Real Name: Mephista

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Hell) demon (Type II)

Occupation: Demon

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Darwin, Isolationist (Josef Huber), Strong Guy (Guido Carosella), Tier, X-Factor Investigations (Havok/Alex Summers, Longshot, M/Monet St. Croix, Layla Miller, Multiple Man, Polaris/Lorna Dane, Rictor, Shatterstar, Siryn);
    formerly Doctor Strange,
Dykkors, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Mephisto, the Morrigan, Victor Strange, Topaz, Werewolf (Jack Russell)

EnemiesAsmodeus, Baron Mordo (Karl Mordo), Branwenn, Doctor Strange, Mephisto, the Morrigan, Pluto, Possessors, Rintrah, Satana, Satannish, Victor Strange, Topaz, Zodiak;
formerly Tier

Known Relatives: Mephisto (father), unidentified mother, Blackheart (brother);
    possible direct or indirect relationship to Asmodeus,
Beelzeboul, Marduk Kurios (Satan), Lucifer, Satannish, Thog, and allegedly Dormammu ("uncles");
    Mikal Drakonmegas (
Hellfire), Hellstorm, Satana Hellstrom (alleged quasi-half-siblings)

Aliases: Jezebel, Daughter of Above and Below, Daughter of Mephisto;

Base of Operations: Mephisto's branch of Hell

First Appearance: Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#6 (August, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: As the daughter of an arch-demon, Mephista is very powerful, though she is still a relative novice. She is superhumanly strong (Class 50?) and durable, immune to most physical and many mystical assaults. Her tail is semi-prehensile and can strike with lethal force. She can turn aside some of Dr. Strange's spells, and she can cast a number of spells, such as the Shackles of Sheol and teleportation. She can shoot Hellfire from her eyes and grow wings capable of flight. She can possess and manipulate others, open portals between Earth and Mephisto's Hell, and presumably much more.

Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair: Red


(X-Factor III#253 (fb) - BTS) - Mephista is the daughter of Mephisto and a mortal (presumably a human woman from Earth).

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#6) - When Baron Mordo promised his soul to both Mephisto and Satannish, Mephisto sent Mephista (her first outing on his behalf) to Dr. Strange's sanctum to retrieve Mordo's soul (as it was held in Strange's sphere of containment (along with Sara Wolfe's soul). Mephista confronted Strange and made her demand, easily casting off Strange's Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. She refused Strange's delaying tactic of explaining her origins, but found she could not penetrate the the sphere surrounding Mordo. Satannish himself then arrived to claim Mordo. Realizing she could not stand against Satannish by herself, Mephista joined forces with Strange against Satannish. Despite their efforts, however, Satannish took the sphere of containment to his realm to crack it open. Followed by Strange, Mephista returned to her father's realm empty-handed. Mephisto was furious at Satannish's actions. Refusing to let his rival get the better of him, Mephisto prepared to journey to Satannish's realm, ignoring Strange's warnings about having to cross the Earthly plane to reach Satannish's realm, which might result in a battle on Earth that could destroy the planet. Mephisto imprisoned Strange within a mystic sphere and then took Mephista with him.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#7) - Having difficulty forcing his way into Satannish's domain, Mephisto wished he had destroyed Strange for letting Satannish escape with Mordo. Having become infatuated with Strange, Mephista was glad her father had not destroyed him. Satannish then arrived to confront them, and Mephisto stood on her giant father's shoulder as the two prepared to do battle on the Earthly plane.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#8) - Mephista traveled to Strange's sanctum, intending to destroy the soulless bodies of Mordo and Sara Wolfe so that their souls could have no place to return to. Strange's apprentice Rintrah and the empath Topaz tried to stop her, but Mephista flattened them with a single blow each. Strange returned in time to stop her. This time--backed by his magical talismans that Agamotto had returned to him--his spells proved powerful enough to affect her, and he trapped her within the Crimson Ruby of Cyttorak and forced her to sleep. Strange and Topaz combined their powers, drawing imagery of a primieval concentration of evil that divided to form what would become Satannish and Mephisto. Using this idea, Strange cast a spell that threatened to merge Mephisto and Satannish back together, and the two arch-demons fled back to their own realms and relinquished their claims on Mordo's soul to avoid losing their individuality.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#8 - BTS / Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#30 (fb)) - Mephista was missing from Strange's sanctum upon his return and he assumed that she had been drawn back to her father's realm via the vortex Mephisto had created. However, having failed her sire on her first mission, Mephista craved a chance to prove she deserved to sit at his honored left hand, and so she possessed Topaz. Mephista mystically prevented Topaz from sensing the possession, and the exhausted Strange failed to notice either.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#30 (fb) - BTS) - Unbeknownst to Mephista, Satannish took up residence within her shadow, intending to use her to gain access to Mephisto's realm.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#9 - BTS) - The possessed Topaz stood by as Strange raged upon learning that Morgana Blessing had written a tell-all book about him. She complemented Rintrah on his spell that cloaked Strange in his full costume.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#30 (fb)) - Mephista influenced Topaz to travel to Europe to avoid Strange.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#10 - BTS) - Imei Chang informed Strange that Topaz had left for Europe.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#30 (fb)) - Mephista found that she had so deeply imbedded herself in Topaz' psyche that only a certain spell spoken by Strange could free her. While Topaz was in Spain, Mephista caused her to believe that she had just become possessed by another demon.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#26 - BTS / Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#30 (fb) - BTS) - Topaz returned to the USA, met with Strange, and told him how she had been possessed by the demon Ullikumis while exploring a Spanish Castle. She further told him how mystic research had told her that three magical items were required for a spell to exorcise the demon: fire from a demon, the talon of a vampire in its bat form, and the fur of a werewolf. Strange scanned Topaz, learning that some of her memories were falsified.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#26 - BTS) - Following up on reported Werewolf sightings, Strange brought Topaz and Rintrah to Colorado, where they encountered the Werewolf Jack Russell before being captured by the Possessors.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#27 - BTS) - Topaz' possession enabled her to resist the Possessors' influence, but she was retained as a prisoner. Ultimately Strange led the defeat of the Possessors, and Topaz retrieved a handful of fur from the Werewolf (which she had grabbed when they first encountered him).

(Ghost Rider III#12 - BTS) - Topaz, Strange, and Rintrah confronted the Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) to obtain the fire from a demon they needed, but found they could not obtain such a thing from the Ghost Rider. They joined Ghost Rider against Zodiak, freeing a number of intended sacrifice victims.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#28 - BTS) - Topaz and Strange again attempted to get the demon fire from Ghost Rider, only to suffer severe feedback every time they referred to him as a demon. The feedback affected Topaz, causing a manifestation of "Ullikumis," who warned Strange to cease his efforts against him. Strange later saved Topaz from an attack by Zodiak, and he showed her the true demon flame that he had obtained from the race of demons known as the Dykkors (allies of Zodiak that he and Ghost Rider had fought).

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#29) - Affected by her possession, Topaz laid a big, fat kiss on Strange, who rebuffed her, and she regained her wits. They soon obtained the talon of a vampire in bat form from Strange's brother,, Victor, aka Baron Blood. Strange then performed the spell, though he then announced that the true possessor was Mephista, which he had realized early on. Mephista emerged from Topaz and told Strange and Rintrah that she intended to kill them all and bring their souls to Mephisto as homecoming gifts.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#30) - Mephista hurled the unconscious Topaz into Rintrah, striking his recently injured chest (at the hands of Zodiak) and knocking him out. As Mephista reviewed how she had possessed Topaz, Strange commented on the length of her shadow. Strange recognized that Satannish was hiding within Mephista and realized his intent, but chose to allow things to proceed in order to take the battle away from Earth. Mephista then announced that Mephisto never loved her, instead preferring his son, Blackheart, and that she intended to get in his good graces by slaying Strange, Topaz, and Rintrah and giving him their souls. Victor Strange dove forward to attack her, but Mephista swatted him back with her tail. She then mystically bound Strange in the Shackles of Sheol and brought him to the gateway to Mephisto's Hell, at which point Satannish emerged from within her shadow. Mephista reluctantly agreed to again join forces with Strange against Satannish, though their assaults proved futile against him. Mephisto then arrived (his attention draw by their magical force, as Strange had intended) and attacked Satannish directly. Strange formed a Seraphimic Shield to protect them from the forces the two arch-demons were unleashing, forces which also began to overflow into the Earth dimension. Seeking to put a stop to the conflict to save Earth, Strange convinced Mephista to add her mystic power to his, and he cast a spell that turned each of the demons' attacks back on each other. Realizing further conflict was pointless, Satannish returned to his home realm.
    Mephista feared her father's punishment for bringing Satannish to his realm, but he instead told her that he had known of her entrapment within Topaz and her possession by Satannish but that he had known if he had tried to help her, in fighting back Satannish would have torn her asunder. He expressed his pride and love for her before thanking Strange and then heading back into his domain. Mephista bid Strange farewell, telling him that she might one day return to Earth to seek out his hand--and all that was attached to it. Mephisto told Strange that if Mephista did ever seek him out, that she should make sure that he was elsewhere.

(X-Factor III#253 (fb) - BTS) - Mephista started calling herself Jezebel.

(X-Factor III#233) - Mephisto's daughter travelled on a Hellhound sled to Josef Huber's Antarctic fortress where he tried to stay isolated from humanity due to his overwhelming telepathic powers he had copied from mutants. He shot at her before asking what she was. After telling him she was not a mutant she showed him her demonic appearance. She then revealed the Hell-lords' plan to cause the apocalypse and that they needed all mutants to be gone, which would help Huber as well (he would be able to return to humanity because without mutants he wouldn't copy their powers anymore). Huber liked the idea.

(X-Factor III#234) - She reiterated she was referring to the apocalypse and not the mutant by the same name before asking Huber how he could survive out here. He teleported in some food before assaulting Mephisto's daughter because he believed she was actually toying with him and giving him false hope. Fighting back she revealed she was Jezebel and warned him of attacking her again. Both agreed Huber had just acted without thinking and let it go.

(X-Factor III#238) - Jezebel flew to a light tower in Ulster County, New York to tell the banshee Morrigan that Siryn, who Morrigan had been waiting for, and one of her teammates (Havok) were coming soon. Morrigan already knew and promised to kill Siryn, an imposter of a banshee, in Morrigan's opinion.

(X-Factor III#239) - Jezebel betrayed the Morrigan by saving Siryn in mid-fall from the light tower and telling her that Morrigan would become vulnerable when her raven Branwenn was dead. Havok, who had come to Siryn's aid, slew the raven, then destroyed the light tower. Morrigan was buried under the light tower and Jezebel told the two heroes there was no use to dig her out. She warned Havok and Siryn of the Hell-lords' plan to cause the apocalypse and told Siryn to decide whether she wanted to walk with the new gods or be crushed by them.

(X-Factor III#250) - Though she was not sure God even existed anymore Jezebel prayed to God on Devil's Tower in Wyoming and begged God to prevent the war between the Hell-lords on Earth and send them back to Hell. Receiving no reply she decided to stop the Hell-lords on her own.

(X-Factor III#250 - BTS) - Jezebel sent Strong Guy to kill Tier before one of the Hell-lords could win the war by killing him.

(X-Factor III#250) - Jezebel teleported in to X-Factor Investigation's HQ and told Strong Guy, who was fighting X-Factor, not to waste any more time and kill Tier already. X-Factor protected Tier from Jezebel, who tried to explain why Tier had to die now, but before she could the Hell-Lords teleported X-Factor, Jezebel, Strong Guy and Tier to the Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Jezebel and Strong Guy stood with the Hell-lords, who surrounded X-Factor, determined to kill Tier to decide the winner to their war.

(X-Factor III#251) - Jezebel watched the Hell-lords fight over Tier until her father Mephisto got hold of Tier. Though she felt sorry she had to do it she stabbed her father in the back to stop him from killing Tier. Surprised at her betrayal Mephisto believed Strong Guy, who had been working for him, had turned against him as well, but Strong Guy insisted he was still on Mephisto's side and was only with Jezebel because she was his boss' daughter. Avoiding an energy blast from her father's trident Jezebel tackled Tier and Madrox and teleported with them and their allies back to X-Factor's HQ. Jezebel then explained to X-Factor that God had stopped the Hell-lords from fighting each other and had decided whoever slew the seven billionth person walking Earth, would ruler over all Hell realms. Tier was the seven billionth person! Moments later Pluto and his army attacked X-Factor and Jezebel in Central Park to win the war by killing Tier.

(X-Factor III#252) - Pluto blasted Jezebel and Madrox during the battle, seemingly killing them, then took out the rest of X-Factor, but ultimately Tier slew him, taking Pluto out of the war.

(X-Factor III#253 (fb) - BTS) - Mephisto had Jezebel tied up and mutated Madrox into a demon.

(X-Factor III#253) - Mephisto was mad at his daughter and wanted to know why she had betrayed him to protect mortals. She explained that humanity needed somebody to care for them and because Mephisto wasn't going to it was up to somebody like her, a child of a mortal and demon. Mephisto tossed her to the ground and left the demonic Madrox in charge of guarding his tied up daughter.

   Madrox punched Jezebel when she tried to free herself. Strong Guy choked out Madrox from behind and told Jezebel that he had known all along she would turn on Mephisto and that he worked for himself. Strong Guy freed Jezebel, who told him they had to find Tier because he was the only one able to end this war.

(X-Factor III#254) - Jezebel teleported herself and Strong Guy to New York where they found Tier and X-Factor, who were besieged by Mephisto's army, and ordered the demons to find Mephisto and aid him against his enemies. The demons followed Jezebel's order. The demonic Madrox, who Strong Guy had brought along from Hell, broke free and attacked X-Factor, who fought him. Jezebel told Wolfsbane they had to get Tier to the frontline as quick as possible and when Wolfsbane resisted Jezebel blasted her with Hellfire from her eyes and with Strong Guy's help tried to kidnap Tier. Layla Miller protected Tier with her force field while Jezebel tried her best to break through and get the child while telling Layla that she was only protecting Tier from what he had to do, kill the Hell-lords.

(X-Factor III#255) - Jezebel still tried to break through Layla's force field to get her hands on Tier while X-Factor fought the demonic Madrox and his dupes. Wolfsbane attacked Jezebel, but moments later Jezebel felt that her father had won and stopped fighting because there was no need to kill Tier anymore. She explained to X-Factor that Mephisto was now ruling their world after he had defeated all the other Hell-lords. Unfortunately for Layla Jezebel couldn't turn Madrox back into human form because she wasn't powerful enough to reverse her father's transformation of Madrox. Tier asked her to bring him to Mephisto's stronghold, but Jezebel wasn't even sure Tier could kill Mephisto with all the power Mephisto had gained. When Shatterstar told Jezebel they would only come along after they had found M, Jezebel teleported with Shatterstar to M and Strong Guy in Hell. To their surprise Strong Guy had killed M and felt so guilty he didn't even want to come along to aid them against Mephisto. Jezebel stopped Shatterstar's attack on Strong Guy and then returned with Shatterstar to Earth.

(X-Factor III#256) - Jezebel and Polaris invaded Mephisto's stronghold with an army of demonic Madrox dupes while X-Factor teleported with Tier into Mephisto's prison to slay the other Hell-lords. She kept fighting Mephisto's army while Tier was close to slaying Mephisto, but then Strong Guy slew Tier to become the ruler of all Hell realms, shocking all his allies, including Jezebel. Strong Guy teleported himself to the throne of Hell while Jezebel ended up unknown.

Comments: Created by Roy and Dann Thomas, Jackson Guice, and José Marzan Jr.

Profile by Snood. X-Factor update by Markus Raymond.

No known connection to:

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#29, last page (main image)
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#6, cover (vs. Strange)
    #6, p13, panel 1 (rear view showing tail and hooves)
X-Factor III#234, p1, pan2 (Jezebel)
X-Factor III#254, p12, pan3 (Jezebel, side view)

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