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Membership: La Femme Qui N'est Pas Visable (Suzette), La Grotesquerie, Jeanie, Monsieur Elastique (Roget)

Purpose: To protect France and the king

Aliases: None

Affiliations: The King

Enemies: Angry peasants

Base of Operations: Paris

First Appearance: Marvel Year-In-Review '93#5 (December 1993)

History: (Marvel Year-In-Review '93#5) - Les Quatres Fantastiques protected pre-revolutionary France. Monsieur Elastique was trying to find a cure for the black plague while Jeanie was guarding the Bastille prison and la Grotesquerie protected the king. After days of researching and grinding salamanders, Monsieur Elastique was counseled to rest by la Femme Qui N'est Pas Visable, but he rejected this in his desire to find his cure. However, the sight of Jeanie's burning 4 symbol in the sky alerted them that angry mobs must be attacking the Bastille and that the king was in danger.

Comments: Created by Ken Levine and Marc Sairy.

    I'm not sure why Monsieur Elastique was so desperate to cure the Black Plague when he lived in France just prior to the revolution, which kicked off in 1789. The Black Death hadn't been a problem in France since 1352.

Profile by Loki.

Les Quatres Fantastiques is an alternate reality counterpart to, but should not be confused with:

They have no known connections to:

La Femme Qui N'est Pas Visable

Jeanette was able to turn invisible. She expressed concern that Monsieur Elastique needed to take a break from his experiments and rest, then spotted Jeanie burning the team's 4 symbol in the sky.


Comments: Her codename literally translates as "The Woman Who is Not Visible."

--Marvel Year-In-Review '93#5

La Grotesquerie

La Grotequerie had a rocklike body and superhuman strength. With news of angry peasant mobs, la Grotesquerie was assigned to protect the French monarch. Sure enough the mobs attacked, and la Grotesquerie warned them "It's time for the big clobbering!"


Comments: His codename literally translates as "the Grotesquery." It's not all that different, but then grotesque is a French word to begin with. 

--Marvel Year-In-Review '93#5


Jeanie could turn ignite his body without harm, and fly while alight. He was guarding the Bastille, but when mobs attacked allumer la flamme and warned his teammates of the situation by burning the team's 4 symbol in the sky.

Comments: Jeanie's codename wasn't given, but per Google translate, it would presumably be something close to Torche Humain.


--Marvel Year-In-Review '93#5

Monsieur Elastique

Monsieur Elastique was a brilliant scientist and could stretch his body. He had not rested in some time as he sought to find a cure for the Black Plague by grinding salamanders. However, Jeanie's flaming 4 symbol alerted him to the danger their monarch was in, and he correctly predicted that the only thing standing between the king and the angry mob was la Grotesquerie.

Comments: As is probably obvious, his codename literally translates as Mister Elastic.

--Marvel Year-In-Review '93#5

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Marvel Year-In-Review '93#5, p12, pan3 (main image)
Marvel Year-In-Review '93#5, p12, pan1 (La Femme Qui N'est Pas Visable)
Marvel Year-In-Review '93#5, p12, pan4 (La Grotesquerie)
Marvel Year-In-Review '93#5
, p12, pan3 (Jeanie)
Marvel Year-In-Review '93#5, p12, pan1 (Monsieur Elastique)

Marvel Year-In-Review '93#5 (December 1992) - Ken Levine (writer), Marc Sairy (pencils), Evan Skolnick (editor)

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