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Real Name: Morgana Blessing

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Writer

Group Membership: None.

Affiliations: Through her relationship with Dr. Strange, Morgana also has developed a friendship with a number of his allies, including Brother Voodoo, Imei Chang (deceased), Morbius, Rintrah, Sara Wolfe, and Wong. She was romantically involved with Victor Strange until his second death. Morgana has numerous connections in the promotional and publishing industries; J Jonah Jameson is numbered amongst these connections.

EnemiesAdria, Baron Mordo, Sir Anthony Baskerville, Clea (although romantic rival is more appropriate than "enemy"), Demonicus, Dormammu, Kerwin Havelock, Kaecilius, Marie Laveau

Known RelativesEmil (father), Regina (mother)

Aliases: None. First name occasionally misspelled as Morganna.

Base of Operations: Expensive top floor factory loft in Soho, a few blocks south of Houston Street, above Soho Records.

First Appearance: Doctor Strange II#48

Powers/Abilities: Morgana is a best-selling author of both fiction and non-fiction, all dealing with the occult. Due to intensive research, Morgana has an extensive knowledge of the occult. Morgana has minimal natural magical abilities, which have allowed her to sense astral forms. Note that despite her occult knowledge and some innate magical abilities, she has never shown an interest in nor been foolish enough to try spell-casting herself. Her relationship with the vampiric Victor Strange also gave her the ability to locate Victor psychically - by concentrating she could determine his location and direction of travel.



(Doctor Strange II#53) - In ancient Egypt, Morgana was incarnated as a handmaiden in the court of Rama-Tut. She was one of those charged with outfitting Susan Storm as a bride for Rama-Tut. The time-traveling Dr. Strange appeared to her and charged her with freeing his trapped physical body; she did so and the two then departed, briefly encountering and running from Rama-Tut. As her time-traveling soul-shard appeared, Strange was there and prepared for it and she briefly experienced memories and images from hundreds of her incarnations. She becomes convinced she loves Strange, and after the pair witness Rama-Tut's sphinx vanish, Strange vanished in turn, leaving the woman to vow that she'll never forget Strange, and will love him through future incarnations.

(Doctor Strange II#52) - On the Yucatan Peninsula, circa 800 A.D., Morgana was incarnated as Hunac, the servant to a Mayan priestess, Taba. They greeted a flying mystic, who Taba wrongly named Itzamna (it was really the time-traveling Dr. Strange). Strange mistook Taba as Morgana's incarnation, and despite Nightmare pulling Hunac into a dream battle between Strange and Taba, Morgana's time-traveling soul-shard merged with Hunac and Strange was forced to travel further back in time in search of it.

(Doctor Strange II#52) - In late 15th century Spain, Morgana was incarnated as a gypsy woman named Gitana. Witnessing a time-traveling Dr. Strange conduct magic, she drugged him and turned him over to the Inquisition. Strange escaped, and while she and the Inquisitor were experimenting with turning his magic against him he confronted them, and Gitana was slain by the Inquisitor after she tried to give him orders on how to deal with Strange. Her time-traveling soul-shard visited her at the moment of her death, and then proceeded on backwards through time.

(Doctor Strange II#49) - In the modern era, Sara lived in Soho, a few blocks away from Dr. Strange and just a few blocks south of Houston Street. She lived in a very expensive converted top floor factory loft above Soho Records, with her cat Magellan. She was a writer of fiction, having already published at least one book. She was familiar with the occult, having read the works of Colin Wilson and others.

(Doctor Strange II#48) - A preoccupied Morgana entered the Village Bank, not noticing an armed robbery in progress. She found the two robbers entranced there, but also saw what she perceived as some sort of mystical demon holding them. Fainting, Morgana was aided by a doctor, who was also in the bank. She dismissed her sighting as a hallucination, which the doctor agreed with, and he and his companion, Sara Wolfe, departed. A bank official identified the doctor to her as Stephen Strange, and the official also confided that she'd heard that Strange dabbled in the occult.

(Doctor Strange II#49) - Morgana called Strange, identifying herself as the fainter from the bank. She asked after his knowledge of the occult and asked him to consult with her as a resource for her next book, partially flirting with Strange. Strange agreed to come right over (unbeknownst to Morgana, he sensed a mystical presence during their phone conversation). While Morgana showed Strange around, a man, Baron Mordo, emerged through one of her mirrors and a magical fight broke out in her apartment; Morgana grabbed Magellan and attempted to flee but fell into a mystical void. Strange rescued her, but Mordo attacked her instead, leaving her with the sensation of billions of creatures burrowing into her mind. Strange rescued her, and finally appeared to lose to Mordo, only to have possessed Morgana's cat Magellan, from which he attacked and banished Mordo. Strange then attempted to use a spell of forgetfulness on Morgana, but her mind partially rejected it, and Strange said he suspected she had some supernatural abilities. Meanwhile, Mordo killed Magellan and threw him off the building, taking Magellan's form himself to remain near Morgana.

(Doctor Strange II#50) - Morgana came to Strange's home for an examination, bringing "Magellan" in her handbag, and there met Strange's manservant Wong and disciple Clea. The examination was interrupted by Clea's scream from the other room, and the pair rushed out to find Clea attacked by Mordo. Needing a medium to route power through, Mordo grabbed Blessing and teleported himself, Clea, and Morgana away, revealing as he did so that he'd killed Magellan. Mordo brought her to Stonehenge, used her as a mystic focus to anchor a time travel spell, and then abandoned her. Morgana found herself in a World War II canteen, witnessing a bar brawl involving Nick Fury and the Howling Commandoes, but also was rendered amnesiac. Dr. Strange followed, and explained to Fury, the Commandoes, Fury's girlfriend Pamela Hawley, and Morgana herself that he was her doctor and she was suffering from shell shock. The Commandoes left, and Strange left Morgana in Hawley's care for the day.

(Doctor Strange II#51) - Sir Anthony Baskerville and his followers broke into Hawley's apartment and used chloroform to kidnap both Hawley and Blessing and bring them to his castle. He then cast a spell allowing Mordo to possess Blessing's body. When Mordo attempted to sacrifice Clea, Morgana resisted, and Hawley and Fury's love for each other (enhanced by Clea) allowed Morgana to throw off Mordo's control and direct it at the Dormammu-possessed mystic Viscount Krowler. Morgana had fallen in love with Strange herself and read this as him loving her in return; Strange cast a spell and put her to sleep while he evaluated what had happened.

(Doctor Strange II#52) - Strange returned all to the present, and placed Morgana in the hospital. However, a shard of her soul was reflected back through Morgana's past lives, and she remained unconscious in the present. The comatose Morgana was visited by her mother, father, and their family doctor Samuel Finch; when something lightning-like erupted from her body Strange ushered all but Finch out, and he went in pursuit of her soul-shard. While Strange was away Morgana sunk further into her coma, and Finch feared brain damage as a result.

(Doctor Strange II#53) - Strange succeeded in restoring Morgana's soul-shard, and she awoke to find Strange, Wong, Doctor Finch, her mother, and her father in her hospital room While much of what had happened to her was a blur, she was certain Stephen had saved her and threw her arms around him, only to be rebuffed.

(Doctor Strange III#9 (fb)) - While in the hospital, Morgana asked Strange about writing fiction novels based on his life; though he didn't say "no," he was less than enthusiastic. He did ask that his character be named Jason.

(Doctor Strange II#56) - With producer Sylvia Nettlebaum from Independent Video, cameraman Joe Crocker, and soundman Tyrone Lewis, Morgana arrived at Dr. Strange's house to conduct a pre-agreed upon television interview. She formally met Strange's secretary/manager Sara Wolfe there, and Sara introduced herself as a longtime fan of Morgana's writing. Morgana, Stephen, and the crew adjourned to the drawing room for the interview, where Strange casually conducted everyday acts of minor magic before the cameras, and told Morgana the story of how he became Dr. Strange. When Morgana asked about Clea's whereabouts, Strange sidestepped the question and exposed the three filmmakers as the wizards Demonicus (Crocker), Adria (Nettlebaum), and Kaecilius (Lewis). The three fled into the house, and after reassuring Morgana, went still as he astrally battled the other. Sara and Wong entered and watched over him until he defeated the trio and awoke. He then told Morgana that while he was unable to then love her he was willing to be her friend, and she agreed to slow their relationship and accept that, though his unusual life unnerved her. Sara and Wong left the pair alone to converse in peace.

(Doctor Strange II#57) - At Strange's invitation, Morgana and Stephen had lunch at Bonaparte's Espresso, and were interrupted by a rude stranger who plaudited Morgana's latest novel (or at least an excerpt from it which appeared in Esquire), but insisted his girlfriend should be Strange's next apprentice. Strange magiced the gentleman into finishing their lunches and picking up the check, and the pair left; Morgana kissed Stephen on the cheek and departed.

(Doctor Strange II#58) - Morgana was in the bathtub when Stephen called to cancel their dinner date, citing something professional which had arisen.

(Doctor Strange II#61) - Morgana insisted on helping Strange in creating a mystical distraction; she donned a magical amulet he created which disguised her as him and took a limo to JFK airport, where she (as Strange) boarded a plane for Acapulco. Detecting two thugs following her, she informed the sky-marshals of a potential threat on her life, and when they cornered her the marshals arrested them.

(Doctor Strange II#63-65 (bts)) - Morgan returned to New York.

(Doctor Strange II#65) - Morgana, contracted by New York magazine, attended an early morning magic show by Kerwin Havelock; she believed he was a fake until he appeared to alter the mind of someone who doubted him. Introducing herself to Kerwin, she was invited to a seminar the next night at Connecticut's Farrington Acres. Morgana went straight to Stephen Strange and related the morning's activities; the names called upon by the presumed wizard alarmed Steven, who promised to call on Havelock. She later received a call from Sara Wolfe on Strange's behalf, telling her to attend Havelock's seminar. Morgana attended the seminar in the company of Stephen Strange, who disguised himself as Morgana's father Emil; however, Stephen has received a concussion investigating Kerwin, and was quite weak. Kerwin's "magic words" invoked demons he could not control, and Steven defeated them, finally erasing the night's memories from all but himself, Morgana, and Kerwin (who he left with the memory of the event but unable to again ever speak the magic words).

(Doctor Strange II#71) - Morgana called at Stephen's for a lunch date, only to be met by Sara Wolfe, who apologetically tried to cancel the date. However, Strange's voice echoed from inside and Sara led Morgan into an enormous room, where Stephen explained that he'd spent several days in a mystic hemisphere preparing for a trip to the Dark Dimension. He then teleported away, and Sara and Morgana retired to the kitchen for coffee.

possessed by Dr. Strange (Doctor Strange II#79) - Morgana telephoned Stephen about a possible date, but Stephen was not home and she talked briefly with Sara Wolfe until Strange returned and agreed to a date that evening. At the restaurant, Stephen regretfully discussed his apparent separation from human ties and, taking Morgana's hands, began to broach the possibility of romance between them, However, they were interrupted by an alien's attack, and it speared Strange through the midsection. Morgana rushed to the unconscious and gravely wounded Strange, and he astrally took control of her, having her take the Amulet of Agamotto. Morgana/Strange, now garbed as Strange, then faced the alien, but she was unable to wield the Amulet effectively and it clubbed her in the side, wounding her. Angered, Strange summoned Satannish to claim the alien, afterwards apologizing to Morgana for having made her be a part of such black magic. Sensing danger at the mansion, Morgana/Strange rushed there in time to see it vanish into space, after which she fainted.

(Doctor Strange II#80) - The unconscious Morgana was rushed to the hospital, while Sara Wolfe took on the Amulet and Strange's astral form.

(Doctor Strange III#10 (fb)) - Morgana had three cracked ribs.

(Doctor Strange III#9 (fb)) - After Sara left the hospital she sought out Strange, but was told by Sara Wolfe and Wong that Steven had been killed fighting the Beyonder. Morgana watched his funeral on television.

(Doctor Strange III#9 (fb)) - Between this time and her hospitalization after her kidnapping by Mordo, Morgana had written two best-selling novels based on Stephen's adventures, featuring a lead character named Jason Drew. The two novels were A Matter of Time, which told of heroine Isolde Hallow's kidnapping back in time to World War II, and Charlatan!, which told of grisly murders conducted by a fake psychic. She subsequently wrote a torrent of non-fiction articles for Esquire, New York, and other magazines. Sara acquired a new white Persian cat, named Magellan II. She also began work on a biography of Stephen Strange (which acknowledged Clea as his true love).

(Doctor Strange III#3 / Doctor Strange III#15 (fb)) - Still recovering, with unsteady gait, Morgana answered her door to find Stephen (actually a magically disguised Clea) there, and commented on the ring he was now wearing, which he confirmed as tying him to Clea. Morgana nodded, saying she thought Clea was the only woman who could survive him. Strange then told her he was leaving for a while to Britain, and Morgana noticed that his hands no longer shook before he left. Ashamed of her jealously, Clea mystically erased Morgana's memory of the visit.

(Doctor Strange III#8) - Now magazine carried a cover article on Morgana and her soon-to-be-released book about Dr. Strange.

(Doctor Strange III#9) - The biographical book, titled Dr. Strange: The Man, The Myth, The Magic was due for publication from Daily Bugle Books in a few weeks. It included Stephen's early childhood and a good number of his actual adventures in it.

(Doctor Strange III#10) - Answering a knock at the door, Morgana found Stephen standing there, and fainted. Recovering to find herself on her couch and Stephen over her, she hit him with a left hook as he explained he'd faked his death and not told her. Happy to see him alive she forgave him, but he in turn was angry about her forthcoming book. She countered that as she'd believed he was dead it seemed fair; he in turn thought she was unfair to whoever would follow him as Sorcerer Supreme. The pair's argument escalated, with Sara refusing to withdraw the book and Stephen storming out as Morgana sobbed behind him.

(Doctor Strange III#11) - Morgana agreed to appear as a guest on the psychic-debunking talk show Hour Thirteen (hosted by Dr. Wayne Schuyler and co-host Lucretia), but was less than pleased when she arrived and found out that Stephen was also a guest. Both Steven and Morgana were very close-mouthed, with Morgana stating she preferred to let the book speak for itself and Steven contending it was clearly a work of fiction, obviously, at the very least, incorrectly portraying him as dead. As their interview ended, the studio was attacked by the Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale). Stephen caused a blackout and placed a forget spell on the studio audience and then defeated Hobgoblin (the alien Rintrah also rushed in to help); in witnessing Strange risking her life Morgana decided to apologize to him and withdraw the book; rebonded as friends they returned to Stephen's townhouse and met up with Wong, his fiancée Imei, and Sara Wolfe.

(Doctor Strange III#12) - Morgana's publisher, J Jonah Jameson, refused to let her withdraw the book, and Morgana called Dr. Strange and apologized for that.

book covers (Doctor Strange III#13) - Morgana brought two gifts to Strange - a copy of the book, fresh off the press, and a puppy. Sara was excited by the dog and the two entered Doc's drawing room to find him and Clea on the couch together. Clea was unamused, but Imei became fond of the dog. While Stephen and Morgana talked, the building was rocked by a shock caused by Arkon, who grabbed the unconscious Clea, who was downed by rubble, and fled. Morgana was untouched and Strange went after them, leaving Morgana with Rintrah.

(Doctor Strange III#14) - Sara Wolfe showed Morgana around while Stephen and Clea were still out, showing her a mystical cocoon containing Stephen's vampiric brother, Victor. When Clea and Strange returned, Morgana left for home, but only after commenting on an odd recurring memory of meeting Strange while she knew him to be dead. The next evening, Morgana returned, determined to have Strange get to the bottom of those odd memories, but outside the mansion she was attacked by Victor Strange and left unconscious, with fang wounds on her neck.

(Doctor Strange III#15) - Morgana awoke in Strange's house, in the company of Clea, Stephen, and Morbius the Living Vampire. Vic had taken only minimal blood from her, leaving her okay, but she discovered that she now had a mystical connection to Vic, which allowed her to know where he was. Strange then surveyed her mind about her mysterious memory of her meeting him while he was "dead," and Clea confessed that it had been her who visited Morgana. Clea apologized to Morgana, and Morgana was happy to both know the truth and now have her "rivalry" with Clea out in the open - she professed her intentions to pursue Stephen romantically. Strange quickly stepped in and ended the conversation, teleporting himself, Clea, Morgana, and Morbius in pursuit of Victor. They found him in the company of Marie Laveau, who immediately set Vic, Clea, and Stephen at each other; in the end Laveau and Victor Strange got away with the mystical tome the Darkhold, which he had taken from Strange's home.

(Doctor Strange III#16) - Back at Strange's townhouse, Clea was kept comatose (she was attacking Strange due to Laveau's spell). Sara Wolfe made several catty remarks about Morgana, but soon apologized, saying the Stephen/Clea/Morgana triangle was none of her business. Stephen put Morgana into a mystical trance and she was able to locate Vic in the Caribbean, under Laveau's control; when Morgana went into intense pain Strange had to end the trance, and Morgana soon fell asleep on the couch. Soon, Strange brought himself, Morgana, Morbius, and Rintrah to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where Stephen located Brother Voodoo for aid. Morgana's directional sense led them to Victor and two vampires he'd created, and when the others fought them Morgana narrowly avoided being bitten (Morbius staked the vampire about to bite her). After Brother Voodoo called up a horde of zombies and Dr. Strange put them back down when they went out of control, Victor was freed from Laveau's control and Morgana comforted him, saying his brother would find a way to restore him to life.

(Doctor Strange III#17) - The group traveled to Louisiana, and Morgana ended up traveling by skiff through the swamp to Brother Voodoo's home in the company of Rintrah, Victor, and Voodoo's manservant, Bambu. Victor was exceedingly bitter and self-pitying and Morgana kept attempting, but failing, to comfort him; finally Victor ran off into the swamp and the others continued to Brother Voodoo's mansion. There, they were attacked by Marie Laveau and a monstrous minotaur (Dragonus); Victor returned when Rintrah was in danger and they defeated the minotaur but Rintrah was banished in the fight, leaving an unconscious Victor and Morgana at Laveau's mercy.

(Doctor Strange III#18) - Morgana was tied on her hands and knees into a mystic circle where Marie Laveau told her that she was to be sacrificed to the Elder Gods as part of a ritual to restore the Lord of Vampires to life. Morgana witnessed Laveau offering Strange and Voodoo her and the others' lives in exchange for a needed page from the Book of the Vishanti, and Strange's subsequent refusal. Laveau began the sacrifice spell, but at the last moment Voodoo's servant Bambu thrust himself between Laveau and Morgana, becoming the needed sacrifice himself and saving Morgana’s life. The vampire Varnae was resurrected, but when he moved to feed on Morgana, Victor Strange intervened to protect her (having woken during the spell). While the Strange brothers fought Varnae and Laveau, Morgana managed to free herself using Laveau's sacrificial Atlantean dagger. As the wounded Victor lay dying, Morgana offered her own neck for him to drink from; Stephen and Voodoo captured Laveau while Varnae fled.

(Doctor Strange III#20) - Morgana bonded with Victor, and allowed him to feed from her. Shortly thereafter, she joined Victor, Stephen, Morbius, Rintrah, Wong, and Imei in trying out Stephen's new indoor pool. Rintrah and Morgana's experience with Laveau had settled his lingering resentment over her unauthorized biography of Stephen, but the two brothers feuded, ending with Victor attempting to use the Darkhold to destroy himself. While Morbius stopped him, Stephen swore he'd try to find a cure and Morgana decided to ask Victor to come stay with her in her loft.

(Doctor Strange III#21) - While Victor slept in her loft during daylight hours, Morgana's mother called from Ohio, concerned about New York monsters she saw on the news.

(Doctor Strange III#26) - Morgana's answering machine reported that she and her houseguest Victor Strange were out of town for a few days.

(Doctor Strange III#29) - Victor went out as the "superhero" Baron Blood and Morgana accompanied him; he killed several thugs and almost drank the blood of their would-be victim before Morgana lured him back to her, offering her own blood instead. They returned to her loft where Vic fed on her, but Dr. Strange (who'd heard about the murders) burst in on them with Topaz. Stephen accused Victor of murder and Morgana of complicity, and when Vic moved to attack Strange, Morgana ordered Vic out. Morgana told Strange she could stop at any time, but then fainted from blood loss. After a Stephen/Victor confrontation, they all went with Strange to his mansion where they witnessed he and Rintrah try to help Topaz, only to learn that she was possessed by Mephista.

(Doctor Strange III#30) - Morgana and Vic watched as Stephen and Mephista battled, but when Vic went to help he was quickly knocked back down by Mephista. The pair, with Rintrah, watched as she kidnapped Stephen; Morgana and Rintrah helped Topaz and Dr. Strange soon returned triumphant. Almost immediately, Clea awoke, having been put to sleep by Stephen, and an emotional squabble began between the two.

(Doctor Strange III#32) - While Morgana, Victor, Topaz, and Rintrah looked on, Clea stormed out, vowing she was neither Stephen's wife nor disciple. Morgana and Victor apparently left soon thereafter.

(Doctor Strange III#36) - Morgana and Victor attended a party in Stephen's honor, beside Clea, Topaz, the Scarlet Witch, Sara Wolfe, Rintrah, Wong, and Imei. The two quickly slipped out and home to, in Morgana's words, "neck.".

(Doctor Strange III#39) - A television news reporter mentioned that Morgana's publisher (J Jonah Jameson) was threatening to sue Morgana Blessing for falsifying her best-selling Stephen Strange biography.

(Doctor Strange III Annual#2/4) - Victor awoke from his coffin at twilight, and Morgana greeted him in lacy lingerie. He refused to stay, saying he had to go out and be a super-hero, but did feed from her before he left, stopping before she wanted him to for fear of taking too much and vampirizing her. Near dawn, Victor rematerialized in Morgana's loft and told her he'd fought a man named Giuseppe Balsamo; Morgana recognized the name as the 18th century magician Cagliostro, who Stephen had fought long ago.

(Doctor Strange III#56 (fb)) - Morgana and Victor spent months together, with Victor drinking bottled blood, Morgana's blood, and the blood of violent criminals. When the original Baron Blood returned, Victor took to calling himself Khiron. Eventually Victor began seeking known criminals who were not then committing crimes, and Morgana tried to convince him this was wrong, that he'd eventually kill an innocent. Angry, Victor took his coffin and left.

(Doctor Strange III#56) - The next night, Imei and Wong broke into her house; thinking it was Victor, Morgana grabbed a stake intending to kill Victor, but Wong overpowered her. Dr. Strange psychically joined them (sharing Wong's body), and Morgana related the past few months to them. Imei remained with Morgana while Stephen/Wong went after his brother, but Morgana soon left, thinking Victor may have gone back to the warehouse he was once cryogenically stored in. Imei accompanied her, and there Morgana found the Strange brothers fighting; as she entered Victor repented that he'd nearly killed an innocent man, and staked himself. Heart broken, Morgana attempted to stab herself with a dagger but Imei wrested it away; she and Stephen comforted Morgana, telling her she had to live on for Victor's memory, and Stephen took his brother's body to be buried.

Comments: Created by Roger Stern (writer), Marshall Rogers (pencils), Terry Austin (inks).

Morgana is occasionally spelled as Morganna (mostly in the books written by Peter Gillis), but the one 'n' version is used first, last, and more commonly, and therefore treated here as "official."

Doctor Strange III#9 contains 14 pages of text from Now magazine, including excerpts and art from Morgana's Strange biography and an interview with Morgana.

Morgana is known to have published at least one fiction book before meeting Strange, but her two novels based on Strange are also referred to as her first novels. One would theorize that she achieved her initial acclaim writing short stories, which were collected as her first book, thus allowing the Strange books to be her first novels.

Morgana slept in a Princeton t-shirt in Doctor Strange III#21, but that doesn't necessarily prove that she attended that school.

As the puppy she tried to give Dr. Strange was never seen again, presumably it went back from whence it came. Magellan II, however, is her white Persian cat and remains with her in her loft (he's seen at her side in the main image above).

Dr. Strange III#21 kind of gives the impressions that Regina and Emil live in Ohio and are natives, while the earlier issues have them definitely having a New York vibe. Either they're long-time New Yorkers who moved to or were vacationing in Ohio, or they're Ohioans who came to New York when Morgana was injured and stayed for numerous weeks. Its up to the next writer to use them, I guess!

There's a nice story out there wherein artist Jackson Guice used the image of singer Amy Grant in depicting Morgana on the cover of Dr. Strange III#15, and Marvel got sued. You can find more details at Brian Cronin's Comics Book Legends Revealed.

Profile by SQUEAK.

Morgana Blessing has no known connections to

Emil & Regina Blessing

Emil and Regina Blessing

Emil and Regina Blessing are Morgana's parents. When Morgana was hospitalized and comatose, Emil and Regina brought the family doctor, Samuel Finch, to care for her. Finding Stephen Strange there, Emil demanded that Strange care for her, and that money was no option. When lightning apparently erupted from Morgana's body, the Blessings were ushered out of the room. When Strange's assistant, Wong, later lit an odiferous candle in the room and stood watch over it, Regina eventually demanded that he douse it, but Strange returned and defended Wong's incalcitrance; at that moment Morgana awoke. When Morgana threw herself at Strange, Regina ushered her back to bed, ordering her to cover herself, while Emil invited Strange to a game of golf (Strange declined).

Morgana appeared to attend a seminar by purported mystic Kerwin Havelock in the company of Emil, but "Emil" was in fact a disguised Stephen Strange; Emil was not actually present.

Emil continued to badger Strange to play golf, and Strange finally did, with Dr. Adele Gorton and her lawyer husband Jack making up the foursome. On the 18th hole, Strange sent the other three to the clubhouse ahead of him.

Months later, Regina called Morgana from Ohio, concerned about monsters (Mindless Ones) she'd seen on the news as reported as rampaging in New York.

Note: the comparative heights shown here really are accurate - both are standing straight and level in that image. Regina is about the same height as Dr. Strange (about 6'2"), and Emil is... not.


--Doctor Strange II#52 (53, 65 (bts), 66, Doctor Strange III#21

images: (without ads)
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Doctor Strange II#53, p19 (as numbered), pan7 (Emil and Regina)

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