Real Name: John Colton

Identity/Class: Human (UK citizen)

Occupation: Soldier

Group Membership: S.A.S. (Special Air Service: Simon Holmes, Martin Phillips, others), MI13 (Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Blade/Eric Brooks, Captain Britain/Brian Braddock, Dark Angel/Shevaun Haldane, Digitek/Jonathan Bryant, Excalibur/Faiza Hussain, Glorianna/Meggan Braddock, Killpower/Julius Mullarkey, Motormouth/Harley Davidson, O/Oliver Orwell, Spitfire/Jacqueline Falsworth-Crichton, Alistaire Stuart, Tangerine, Pete Wisdom)

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Baron Blood (Kenneth Crichton), Vlad Tepes Dracula, Lilith Kiskilla, Mindless Ones, Plokta

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: MI13 base, London

First Appearance: (unidentified) Captain Britain and MI13#5 (November 2008);
   (named) Captain Britain and MI13#6 (December 2008)

Powers/Abilities: John Colton is a highly trained special operations soldier, an expert in hand-to-hand combat and with multiple different types of weapons, both standard military ordinance and advanced MI13 weapons including laser blasters. He is also an expert in SAS space armor, which includes flight capabilities via an in-built jetpack (likely only fully functional in lower gravity settings). He is trained to survive in a variety of types of climates and wildernesses. 

Height: 5'9" (by approximation)
Weight: 165 lbs. (by estimation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red

Captain Britain and MI13#5 (fb) - BTS) - A member of the elite Special Air Service, Captain John Colton was the commanding officer of an SAS unit seconded to provide combat support to the Extraordinary Intelligence Service (colloquially MI13), which had the remit of dealing with all manner of superhuman, supernatural and otherwise paranormal threats to the United Kingdom.

(Captain Britain and MI13#8 (fb) - BTS) - He had been attached to MI13 since before the agency's scientific advisor Alistaire Stuart had been cursed with a changing appearance following an encounter with the sorceress Morgan Le Fay.

(Captain Britain and MI13#10 (fb) - BTS) - The superhero Spitfire, who had been active since World War II and had often fought alongside the British military, was a darling of Colton's SAS regiment, nicknamed by them "Lady J" (as her real name was Lady Jacqueline Falsworth-Crichton).

(Captain Britain and MI13#5) - When a report came in of an emergent supernatural outbreak in Birmingham, MI13 forces were scrambled to deal with it. Colton and his men joined MI13's commanding officer, Pete Wisdom, Alistaire Stuart, and the newly recruited vampire hunter Blade, on a transport plane flying to the incident. As they neared their destination Spitfire boarded the plane in mid-air, but when Wisdom introduced Blade to her, the rest of the plane, Colton included, watched in stunned horror as Blade skewered her with a wooden stake.

(Captain Britain and MI13#6) - As a screaming Spitfire tried to pull the stake out and Wisdom went to aid her, Colton and another SAS men struggled to restrain Blade, each grabbing and attempting to pin one arm. Throwing himself backwards, Blade smashed both men into the side of the aircraft, shaking them loose, and leapt out the plane. Though presumably surprised to learn that Spitfire was now a vampire, Colton quickly adjusted to this revelation, and as soon as the transport landed he and his men began trying to evacuate civilians away from the area surrounding the danger zone, a tower block that had become engulfed in mystic Hellfire. When an explosion from the block shook everyone, Wisdom asked Colton for a sitrep on the evacuation and Colton informed him it was an uphill struggle, as many of the locals in neighboring buildings had barricaded themselves in and were refusing to move.

(Captain Britain and MI13#6 - BTS) - Colton and his men maintained the perimeter outside as Wisdom led the superpowered operatives into the building.

(Captain Britain and MI13#7) - Detecting a mystical power surge via his scanners, Alistaire Stuart shouted to Colton to get everyone back from the block, but before he could even complete his warning several of the soldiers closest to the building were caught by the blast of another massive explosion. As Stuart noted that the mystic energy was rapidly expanding to engulf additional buildings, Colton took charge of his men, ordering the transport planes to withdraw to a safer distance. Once everyone had pulled back to the new perimeter, both Colton and Stuart scanned the infected zone through binoculars. Stuart noted that the Hellfire had now encompassed six tower blocks, but Colton's attention was caught by monocular stone creatures smashing out of the original incident site. Unable to identify them he asked Stuart's opinion, and the stunned advisor identified them as Mindless Ones from the Dark Dimension. Seeing how worried Stuart looked, Colton wryly responded as if this news had reassured him: "For a moment there, I was worried." Stuart however fully grasped how dangerous the new arrivals were, and informed Colton they would need all the heavy ordinance they had, and ordered him to contact the RAF (Royal Air Force) in anticipation of needing air support.

(Captain Britain and MI13#8) - As the Mindless Ones advanced Colton and his men blasted away to no effect, so Stuart instructed him to cease fire and deploy one of his devices, a pentagram tesseract which produced a cage-like intrusion of magical fields into another dimension. As the Mindless Ones pressed their attack, Colton prepared to have his forces fall back if the device failed, but when Stuart activated it the weapon blasted out an energy pulse in all directions, momentarily stunning the Mindless Ones. Captured in the tesseract's energy field and lifted towards it, Colton and his men swiftly loaded one of the creatures inside the cage, and seeing the other Mindless Ones beginning to advance again, Stuart instructed Colton to attempt to withdraw now. However, the press of the Mindless Ones made this all but impossible. As Colton and his men fired away with their heaviest weapons, slowing the Mindless Ones as best they could, Stuart analyzed readings procured from scans of their captive. Forgetting momentarily that Colton lacked his scientific expertise even had his attention not been focused on survival, Stuart explained the findings; hearing Stuart explain that the Mindless Ones were "a particular vibration of the intersection between the membranes of magical dimensions," Colton sardonically responded "Obviously." Colton's attention returned to the battle, until Stuart shocked him by climbing into the tesseract with the captive Mindless One, stating that his curse did provide some opportunities.

(Captain Britain and MI13#9) - As the battle continued to rage around them, Colton watched incredulously as Stuart pulled at the Mindless One's eye slit, widening the energy-filled maw until it was big enough for Stuart to climb into...

(Captain Britain and MI13#9 - BTS) and thus using its connection to its power source located inside the original tower block to transport himself inside, where he was able to help Wisdom's team confront the source of the trouble, the Mindless One's demon creator, Plokta.

(Captain Britain and MI13#9) - To Colton's surprise Stuart reappeared inside the tesseract, pulling Plokta into the cage behind him. Colton watched as Stuart swiftly exited the device and activated it again, trapping the demon. With Plokta's power broadcast abruptly cut off, the Mindless Ones faded away within seconds. Wisdom's team exited the block moments later, accompanied by Blade, who had reunited with them inside the infected zone; despite his helping against Plokta, Wisdom now ordered Blade's arrest for his actions on the transport plane, and Colton and his men all turned their guns on the vampire hunter. However Spitfire, who had reconciled her differences with Blade while inside the building, convinced Wisdom to stand down.

(Captain Britain and MI13#10 (fb) - BTS) - With some of the regiment flying out on missions the next day, Colton joined his men giving them a send-off at an SAS social club near Hyde Park. Spitfire attended too, dragging Blade along as her date.

(Captain Britain and MI13 Annual#1/2) - Colton joined MI13's senior operatives for a game of cricket at Braddock Manor, Captain Britain's ancestral home, and took his turn batting after the hero's turn at the stumps.

(Captain Britain and MI13#10) - As Spitfire attempted to down a yard of ale in one go, Colton shouted encouragement, adding that he had bet a tenner (10) on her. When she succeeded, Colton and the others carried her round the bar on their shoulders in a victory celebration. After Blade helped her down, Colton asked the stand-offish vampire slayer if he was going to join in with the revelry. When Blade responded that he didn't drink beer, Colton pointed out that he didn't need to; some of the SAS men were also staying sober, since they were deploying the next day to "sort the messes you lot leave us with." Bristling slightly at this last, Blade queried what Colton meant by "his lot," but calmed again as Colton clarified that he meant Americans (see comments). Colton calmly pointed out that Blade had been standing in the corner with his arms folded, sunglasses on and not saying a word to anyone, as if he was trying to come across as a tough guy, and informed Blade that the SAS men didn't appreciate the posing. For a moment Blade seemed unsure how to react to this, then he visibly relaxed, smiled and removed his glasses to reveal his vampiric eyes, telling Colton that he was right, and apologizing by saying he'd been around superheroes for too long.

(Captain Britain and MI13#14 - BTS) - When the vampire lord Dracula launched a vampiric invasion of Britain from his lunar base, Wisdom prepared a plan to counter-attack. As the hour of the vampires' arrival neared, Wisdom ordered a subordinate to get him Colton on the line...

(Captain Britain and MI13#15 (fb) - BTS) - and informed Colton to get his men suited up for an assault on Dracula's castle on the moon. Following Wisdom's plan, most of Dracula's forces were destroyed by a mystical protective barrier placed around the U.K. and Dracula fled with the remainder back to the moon, but moments after the vampire lord arrived...

(Captain Britain and MI13#15) - MI13 operatives, including Colton's SAS forces in space armor, teleported into the vampire's castle. While the superheroes dealt with Dracula and his demon ally Lilith, Colton's men  concentrated on the remaining vampires, targeting those who were wearing sun protection suits. Lilith had been protecting the others with a spell blocking the sun's rays which ended the moment Captain Britain defeated her, and as the final members of the vampire army erupted into flame, Colton radioed Wisdom to report the success of their mission.

Comments: Created by Paul Cornell, Pat Oliffe and Paul Neary.

   Colton's first name, as well as the first names of his men Phillips and Holmes, were revealed in MI13's handbook entry.

   Though not named until the next issue, we see Colton in Captain Britain and MI13#5 at the end of the issue aboard the MI13 transport plane, watching in shock as Blade drives a stake into the newly arrived Spitfire. Even absenting the logic that he would be among the handful of soldiers seen aboard the plane in that issue given that he's present on the plane at the start of the next issue, he's recognizable by his hair, both color and cut. It's possible Colton was also present earlier in the issue, as we see Captain Britain training by fighting two SAS men who are wearing Mandroid armors.

   Re: Colton calling Blade an America. As some reading this will know, Blade's actually British; however, he's pushing a hundred thanks to his vampire-tainted nature, and has spent much of that time in the USA, so his accent has changed, which is why Colton mistook him for an American. Paul Cornell was well aware of both of these facts (he has Blade confirm he is British in the first issue of CB&MI13 he turns up in), so it was an error on Colton's part, not the writer. This confrontation is actually fairly useful in profiling terms, as it provides a nice image of Blade facing Colton, both men standing up straight and on level ground, allowing us to calculate Colton's height in comparison to Blade's established 6'2".

   This profile was completed 09/12/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary's celebratory event.

Profile by Loki.

John Colton has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Captain Britain and MI13#5, p22, pan1 (main image)
Captain Britain and MI13#10, p7, pan4 (headshot)
Captain Britain and MI13#6, p9, pan4 (at Birmingham incident)
Captain Britain and MI13#15, p11, pan1 (in space armor)
Captain Britain and MI13#10, p7, pan3 (height comparison with Blade)

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Captain Britain and MI13#15 (August 2009) - Paul Cornell (writer), Leonard Kirk (pencils), Jay Leisten (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)

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