Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Demon (lower level Class Two)

Occupation: Former teacher of Parasychology, head of Parasychology department at District University

Group Membership: Leader of the Black School

Affiliations: Marduk Kurios/Satan, Saripha Thames

Enemies: Gabriel Rosetti, Daimon Hellstrom/Son of Satan/Hellstorm

Known Relatives: Saripha Thames (lover/wife)

Aliases: Daimon Hellstrom

Base of Operations: currently unknown, possibly a realm of Hell; District University, Georgetown, District of Columbia

First Appearance: Defenders I#118 (April, 1983)




Powers: The demon imposter possessed metamorphic abilities. It also has limited magical abilities, inabling it to influence the thoughts and perceptions of others. It is likely immune to the effects of aging and conventional disease.




History: (Defenders I#118(fb)-BTS)-The imposter is a demon, one among many in the realm of Hell, whom "Satan" (a demon calling itself Satan anyway, who was the father of Daimon Hellstrom) never even saw fit to name. However, of the multitude, he alone was cursed with the ability to think for himself, to fell, "to dream of the world beyond our Empire of Sin!" "Satan" mocked the demon as it pleaded with him for a chance to walk among men.

(Defenders I#100-BTS)-When the Defenders inadvertently opened the portals between the Hell-dimensions and Earth, the nameless demon swarmed across alongside its brothers. However, when "Satan" and his minions departed this plane, taking Daimon Hellstrom with him, the nameless demon remained behind, unnoticed, to replace Daimon.


(Defenders I#118(fb)-BTS)-The demon took the form of Daimon Hellstrom and "returned" to the job Daimon had left a few weeks before. The demon fooled the people at District Univeristy into believing it really was Daimon. There it learned of humankind, friendship, and of love. Even Daimon's sort-of girlfriend, the witch Saripha Thames, was initially fooled. At first she found that "Daimon" was warmer, more attentive, and more loving than she'd ever known him to be. After awhile, she learned the truth, but she had already fallen in love with him, and she didn't care that he was actually a demon. The demon later claimed that she was carrying his child, although this has not been confirmed.

(Defenders I#118)-When the true Daimon Hellstrom returned to visit District University, Saripha and the imposter sensed he was coming. Using her magics and the imposter's hell-born powers, they infused Daimon with doubts and fears, hoping to drive him away.
Shortly after arriving in District University, Daimon confronted the other Daimon Hellstrom, but was unable to use his own powers to prove the demon was lying. The imposter, bolstered by the magics of Saripha, managed to overpower Daimon and threatened to destroy him if he would not leave them in peace. However, Daimon managed to rally his efforts by concentrating on his feelings for Patsy Walker, and blanketed the imposter in hellfire. The imposter collapsed to the floor, defeated, and revealed its true form.

However, Daimon saw that the demon and Saripha were truly in love, and so he allowed them to live in peace. The demon agreed to take a new form and begin a new life in another place with Saripha.



BTS-"Satan" located the demon and promised it Daimon's full power if it obeyed his commands. The demon led a cult, the Black School, in human sacrifice.

(Hellstorm#1)-Saripha learned of her husband's activities in the Black School and requested Daimon's aid in stopping him. Daimon refused to help her, but tracked down the imposter for his own reasons. Gabriel Rosetti had attempted to stop the imposter, but had been overpowered by it, and nearly became the next sacrifice. Daimon arrived and stopped the imposter from killing Rosetti, and then skewered it with his trident. "Satan" appeared and revealed that he had manipulated Daimon into helping him. The "kiss from the hellfire trident" was the only thing that could return the escaped demon imposter to Hell.



Comments: Created by J. M. DeMatteis and Don Perlin.

The Second Class of demons refers to those such demons of Earth as Mephisto and Satannish, who came from a much later period than the original Elder Gods, such as Chthon, Set, and Gaea. It also refers to the multitude of demons who serve powerful beings such as Mephisto.

To me, these stories lend further credence to Ellis' story which named Marduk Kurios as the father of Daimon Hellstrom. I'd love an easy resolution to the Marduk Kurios vs Satannish nonsense (see Marduk profile), that showed that Satannish is NOT the father of Daimon, but the father of this demon that has impersonated Daimon.

I had always ASSumed that the name Daimon was just a play on Damian from the Omen movies. However, I read somewhere that Daimon is a Greek word, referring to intermediary spirits standing between man and the supernatural.
In addition, as pointed out by
John McDonagh:
  The Omen film, featuring Damien Thorn, did not come out until 1976. Son of Satan/Daimon Hellstorm first appeared October, 1972, before that movie came out.
  Before the film the Omen, the name Damien had no supernatural connotations. It is simply a variation on the name James. In fact, there was a Father Damien, the founder of the leper colony in Hawaii.
   An unfortunate story involving the name Damien had to with the young man Damien Echols, whom many feel was railroaded when he was convicted for the Robin Hood Hills murders.

No known connections to:
Daimon, the planet in whose orbit the Starjammers fought the Uncreated, @ Starjammers#2
Daimon, a demon who possessed veronica Miller, and was exorcised by
Gabriel Rosetti, @ Haunt of Horror#3

Defenders I#100 (October, 1981) - J.M. DeMatteis (writer), Don Perlin (pencils), Joe Sinnott, Al Milgrom, Frank Giacoia, Sal Trapani & Jack Abel (inks), Al Milgrom (editor)
Defenders I#118 (April, 1983) - J.M. DeMatteis (writer), Don Perlin (pencils), Andy Mushynsky & Al Milgrom (inks), Al Milgrom (editor)
Hellstorm#1 (April, 1993) - Rafael Nieves (writer), Michael Bair (artist), Fabian Nicieza (editor)

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