Real Name: Bloodstorm One

Identity/Class: Human vampire clone

Occupation: Pawn of Varnae

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Taj Nital, Varnae

Enemies: HYDRA (D.O.A., Lt. Gregory Belial, many unnamed agents), a Dreadnought, Nightstalkers (Blade, Frank Drake, Hannibal King)

Known Relatives: D.O.A. (creators), Dracula (genetic progenitor)

Aliases: Dracula (see comments)

Base of Operations: Mobile
formerly: A New England HYDRA base

First Appearance: Nighstalkers#16 (February, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: He had the standard powers and weaknesses of a vampire although he never used most of his supernatural powers on Varnae's order. Because he was created from Dracula's DNA and due to Varnae's control over him he knew instinctively everything about fighting and how to use the various technologies he found in HYDRA's base. Varnae's control over him turned Bloodstorm into nothing more than a weapon.


(Nightstalkers#9, 11 - both BTS) - On Belial's search for a vampire DNA sample he found Suze Harlow, a girl once bitten by Dracula himself. Together with D.O.A.'s main operatives he retrieved the corpse despite the resistance of Suze's father Jeb Harlow.

(Nightstalkers#16 - BTS) - Before Bloodstorm's birth Varnae telepathically gave him orders by using Dracula's son Janus.

(Nightstalkers#16) - Bloodstorm was ready to be born from his tube and Belial ordered to slowly drain the fluid from the tube, but suddenly Bloodstorm broke the glass and destroyed the Dreadnought, which had stolen the Exorcist gun from the Nightstalkers. Belial and his agents tried to tranquilize Bloodstorm, but he was too strong. He killed Belial and was ready to follow the hypnotic orders given to him by Varnae.

(Nightstalkers#16 - BTS) - Bloodstorm slaughtered everyone in sight.

(Nightstalkers#17) - HYDRA agents attempted to stop Bloodstorm. He tossed Belial's lifeless body at them, took the Exorcist gun and another gun and killed them. After nobody was standing in his way anymore he stole a skycycle and headed to the new location his master Varnae wanted him to go.

(Nightstalkers#18) - Bloodstorm arrived in Boston and landed on a rooftop across from the Nightstalker's destroyed HQ. He didn't find what he came for and flew away with his jet-pack. He was watched by Hannibal King, Frank Drake and Salomé and all followed him. Bloodstorm arrived in Varnae's hideout with the Exorcist gun, the only human weapon that could've possibly harmed Varnae. Salomé angered Varnae with by offering him a deal and the vampire sent Bloodstorm against her, but Bloodstorm was no match for Salomé and was stopped with a single magical blast. King and Drake entered the hideout next and Varnae got so distracted that his control over Bloodstorm weakened and the vampire began to think for himself for a moment. Without Varnae's control he attacked King with the Exorcist gun, but he missed and lost the gun when King hit him. Seconds later King and Blade overpowered him and Blade drive a stake through Bloodstorm's chest. Bloodstorm survived because Blade missed his heart, but seemingly died in an explosion caused by Frank Drake, who overloaded his Exorcist gun.

(Blade: Vampire Hunter I#1-3, Blade: Vampire Hunter I#10, OHotMU Marvel Knights 2005, OHotMU Horror 2005 - all BTS) - Hannibal King and Frank Drake merged in the explosion with Bloodstorm and they became a new monstrous Dracula. After a few encounters with Blade and members of Varnae's Bad Seed the monster met its final fate when Blade and his alternate future version Crossbow worked together to free Drake and King from this fused being. They succeeded, but the soul of the true Dracula took possession of the body which marked the return of the true Dracula.

Comments: Created by Frank Lovece (writer), Bill Wylie (pencils), Frank Turner (inks).

If I understand the Handbooks correctly Bloodstorm was part of the composite Dracula consisting of himself, Frank Drake and Hannibal King. Since this Dracula was taken over by the soul of the true Dracula he became his own "father" because the DNA used to create Bloodstorm was from Dracula. Read Dracula's profile to learn more about his adventures since taking over this body.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Bloodstorm has no known connection to:

Suze and Jeb Harlow have no known connection to:

Jeb Harlow

(Nightstalkers#11 (fb) - BTS) - Jeb began to drink the day he found his daughter Suze dead in the cornfield.

(Nightstalkers#9) - Jeb felt that somebody would come to take his dead daughter and began to guard her grave with a loaded shotgun.

(Nightstalkers#11) - Jeb still sat at his daughter's grave and drank. He dropped his bottle when he heard a plane arrive. He knew that these people were coming for his girl and tried to shoot them, but he only hit Belial's raven Edgar. Rotwrap sent some of her bugs after Jeb and Innards blinded him with stomach acid. Then D.O.A. took Suze's corpse and Jeb crawled back to his daughter's grave and seemingly died.

--Nightstalkers#9 (Nightstalkers#11 (fb) - BTS, #9, #11

Suze Harlow

(Nighstalkers#11 (fb) ) - Suze Harlow was bitten by Dracula.

(Nighstalkers#11) - Belial and his D.O.A. operatives found Suze's grave and stole her body to get a vampire DNA sample from her neck wound for the creation of D.O.A.'s first vampire stormtrooper.

--Nightstalkers#11 (Nightstalkers#11 (fb), #11


images: (without ads)
Nightstalkers#17, p6, pan1 (main image)

#18, p19, pan8 (powers)
#11, p19, pan13 (Jeb Harlow)
p23, upper right corner (Suze Harlow)

Other Appearances:
Nightstalkers#17 (March, 1994) - Frank Lovece (writer), Ed Murr (pencils), Frank Turner (inks), Chris Cooper & Bobbie Chase (editors)
Nightstalkers#18 (April, 1994) - Frank Lovece (writer), Doug Wheatley (pencils), Frank Turner (inks), Chris Cooper & Bobbie Chase (editors)

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