Real Name: Synth

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Dark Dimension) human

Occupation: Rebel

Group Membership: Clea's rebellion

AffiliationsBurhn, Clea, Doctor Stephen Strange, Myrra, Rahl, Saftur

EnemiesOrini, Umar

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Dark Dimension

First Appearance: (Seen) Doctor Strange II#69 (February, 1985); (named) Dr. Strange II#71 (June, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Synth possesses that standard abilities of the denizens of the Dark Dimension.


(Dr. Strange II#69) - One of Clea's rebels in the war against Umar in the Dark Dimension, Synth and another feigned capture by Umar, and their mind shields proved to be too strong for Umar to break. Umar ordered the captain of her guard, Orini, to throw the rebels to the Mindless Ones, but Rahl pushed Orini through the barrier as well. Clea cast an illusion of the Mindless Ones attacking Orini, causing Umar's guards to think him dead. Then Orini was brought before her.

(Dr. Strange II#71) - A group of rebels, led by Synth, paraded the streets protesting against Umar, though many shunned them. They had an altercation with Umar's guards, who immediately recognized Synth as one of those previously "sacrificed" to the Mindless Ones. Synth was shocked when an outcast joined them in the fight against the guards and summarily defeated them. They continued their protests, then passed through the home of their ally Saftur, giving the password "the Pepsi generation". Mystically returning to headquarters with the password "call now - operators are standing by" (which Synth thought was strange), Synth reported to Rahl and Clea what had happened, and decided that she should use disguises on future missions as Rahl did. They were all shocked when the outcast revealed himself, having followed Synth, and unveiled as Clea's ally, Doctor Stephen Strange.

(Dr. Strange II#72) - Synth attended a meeting with Clea, Rahl, Myrra, Burhn, and others and heard reports about the successful gathering of Umar's tributes. Myrra suggested focusing efforts on breaking down the captive Orini's mental blocks, and Synth agreed with her. Strange and Rahl agreed to try it. They soon learned the information from Orini, also discovering that Clea was Umar's daughter, news that shocked them all. Though Burhn was disgusted, Myrra suggested that Clea rule the Dark Dimension herself after Umar was dethroned, but Clea refused, calling them to action instead.

(Dr. Strange II#73 - BTS) - Clea defeated Umar and the flames of regency appeared around her head.

Comments: Created by Roger Stern and Paul Smith.

Synth's name was not revealed until Dr. Strange II#71.

Profile by Chadman.

Synth has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
Dr. Strange II#71, p18, pan1 (main)
Dr. Strange II#69, p8, pan1 (2nd)

Dr. Strange II#69 (February, 1985) - Roger Stern (writer), Paul Smith (penciler/inker), Carl Potts (editor)
Dr. Strange II#71 (June, 1985) - Roger Stern (writer), Paul Smith (penciler/inker), Carl Potts (editor)
Dr. Strange II#72 (August, 1985) - Roger Stern (writer), Paul Smith (penciler/inker), Carl Potts (editor)

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