Membership: Hegal, Malah, Zulum;
    formerly Amon, Hecate, Set

Purpose: Transportation for the possessor of the Satanic Trident

Affiliations: Hellstorm;
Marduk Kurios (Satan),

Enemies: Other demons of Hell

Base of Operations: Beneath Fire Lake, Greentown, Massachusetts;
    formerly a magma pit within a realm of Hell

First Appearance: (Amon, Hecate, Set) Marvel Spotlight I#12 (October, 1973);
    (Hegal, Malah, Zulum) Punisher IV#2 (December, 1998)


(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#9 (fb) - BTS) - The Demon-Steeds are demons bound into equid form and forced to serve as transport via the Satanic Chariot. They are carnivorous.

(Marvel Spotlight I#12 (fb)) - Having usurped his father's trident of power, Daimon Hellstrom used its power to call forth Satan's chariot from a molten pit and use it to escape from Hell back to his residence on Fire Lake.

(Marvel Spotlight I#12) - After Linda Littletrees (the Witch Woman) had fled into the desert from her father and Sam Silvercloud, the Son of Satan summoned his Demon-Steeds to transport him as he followed the trail. In Hell, the Son of Satan forced "Satan" to release his prisoners (Ghost Rider/John Blaze and Linda Littletrees) and allow them safe return to Earth. As soon as they had returned, however, "Satan" set off a volcanic eruption, but the Son of Satan summoned his Demon-Steeds, carrying them all to safety once again.

(Ghost Rider II#3) - Aboard his demonic chariot, Daimon dropped Ghost Rider and the unconscious Linda Littletrees off at a long-deserted Indian Pueblo, telling Ghost Rider that Linda 's possession had ended. He left them a hundred miles from civilization, caring little how they would survive the harsh desert.

(Marvel Spotlight I#13) - Via his Demon-Steeds, the Son of Satan returned to Fire Lake. The Chariot seemed to crash into the Lake, and it soon vanished, coming to rest in an underground cavern fathoms below while Hellstrom emerged on the steps of the nearby mansion.

(Marvel Spotlight I#14) - After a night spent riding the sky, fruitlessly seeking purpose, Hellstrom returned his Demon-Steeds to Fire Lake, and they vanished beneath its waters.

(Defenders I#24) - Daimon summoned his Demon-Steeds from beneath Fire Lake to answer a call from Clea to aid Dr. Strange. He arrived on the streets of Greenwich Village outside Strange's sanctum soon after and met with Luke Cage and Daredevil. When a news report showed that the Sons of the Serpent held the Valkyrie prisoner on the streets of New York, Hellstrom departed alongside the Hulk and Daredevil, taking Cage within him on his chariot as they approached. However, a spell from Clea teleported Hellstrom, Cage, and the Demon-Steeds away.

(Defenders I#25) - Clea's spell sent Hellstorm, Cage, and the Demon-Steeds to the subterranean base in which Dr. Strange and other members of the Defenders were being held by the Sons of the Serpent. Hellstrom left the Steeds behind as he freed the imprisoned Defenders.

(Defenders I#25 - BTS) - After the Sons of the Serpents' defeat, Hellstrom presumably used the Demon-Steeds to return home.

(Defenders I#94) - Riding his demonic chariot, Hellstorm arrived in Christianboro, Virginia, alongside Dr, Strange and the Valkyrie to investigate the Six-Fingered Hand.

(Defenders I#106) - Daimon flew the Demon-Steeds to Dr. Strange's sanctum in answer to a summons by Strange to help against the Secret Empire. He soon after carried Daredevil and the Beast aloft in his chariot alongside Strange as they flew to the Empire's Mt. Charteris base.













(Hellstorm: Prince of Lies#9) - Daimon summoned the Demon-Steeds to help the Souls of the Damned to approach Heaven. His ally Avram Siegel questioned his use of a chariot, and Daimon confessed to having previously had a fondness for "Ben-Hur." The only way Daimon could reach Heaven was through Hell, so he directed the Steeds across the planes of Purgatorius that they might climb Mt. Qaf. En route they were assaulted by hordes of demons sent by Daimon's father, Satan, who wished to reclaim the Souls for Hell. The Steeds ultimately fell under the onslaught, the Daimon fought off the other demons by accepting his full demonic power and form.











(Punisher IV#2) - After an assault by the forces of rival Hell-lord Olivier, Daimon summoned his (apparently new) Demon-Steeds -- Hegal, Malah, and Zulum -- to return him to Hell to help his forces fight off Olivier's assault there.








Comments: Created by Gary Friedrich and Herb Trimpe.

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The Demon-Steeds have no known connection to:

images: (without ads)
Marvel Spotlight I#12, p6 (mostly straight-on)
    #14, p2-3 (profile)
Hellstorm#9, p1 (in lames)
Punisher IV#2, 18, panel 1 (new steeds)

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