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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutant (see comments; French, 19th century)

Occupation: Showgirl

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Assassin of Paris

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Paris, France

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery I#10/4 (July, 1953)

Powers/Abilities: She was a telepath, who could read minds.


(Journey into Mystery I#10/4) - Around 1900 the Sensational Mademoiselle lived, using her special ability to make money, she had a show in which she read minds. She had success and earned a lot of money.

    One night in Paris she was approached by a man, apparently gentle and careful, but she read his mind and realized he wanted to rob her jewels and money. Pretending that she was waiting for her sister, she proposed to leave a message with the waiter for her before leaving with the man. She wrote the message, but actually wrote a warning for the gendarmes (the French police).

    The man, who actually was the Assassin of Paris, accompanied her for a walk, and took her to a dark alley where he assaulted her. In that instant, a gendarme shot him, saving the Sensational Mademoiselle.

Comments: Created by unknown writer and C.A. Winter (artist).

    Nothing stated that the Sensational Mademoiselle was a mutant, but she presumably was one. The origin of her powers and their extent remain unknown.

Profile by Spidermay.

The Sensational Mademoiselle has no known connections to

The Assassin of Paris has no known connections to any other "Assassin" character or organization.

Assassin of Paris

    The Assassin of Paris was a normal human.

    On his first robbery the Assassin killed the victim because she struggled too much to defend herself.

    After that, in the following two months he deceived four other women to take their jewels, pearls and money.

    One night, however, a woman screamed so swiftly that the gendarmes arrived too early and he had to run away without loot. Then he decided to find the shiest type of woman.

    Three nights later he approached an apparently very rich woman. She convinced her to walk through the boulevard, and he even took her to a dark alley, but when he assaulted her he was shot by a gendarme. The lady was the Sensational Mademoiselle and she had read his mind, setting up a trap for him. The Assassin died of the wound.

 --Journey into Mystery I#10/4

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Journey into Mystery I#10/4, p2, pan6 (main image)
    p3, pan2 (head shot)
    p1, pan1 (Assassin)

Journey into Mystery I#10 (July, 1953) - C.A. Winter (artist), Stan Lee (editor)

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