Real Name: Possibly Dahlia

Identity/ClassHuman vampire;

Occupation: Predator, insurrectionist

Group MembershipVampires of Earth
    Vampire Nation council

AffiliationsAmir, Fio'ri, Leslie;
    formerly loosely allied with Dracula
(Vlad Dracula);

EnemiesBlade (Eric Brooks), Dracula;
Dr. Stephen Strange (she celebrated his apparent death, but it is unrevealed whether she ever actually encountered him);
    she really had little regard for the other vampires, as she was willing to send them into frenzy and sacrifice them in battle against Blade and Dracula

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    at least formerly
Pripyat, the city nearby Chernobyl, Ukraine

First AppearanceDeath of Dr. Strange: Blade#1 (December, 2021)dahlia-vampire-dods-chargeblade

Powers/AbilitiesAs a vampire, Dahlia had superhuman strength (likely lifting around 1000 lbs.) and required regular blood meals to survive.

    Further, feeding on a human victim would turn that victim into a vampire, depending on the extent of the feeding and other circumstances.

    Those she vampirized may or may not have been subservient to her.

    She presumably had the standard vampire vulnerabilities, such as to sunlight, a wooden stake through the heart, religious icons, garlic, and silver.dahlia-vampire-dods-vsblade

    Empowered by Fio'ri, she could amplify emotions in others. She preferred to amplify hatred to send others into a violent frenzy.

    When fully fed, she could likely heal rapidly from non-fatal wounds. 

    She may or may not have been able to mesmerize others with a gaze.

    She may or may not have been able to transform into a normal-sized or giant bat or into a wolf or mist.

    An able combatant, she could, at least briefly, challenge Blade. She wielded a dagger in battle.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'10"; she didn't seem much shorter than the 6'2" Blade, although they were in battle poses; even when Dracula picked her up and held her in the air with his extended arm, her feet were not far from the ground)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 135 lbs.)
Eyes: (Right) red pupil surrounded by solid black, with no distinction between sclera and iris; (left) red iris; (original, human eye color) unrevealed
Hair: Black

(Death of Dr. Strange: Blade (fb) - BTS) - Dahlia was over 100 years old.

(Death of Dr. Strange: Blade (fb) - BTS) - Dracula established a council of the most "interesting" (perhaps threatening or volatile) members of his Vampire Nation (based out of Pripyat, the city near Chernobyl), allowing them to feel they had Dracula's ear, but they were not given any voting rights.

    Dahlia was included in the Council as -- despite her true age -- she had a gift for making alliances with the younger vampires.

(Avengers VII#45 - BTS) / Death of Dr. Strange: Blade (fb) - BTS) - After Dracula consented to having Blade live in the Vampire Nation as its sheriff, Dahlia considered that that made Dracula look weak.

(Death of Dr. Strange: Blade - BTS) - In Pripyat, the vampires celebrated the apparent death of Dr. Stephen Strange. 

dahlia-vampire-dods-full-prof(Death of Dr. Strange: Blade) - Dahlia taunted Blade, noting that seeing him made her realize just how weak Dracula really was. Dracula then appeared, noting that he tolerated her rudeness because she had not yet broken any of his laws and reminding her that while she and his other council members had uses, her friends were not on the council. 

    When Dahlia suggested that his laws about the council existed because he could not fight them all, Dracula asked if she would rather threaten him or his sheriff. In response, Dahlia departed, noting that there were plenty of other parties to hit.

(Death of Dr. Strange: Blade - BTS) - The city was subsequently assaulted by extradimensional vampires. Blade and the Dracula's bodyguard slew all but one of the invaders, Fio'ri (a youth whom the other invaders had captured).

(Death of Dr. Strange: Blade) - Dracula had Leslie, a young woman otherwise allied with Dahlia who had recently joined the dungeon guard, escort the youth to the prison. 

    Blade detected Dahlia's irritation that even one of her groupies would come running when Dracula called.

(Death of Dr. Strange: Blade - BTS) - Although recognizing Fio'ri's true nature as a psychic vampire, Dracula resolved to use him and the invasion to manipulate Dahlia into attacking him or Blade so that he could get rid of her without making it appear that he was assassinating his enemies.  

(Death of Dr. Strange: Blade) - At a party the following night, Dahlia urged -- despite Dracula's advice to the contrary -- that they should taking over humanity with Strange out of the way. The conflict was interrupted when guards brought forth the extradimensional youth, who -- via psychic speech -- revealed his name as Fio'ri and revealed that bandits or pirates had set up his people, kidnapping several and dragging them across Dimension Blood; Fio'ri had been the only one to survive to arrive on Earth alongside the pirates. 

    When Blade refused to allow any further "trial" of the seemingly innocent youth and threatened Dracula and his guards if they challenged him, Dahlia attacked Blade. However, Dracula grabbed Dahlia by the neck, subduing her, and then had his guards take Dahlia and Fio'ri away.

dahlia-vampire-dods-chokeblade(Death of Dr. Strange: Blade) - In the dungeon, Fio'ri incapacitated Leslie and another guard by amplifying their fear, after which he revealed his true nature as feeding on emotions. Fio'ri then allied with Dahlia, sharing his power with her with the plan to use her enemies' fear and anger against them. dahlia-vampire-dods-destroyed

(Death of Dr. Strange: Blade - BTS) - After they discovered Dahlia and Fio'ri's escape, Dracula advised Blade that Fio'ri was a psychic vampire, and that he had used him to take down Dahlia.

(Death of Dr. Strange: Blade) - Having whipped the vampires on the streets into a frenzied riot, Dahlia attacked Blade, attempting to drive him feral with rage. Already hating all vampires, Blade was unaffected by this assault, and he kicked her into an alley. Consumed by her own rage, Dahlia prepared to face Blade anew, but she failed to detect Dracula behind her, and he pulled her into the shadows and presumably destroyed her. 

(Death of Dr. Strange: Blade - BTS) - Blade destroyed Fio'ri.

(Death of Dr. Strange: Blade - BTS) - Dracula watched with amusement as Amir -- seeking vengeance for Dahlia and Leslie -- attacked and was destroyed by Blade.

Comments: Created by Danny Lore and Dylan Burnett.

    The Dahlia is a genus of flowered plants native to Mexico and Central America. 

    Black Dahlia is a name posthumously given to Elizabeth Short following her gruesome murder in 1947. You can look it up for more details. 

Profile by Snood.

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Death of Dr. Strange: Blade#1 (December, 2021) - Danny Lore (writer), Dylan Burnett (art), Darren Shan (editor)

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