Real Name: ?? Harlow

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Thief
formerly: an unknown job at Stark Industries

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Lief, Lief's Mum (see comments)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Stark Industries facility in Ventura, California

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#131/2 (June, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: None

History: (MCP#131/2 - BTS): Nothing is known about the past of Harlow except that he was employed by Stark Industries for some time.

(MCP#131/2 (fb) ): Harlow worked for three months on a plan to steal a substance Scott Lang was working on at Stark Industries. After all his observations from within he believed he knew everything he needed to know, but when he finally stole the substance it didn't work out that well. Nobody should have seen him, but a security guard got bored and varied his routine a bit. Though he didn't see the thief's face, he did get some shots off at Harlow. One bullet tore into Harlow's bicep, another hit the gas tank of his Buick. Harlow got away but the police were after him. After some time the car broke and Harlow left it behind and continued his escape by foot.

(MCP#131/2): Harlow was running away from his broken car with the police still pursuing him. He was able to duck from their sight and headed across the country to a villa in the sleepy suburb. He needed to stash the only evidence of his involvement in this theft somewhere. He took the tubes out of his coat pocket and saw through an opened window of the house. He attached the tubes to the backside of a cupboard and ran away into the fog. The next evening ants of Ant-Man found the blood of Harlow at the wall of the house and informed Ant-Man about it. Ant-Man entered the house and had some trouble with Lief, the kid who lived there. Harlow returned to the house that evening with a gun. Lief had the tubes and Harlow wanted them back from the boy. He hit Lief hard when suddenly Ant-Man became big again and attacked him. Harlow was knocked out by Ant-Man and his fall on the table produced a big mess.

Comments: Created by Sandy Plunkett

The fight between Ant-Man and Harlow destroyed a lot of furniture in the house of Lief's Mum and therefore Harlow was her enemy too.

It was not explained what Harlow stole. It was an unknown substance Scott Lang was working on.

On page 9 a sign on the way to Ventura names the facility as Stark Industry. It could have been an old sign or perhaps Sandy Plunkett didn't knew about the name change to Stark Enterprises. I don't believe it was intended to be a flashback. The facility was seen in the first panel of the story looked really high-tech, and Ant-Man (Scott Lang) wasn't active until Stark International.

The facility was located just outside of Ventura, and so was the headquarters of Force Works. So Stark had some connections to that area.

Profile by Markus Raymond


Harlow has no known connections to

Lief has no known connections to

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Lief was the son of a rich woman. They lived in a villa in the suburbs of Ventura. One evening she was going away to her friends, the Benjamins, while Lief had to stay home and eat his dinner alone. Lief didn't want to eat her meal because the last time she cooked, his dog Rover had to be sent to the vet. His mother didn't listen to him and wanted him to appreciate her cooking. Ant-Man entered the house after his ants found the blood of Harlow on a wall and Lief shot at him with a toy-gun. Lief became angry with Ant-Man when he tried to talk to him in a childish manner. Lief killed Ant-Man's flying ant with his peas. Ant-Man returned this attack with potatoes. Lief didn't want Ant-Man to get away with this and used mustard against Ant-Man, who fell into the soup and then ran into the turkey. Suddenly Harlow entered the house and wanted Lief to give him the tubes. Lief wanted to use them for his science project and didn't want to give them back. Lief was punched to the ground by Harlow. Ant-Man saved the kid, who was afraid of his mother's reaction because the fight between the thief and the hero caused a big mess. Ant-Man didn't want to help the boy after the way he was acted. He told him to call the police before Harlow awakened again and left. Lief got into big trouble when his mother returned.

--Marvel Comics Presents#131/2

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Lief's Mum

She was the mother of Lief and a really bad cook. She only cooked when her maid Juanita was away. She went over to the Benjamins and wanted Lief to eat his dinner like a gentlemen. She ordered him to appreciate the cooking she had spent the entire afternoon on. When she returned she found the house in a mess and screamed at Lief who tried to explain what happened.

--Marvel Comics Presents#131/2



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