Real Name: Joshua Stanley Walker

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Aeronautical engineer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Defenders (Angel, Beast (Hank McCoy), Gargoyle (Isaac Christians), Iceman, Moondragon, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)), Dolly Donahue, Eddie Fielder

EnemiesMad Dog, Mutant Force (Burner, Lifter, Shocker, Slither),

Known Relatives: Patricia "Patsy" Walker (Hellcat, daughter), Mickey Walker (son), Bea Walker (wife), Barry (son or step-son), other children (or step-children), Dorothy Walker (ex-wife), Robert "Buzz" Baxter (Mad Dog, former son-in-law), Daimon Hellstrom (Son of Satan, former son-in-law), Sophia McConnell (sister-in-law), Grandpa Parker(father, or father-in-law)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Greentown, Ohio;
formerly Centerville, California

First Appearance: Defenders I#111 (September, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: Joshua Walker possesses no superhuman abilities.


(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition I#5) - Joshua Walker was an aeronautical engineer.

(Defenders I#111 (fb) - BTS) - Joshua married Dorothy Walker, and the two had a daughter, Patsy.

(Avengers Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - They also had a son, Mickey.

(Defenders I#89 (fb) - BTS) - Dorothy began publishing comic books and merchandising about Patsy and her friends. The family housekeeper, Dolly Donahue, frequently took care of Patsy.

(Avengers Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Dorothy signed up everyone in the town to appear in the comics. Patsy and her best friend Hedy Wolfe became the most famous characters.

(Marvel Fanfare I#59 (fb) - BTS) - Patsy’s aunt, Sophia McConnell, acted as Patsy’s business manager.

(Defenders I#109 (fb) - BTS) - Joshua and Dorothy fought more frequently and he eventually left, abandoning his family.

(Hellcat II#1 (fb)) - When Patsy was six, Joshua left the family, telling his daughter that he was worried that the devil had a hold of her. He told her to be good.

(Defenders I#107 (fb) - BTS) - Grandma Parker passed away.

(Defenders I#109 (fb) - BTS) - Joshua and Dorothy continually argued, and he eventually left his family and moved away.

(Defenders I#111 (fb) - BTS) - He’d found his wife too domineering, and she was much  more successful financially, so Joshua was unable to take Patsy with him. He thought about her over the years. Joshua worked with Eddie Fielder for three years.

(Hellcat II#3 (fb) - BTS) - Joshua turned to god and religion and became a minister.

(Hellcat II#2 (fb) - BTS) - When Patsy was 12, Joshua called her, saying he wanted to come and get her and help her.

(Hellcat II#3 (fb)) - When Patsy was 12, Joshua showed back up at the house to get her, ignoring Dorothy's protests. He told Patsy he was a minister and wanted to help save her, but she laughed in his face.

(Defenders I#111 (fb) - BTS) - Eventually, Joshua met and married a widow, Bea, with a farm and became father to her children (or they possibly had children together).

(Avengers I#144 (fb) - BTS) - Patsy got married to her high school sweetheart, Robert "Buzz" Baxter, but the marriage didn't last more than a few years.

(Defenders I#111) - Eddie contacted Joshua and told him a woman had been looking for him. The super-heroine Hellcat jumped through the window and unmasked, revealing she was Patsy. Joshua was shocked, and the two embraced and bonded.

((New) Defenders I#125) - Patsy and her fiancée Daimon Hellstrom were married at Joshua and Bea's residence, and many of their friends in the Defenders attended. The wedding was briefly interrupted by attacks from Mad Dog (Patsy's ex-husband) and the Mutant Force.

(Avengers Annual 2000) - Hedy Wolfe discussed Patsy Walker’s parents both being deceased.

Comments: Created by JM DeMatteis, Don Perlin, and A. Mushynsky.

Much of Joshua Walker's history is convoluted and confused. He first (likely) appeared in the various "Patsy Walker" comics, which aren't necessarily considered Marvel canon, and this profile is only meant to corroborate the information revealed about him in the "modern age." There is no direct connection from Joshua to Mickey Walker except for the last name. Joshua and Dorothy have never even appeared in a flashback together, and appeared in the Defenders book in separate storylines. In fact, we don't even know if Joshua is alive at this point, or whether or not he is the father of Bea's children. Questions to be answered in time, perhaps. We do know that he sure made Patsy happy for an issue or two, despite abandoning her for several years.

His full name was given in the Hellcat profile in OHotMU Women 2004.
--Ronald Byrd

Profile by Chadman.

Joshua Walker has no known connections to

Eddie Fielder

(Defenders I#111 (fb) - BTS) - A quiet man, Eddie Fielder worked with Joshua Walker for three years before Joshua moved on one day. Years later, Eddie received word from Patsy Walker that she was looking for Joshua. 

(Defenders I#111) - Eddie met Patsy in his home and told her what he knew of Joshua, and she left. Eddie later met up with Joshua, and Patsy returned, revealing she was his daughter.

--Defenders I#111 (Defenders I#111 (fb) - BTS, 111









Bea Walker and Barry

(Defenders I#111 (fb) - BTS) - A widow with children and a farm in Greentown, Ohio, Bea met and married Joshua Walker, a divorcee.

(Defenders I#111 - BTS) - Years later, Joshua was reunited with his daughter Patsy while Bea and the kids were visiting her mother.

((New) Defenders I#125) - Patsy and Daimon Hellstrom were married on Joshua and Bea's property. Members of the Defenders attended the wedding, and defeated the attacking Mad Dog and Mutant Force. Barry was impressed by Moondragon's bald head.

--Defenders I#111 (Defenders I#111 (fb) - BTS, 111 - BTS, 125





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