Real Name: Dorothy Nancy Walker

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Comic book writer, entrepreneur

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Lesley Aull, Avarrish, Miss Bliss, Defenders (Hulk (Bruce Banner), Nighthawk, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)), Dolly Donahue, Donald Grant, Mary Meeke Grant, Nan Hale, Tom "Tubs" Hale, Mr. Krautmann, Millie the Model, Rod, Milton Rosenblum, Specs, Susan, Hedy Wolfe, Mr. Wolfe, other residents of Centerville, California

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: Patricia "Patsy" Walker (Hellcat, daughter), Mickey Walker (son), Joshua Walker (ex-husband), Robert "Buzz" Baxter (Mad Dog, former son-in-law), Daimon Hellstrom (Son of Satan, former son-in-law), Sophia McConnell (sister, or sister-in-law), Grandpa Parker (father, or father-in-law)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Montclair, New Jersey;
formerly Centerville, California

First Appearance: (BTS) Avengers I#144 (February, 1976); (Seen) Defenders I#88 (October, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Dorothy was a talented writer and entrepreneur. She had the potential of increased life due to a deal with demons, but the deal fell through and she died of natural causes.


(Defenders I#111 (fb) - BTS) - Dorothy married Joshua Walker, and the two had a daughter, Patsy.

(Avengers Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - They also had a son, Mickey.

(Defenders I#89 (fb) - BTS/Marvel Comics: History of the Marvels (fb) - BTS) - Dorothy began publishing comic books (under publisher Atlas Comics) and merchandising about Patsy and her friends. The family housekeeper, Dolly Donahue, frequently took care of Patsy.

(Avengers Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Dorothy signed up everyone in the town to appear in the comics. Patsy and her best friend Hedy Wolfe became the most famous characters. Others included Miss Bliss, Donald Grant, Mary Meeke, Nan Hale, Tom "Tubs" Hale, Mr. Krautmann, Rod, Specs, Susan, and Mr. Wolfe.

(Marvel Fanfare I#59 (fb) - BTS) - Patsy’s aunt, Sophia McConnell, acted as Patsy’s business manager.

(Defenders I#107 (fb) - BTS) - Grandpa Parker passed away.

(Defenders I#109 (fb) - BTS) - Joshua and Dorothy continually argued, and he eventually left his family and moved away.

(Defenders I#111 (fb) - BTS) - With greater monetary resources, Dorothy maintained custody of Patsy.

(Defenders I#89 (fb) - BTS) - Dorothy built a modeling career for her Patsy, using her contacts with Millie the Model for Patsy to show off children’s fashions, and eventually developed the idea to make up stores about Patsy as a teenage romance idol. Patsy quickly became famous as a comic book star, and starred in hundreds of books which were reprinted repeatedly.

(Avengers I#144 (fb) - BTS/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#5) - Dorothy did not support Patsy’s eventual marriage to Robert ‘Buzz’ Baxter. Patsy later divorced, and Dorothy lost contact with her.

(Defenders I#89 (fb) - BTS) - Dorothy eventually sold many of her assets and bought a nice home in Montclair, New Jersey. Her long-time friend and housekeeper, Dolly Donahue, moved with her. Dorothy kept boxes of Patsy’s old books in her attic.

(Defenders I#88 (fb) - BTS) - Years later, though ill in the hospital with cancer, Dorothy demanded to be released and was sent home. She soon had a relapse and called an ambulance.

(Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat#7 (fb) - BTS) - Before her death, Dorothy Walker formed contracts that allowed Hedy Wolfe to control future book publications, and made deals where those featured in the books, including Tom Hale, would get shares of the profits. Dorothy was under morphine use at the time, and her actions would later be determined to be inadmissible.

(Defenders I#88) - The ambulance driver, Lesley Aull, took Dorothy in and the doctor determined she was close to death. He ordered the nurses to find Patsy's number.

(Defenders I#89) - Dorothy passed on and the news was given to Patsy. The lawyer of her friend Kyle Richmond (Nighthawk), Milton Rosenblum, made all the arrangements for the funeral. Patsy attended the funeral with Bruce Banner (Hulk), Richmond, and Valkyrie, with Rosenblum, Dolly, and the priest there as well. Patsy bid Dorothy farewell and verbally expressed her recriminations about being raised the way she was, but she stated that she was moving on and trying to forgive Dorothy.

(Defenders I#95 (fb) - BTS) - Dorothy Walker promised the soul of her daughter to Avarrish of the Six-Fingered Hand in return for being restored to life, though her body was ridden with deadly cancer.  

(Defenders I#94) - Avarrish failed to claim Hellcat, and Dorothy remained dead.

Comments: Created by Ed Hannigan, Don Perlin, and Pablo Marcos.

Much of Dorothy Walker's history is convoluted and confused. She first (likely) appeared in the various "Patsy Walker" comics, which aren't necessarily considered Marvel canon, and this profile is only meant to corroborate the information revealed about her in the "modern age." There is no direct connection from Dorothy to Mickey Walker except for the last name. Joshua and Dorothy have never even appeared in a flashback together, and appeared in the Defenders book in separate storylines. Questions to be answered in time, perhaps, including how Dorothy made contact with Avarrish.

Her full name was given in the Hellcat profile in OHotMU Women 2004.
(Huh, "Nancy Walker," like the actress, didn't notice that before.)
--Ronald Byrd

Profile by Chadman.

Dorothy Walker has no known connections to

Lesley Aull

(Defenders I#88) - An ambulance driver, Lesley Aull grew frustrated when sick patient Dorothy Walker was released to home when still sick, and even more so when the doctors didn't follow her advice to keep her in the hospital. She took Mrs. Walker back in, and was put in her place by the doctor for complaining.

--Defenders I#88




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