(of Earth-38191)

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-38191) human (sometime around the 10th century? - see comments)

Occupation: Leader of thieves

Group Membership: Her Forty Thieves (Sayeed, others)

Affiliations: Exiles (Becky Barnes of Earth-86315, Blink/Clarice Ferguson of Earth-295, Captain America/Peggy Carter of Earth-86315, Iron Lad/Nathaniel Richards of Earth-18651, King/T'Challa of Earth-18136, Valkyrie of Reality-22681, Wolvie), Hakeem Strange, her Forty Thieves

Enemies: Caliph Doom (Viktor Doom), Mephisto;
    formerly Becky Barnes of Earth-86315, Captain America (Peggy Carter of Earth-86315), Valkyrie of Reality-22681

Known Relatives: Unidentified father (deceased)

Aliases: "Legs," "Ma'am," "O Chief"

Base of Operations: An encampment hidden within a desert oasis in Baghdad, Iraq

First Appearance: Exiles III#9 (December, 2018)

Powers/Abilities: Black Cat had no superhuman powers but she was a skilled thief, leader and an accomplished gymnast.

She wears a costume equipped with clawed gloves and boots.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 120 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: White

History: (Exiles III#10 (fb) - BTS) - Black Cat became a thief, seeking power for petty ends. When the Caliph Doom came to power, Black Cat watched as the Caliph Doom publicly executed her thief father.

(Exiles III#9) - When the reality-hopping Exile Captain America of Earth-86315 arrived on Earth-38191, she appeared in the middle of the encampment of Black Cat and her Forty Thieves. Black Cat ordered Captain America's death for the intrusion but a confused Captain America quickly asked if Black Cat's Forty Thieves were a reference to the Arabian Nights, a fictional story she knew in her home reality. Ignoring Captain America's question, Black Cat exclaimed that there had been enough words and she ordered her Thieves to kill the heroine. Having learned of the Forty Thieves from a passerby, Captain America's teammates Becky Barnes and Valkyrie of Reality-22681, who had been forced into the roles of Ali Baba and his wife, came to Captain America's aid but Black Cat ordered one of her Thieves, Sayeed, to create a magical net to ensnare her foes. As Sayeed ensnared Captain America and Valkyrie, Black Cat ordered her Thieves to capture Becky Barnes as they escaped into a nearby cave, sealing the entrance behind them. Captain America and Valkyrie soon pursued, entering the ensorcelled entrance but finding the cave devoid of Black Cat or her Forty Thieves. Thinking perhaps Black Cat and her Thieves had escaped the cave via boat, Captain America and Valkyrie found a boat and traveled downstream in search of their kidnapped teammate. The stream led Captain America and Valkyrie to regroup with the other Exiles and, at about the time Captain America mentioned Becky's kidnapping, a bruised Becky came walking up to the other Exiles, having fought her way away from Black Cat and the Forty Thieves.

(Exiles III#10) - After the Exiles narrowly escaped the mad Caliph Doom via flying carpet and landed in an oasis, Black Cat overheard the Exiles talking about angering the Caliph Doom and she commented that the Exiles must have done something right. Shocked to see the person who had earlier kidnapped Becky Barnes, the Exiles prepared themselves for a fight but Black Cat explained that the kidnapping was simply business after some of the Exiles had located her Thieves' hideout. She then remarked that any enemy of the Caliph Doom was a friend of hers. When the sorcerer Hakeem Strange also revealed himself, prompting an argument between Strange and Blink, Black Cat calmed the argument and explained how the mad Caliph Doom was murdering a new wife every night and had to be stopped. Hakeem Strange suggested the Exiles listen to the Black Cat and Black Cat moved the discussion inside her encampment, where the childlike Exile Wolvie asked if they had any cake. Black Cat revealed that many went hungry thanks to Caliph Doom and Wolvie asked what Caliph Doom had personally done to sadden Black Cat. When Black Cat explained how the Caliph Doom had publicly executed her father, Wolvie expressed sadness for Black Cat and nearly revealed how a similar event had happened with his teammate King's father but King quickly silenced Wolvie. As Blink decided that the Exiles would assist Black Cat and Hakeem Strange against the Caliph Doom, the Caliph himself attacked Black Cat's encampment with the djinn Mephisto, controlled by the mystic Ring of Solomon artifact. Black Cat and her allies leaped into battle against the Caliph's robotic creations and fiercely fought the Caliph's forces until Blink teleported Caliph Doom's ringed hand from his arm, causing the Caliph to lose control of Mephisto, who dragged the Caliph into his fiery depths to account for his mad actions. Black Cat then watched as the Exile Nocturne decided to stay on Earth-38191 as khalifa and the Exiles said their goodbyes before being transported away to another reality.

Comments: Created by Saladin Ahmed, Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez.

It was never stated exactly what year the events on Earth-38191 took place. The closest we got was a note of events occurring in "medieval Baghdad" and, according to my historical research, the golden age of Baghdad as one of the largest cities in the world was anywhere between the mid-700s A.D. through around 1300 A.D. or so. Since Earth-38191's Moussa mentions Aladdin owing him two silver dinars, which was first used in the late 7th century, it seems to fit in at least the mid-700s and Baghdad was at its height in size around the 1000s. Therefore, I placed the events a little before that, settling on an assumption of occurring sometime around the late 10th century, possibly early 11th century or even into the 12th.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-38191's Black Cat
should be distinguished from:

Ali Baba

Ali Baba was a famously witty married man who lived in the woods and worked as a woodcutter. When the reality-hopping Exile Valkyrie from Reality-22681 was transported to Earth-38191, she was forced into the role of Ali Baba and her teammate Becky Barnes of Earth-86315 was forced into the role of Ali Baba's wife. Almost as soon as Valkyrie and Becky Barnes arrived on Earth-38191, a man walked by and mistook them for Ali Baba and his wife, and he warned them about a gang of thieves that had been making their hideout near there. Becky subsequently asked Valkyrie if the man was referring to the fictional character Ali Baba from a Douglas Fairbanks movie in her home reality.
--Exiles III#9 - BTS


Sayeed was a member of Black Cat's Forty Thieves and he possessed mystic abilities. During the Black Cat's battle with reality-displaced Exiles Captain America, Valkyrie and Becky Barnes, she ordered Sayeed to create a magical net to ensnare her foes. Doing as ordered, Sayeed covered Captain America and Valkyrie in a mystic net while Black Cat absconded with hostage Becky Barnes.

Sayeed was a skilled mystic.
--Exiles III#9

images: (without ads)
Exiles III#10, p9, pan1 (Black Cat, main image)
Exiles III#9, p11, pan1 (Black Cat headshot & Sayeed images)
Exiles III#9, p10, pan2 (Black Cat vs. Captain America)

Exiles III#9 (December, 2018) - Saladin Ahmed (writer), Javier Rodriguez (pencils), Alvaro Lopez (inks), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Exiles III#10 (January, 2019) - Saladin Ahmed (writer), Javier Rodriguez (pencils), Alvaro Lopez (inks), Sarah Brunstad (editor)

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