exiles, but Khan's Tallus soon teleported her entire team of Exiles away. After failing in the Exiles' mission to capture Blink's team, Iron Prince was sent back to his home reality to face oblivion.

Iron Prince did not have any inherent superhuman powers but he wore a futuristic suit of armor equipped with boot jets, palm repulsors and a chest-mounted uni-beam blaster.

--Exiles III#10 (Exiles III#11 (fb) - BTS, Exiles III#10-11,

Killmonger (of Earth-52191)

Hailing from Earth-52191, where her brother T'Challa was dead and she ruled over all as the tyrant Killmonger, young Wakandan Shuri was plucked from her reality moments before death to join a team of Exiles gathered by a group of rogue Watchers from Reality-616. Promised that she would be returned to her home reality to rule over everything, Killmonger gladly joined her Exiles in traveling to Earth-616, where they were tasked with capturing another team of Exiles led by Earth-295's Blink. When Blink and her team showed up on Earth-616, Killmonger witnessed her team leader Khan of Earth-81111 attempt to talk Blink into surrendering. Despite agreeing that they should just fight, Killmonger nonetheless opted to give Khan a chance to solve things peacefully before a fight ultimately broke out. Facing off against her counterpart on Blink's team, Earth-18136's King, Killmonger easily recognized King as an alternate reality counterpart of her deceased brother and taunted King, claiming that the former king of Wakanda was playing as an American cowboy. When Killmonger gloated that she would rule everything once she had gotten rid of King, King demanded to know who Killmonger was to speak to him so familiarly. Further gloating, Killmonger dispersed her mask to reveal herself as a counterpart of King's sister. With King sufficiently distracted and in shock, Killmonger blasted him into unconsciousness and tossed him into a pile with the other downed members of Blink's Exiles. After Blink's Exiles escaped, Killmonger helped in holding Sandra, the Earth-616 counterpart to Blink's aunt, hostage and when Blink's team arrived to rescue Sandra, another fight broke out between the two Exiles teams. During the battle, Blink's team switched opponents and Killmonger attempted to blast Earth-86315's Captain America but Cap deflected the blast into Killmonger's teammate, Earth-24530's X-2/3rds. Killmonger herself was then defeated when Captain America hit Killmonger with her shield. While Killmonger was still unconscious, Khan gave up the fight and her team of Exiles were transported away. After failing the rogue Watchers, Killmonger and her surviving teammates were returned to their respective realities to face oblivion.

Killmonger wore a suit of metallic mesh (likely Vibranium) that she could manipulate to some degree, such as to pull up or take down her mask. On one of her hands, Killmonger wore a glove that resembled the open mouth of a panther, through which she could fire extremely powerful energy blasts capable of knocking opponents unconscious. It was unrevealed if she possessed any actual superhuman powers.

--Exiles III#10 (Exiles III#11 (fb) - BTS, Exiles III#10-11,

T'Challa (of Earth-52191)

T'Challa was the deceased brother of Earth-52191's Killmonger. When Killmonger was facing off against Earth-18136's King, a counterpart of T'Challa, Killmonger remarked on how her T'Challa was dead and King would soon join him.

--Exiles III#11 (fb) - BTS

Thor (of Reality-19110)

Originating in Reality-19110, Thor was a thunder god who had apparently survived death as an animated skeleton due to the lightning he generated causing a kinetic bond that held his bones together. Plucked moments from his destruction by a group of rogue alien Watchers from Reality-616, this skeletal Thor joined a team of Exiles led by Earth-81111's Khan on a mission to capture another team of Exiles led by Earth-295's Blink in exchange for a chance at renewed life. When Blink's Exiles arrived from a previous mission on Earth-616, Thor and his Exiles were waiting for them and, despite attempts to take things out by Khan and Blink, both Exiles teams soon got into a fight. Squaring off against Reality-22681's Valkyrie, his counterpart on Blink's Exiles, Thor struck Valkyrie down with lightning and placed her in a pile with the other downed members of Blink's Exiles. After Blink's Exiles escaped, Thor joined his Exiles in holding Sandra, the Earth-616 counterpart to Blink's aunt, hostage and when Blink's Exiles returned to rescue Sandra, another fight between the two teams broke out. Valkyrie feared harming Thor as blasphemy since in her reality, Thor was the son of her creator Odin who had died centuries earlier, but when Blink suggested her Exiles switch opponents, Earth-18651's Iron Lad and Earth-18136's King went after Thor. Deducing that Thor's lightning was creating a kinetic bond that held his skeletal form together, Iron Lad suggested infusing one of King's Vibranium bullets at a specific moment to disrupt that kinetic bond. Doing as instructed by Iron Lad, King fired a bullet into Thor's left eye socket and Iron Lad infused the bullet with his repulsors at the very moment the bullet passed through the eye socket. The subsequent disruption in the kinetic field caused Thor to fall to the ground in a heap of lifeless bones. When Khan ultimately gave up fighting Blink's Exiles, Thor was transported from Earth-616 with his Exiles teammates and later returned to his home reality for failing to capture Blink's Exiles.

Thor possessed the ability to manipulate lightning, an ability that held together his skeletal form. Despite being nothing more than bones, Thor retained his superhuman strength and durability, easily swatting aside demigod-like foes such as Reality-22681's Valkyrie. He also retained a hammer but whether this hammer was magically imbued like Reality-616's Mjolnir to where only the worthy could lift it remains unrevealed. It seems unlikely that the hammer possessed these enchantments considering that Thor was a skeleton but perhaps even as an animated skeleton, Thor remained worthy to lift the hammer.

--Exiles III#10 (Exiles III#11 (fb) - BTS, Exiles III#10-11,

X-2/3rds (of Earth-24530)

X-2/3rds was a native of Earth-24530 and she was plucked moments from her death by a group of rogue Watchers from Reality-616 to join their team of Exiles led by Earth-81111's Khan. Promised a new chance at the life she was meant to live, X-2/3rds joined Khan's Exiles on their mission to Earth-616 to capture another team of Exiles led by Earth-295's Blink. When Blink's Exiles arrived on Earth-616 from a prior mission to Earth-38191, Blink and her team was shocked to see Khan alive and asked who her team was, prompting the smart-alecky X-2/3rds to claim they were the Exiles and call Blink a dummy. As Blink and Khan attempted to talk things out, Wolvie of Blink's Exiles happily introduced himself to X-2/3rds and expressed happiness that they had brought Khan back but X-2/3rds replied by introducing herself as the person who would kick Wolvie's butt. A fight soon broke out between the two Exiles teams and Wolvie again tried to be kind to X-2/3rds, asking if she were his sister and admitted he had always wanted a sister. Grumbling, X-2/3rds told Wolvie to shut up and slashed him across the chest with her toe claws. She then accused Wolvie of being a little baby and punched him in the stomach. She then pounded Wolvie into the ground before calling him pathetic and tossing him into a pile with his defeated teammates. After Blink's Exiles escaped, X-2/3rds joined her Exiles team in holding Sandra, the Earth-616 counterpart to Blink's aunt, hostage and when Blink's Exiles returned to rescue Sandra, another fight between the two Exiles teams broke out. During the battle, Blink's Exiles switched opponents and X-2/3rds found herself battling Earth-86315's Becky Barnes. X-2/3rds quickly gained the upper hand against Barnes but Earth-86315's Captain America deflected an energy blast from X-2/3rds' teammate Killmonger into X-2/3rds herself, downing her. Khan soon gave up the fight and a recovered X-2/3rds angrily berated Khan for giving up but Khan's Tallus soon activated and transported X-2/3rds and the other members of Khan's Exiles away. After failing to capture Blink's Exiles as ordered, X-2/3rds was returned to her home reality to face oblivion.

X-2/3rds had two metallic claws that she could extend from her knuckles and one claw from her toes. She also possessed a healing factor allowing her to recover swiftly from most physical wounds.

--Exiles III#10 (Exiles III#11 (fb) - BTS, Exiles III#10-11,

images: (without ads)
Exiles III#10, p20, pan2 (Exiles, main image)
Exiles III#11, p13, pan1 (Exiles with hostage Sandra)
Exiles III#11, p7, pan2 (The Captain)
Exiles III#11, p9, pan2 (Iron Prince)
Exiles III#11, p17, pan4 (Killmonger)
Exiles III#11, p5, pan2 (Thor)
Exiles III#11, p2-3, pan7 (X-2/3rds)

Exiles III#10 (January, 2019) - Saladin Ahmed (writer), Javier Rodriguez (pencils), Alvaro Lopez (inks), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Exiles III#11 (February, 2019) - Saladin Ahmed (writer), Javier Rodriguez (pencils), Alvaro Lopez (inks), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Exiles III#12 (March, 2019) - Saladin Ahmed (writer), Javier Rodriguez (pencils), Alvaro Lopez (inks), Sarah Brunstad (editor)

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