Real Name: Judiah Golem

Identity/Class: Human mutant/magic user

Occupation: Inspector

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Vampire Hunters; Katinka; Georgetown Police Department;
Inspector Golem has affiliations with unnamed "higher-ups" within a number of local and perhaps even national governments. This enables him to gain access to information, materials, and locations, as well as to gain the cooperation of local law enforcement teams.

Enemies: Dracula

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Washington, D. C. and mobile

First Appearance: Tomb of Dracula III#4 (1991)


Powers/Abilities: Judiah Golem has low level psychic powers, including an affinity for magical forces, some degree of clairvoyance, and perhaps a degree of pre- and postcognition. He wears some sort of gem chained to his wrist, which glows when he uses it to focus his energies.

He can enter a trance-like state, in which he appears to be in a candle-lit room, where he approaches a large gem within a sculpture. From this gem he is able to ascertain information to a greater degree. His accuracy in predicting events or locating the perpetrator of past events is approximately 87%.










History: Nothing is known of Judiah Golem, other than that he has extensive experience in the investigation of psychic and/or mystic phenomena.

(TombDracIII#4) - Golem investigated the deaths of the members of the Belonging, tracking the epicenter of the phenomenon to Georgetown University. He revealed the extent of the deaths--666 across the country--and its nature as an astral attack. After communing with his magical gems, he then met with the head of the Georgetown Police Department. The Captain didn't trust him, but followed orders from his superiors to cooperate and gave Golem two men to assist his investigation. Golem correctly followed the trail to Dracula's empty coffin and identified him as the one responsible for the recent events. However, he was not involved with the final struggle against Dracula, which was actually nearing its conclusion while he was investigating.
Later, Golem made contact with Katinka, who had just seen the previous generation of Vampire Hunters retire, and sought new allies for the continuing struggle.




Comments: Created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan.

I'm not sure how to classify someone with low-level ESP. They could be mutants, or they might have minor mystical ability. Given the supernatural ties of the character, I'd think interaction with magical forces would be more likely.

In the 3rd and 2nd from last panels from the end of ToD#4, as Golem makes contact with Katinka, Dracula himself can be clearly seen wrapped inside Katinka's apartment, wrapped up in her curtains, and then fading away to mist. Whether this was artistic license, or it just meant that Dracula was not really destroyed at all is unclear. Maybe it was only his spirit, which had to search the world for a form to inhabit--as it eventually did in the form created by the temporary merging of Frank Drake and Hannibal King from Nightstalkers#18 and Blade#1-3. Possibly Dracula had intended to slay Katinka for her role in his recent defeat, but he left rather than face Katinka and Golem together.

I think Judiah would good member of the Legion of the Night--in case ANYONE knows who they are--or cares.

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