Real Name: Stygyro

Identity/Class: Human sorcerer (a native of pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis);
Extraterrestrial, intelligent stellar body

Occupation: Would be ruler of the Universe

Group Membership: Creators

Affiliations: In-Betweener

Enemies: Ancient One, Thomas Bacon, Clea, Dr. Strange, Benjamin Franklin

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Living Star, Prince of Sorcerers

Base of Operations: Currently unknown; formerly Atlantis @ 18, 000 BC or before

First Appearance: Dr. Strange II#17 (August, 1976)




Powers/Abilities: Stygryo is a sorcerer of great power. He is apparently immune to the effects of aging, having lived at least 20 milennia, and gaining great experience in the process. He can travel through time, project illusions, manipulate others, manipulate matter, project energy bolts, and has knowledge of a large arsenal of magical spells. While serving with the Creators, he actually took on the properties of a star, enabling him to manipulate its energies, and utilize its immense mass, gravity, and heat.

History: Stygro's exact origins are unknown. He is apparently a sorcerer from ancient Atlantis, before the Great Cataclysm caused it to sink beneath the sea. This makes him at least 20, 000 years old (unless, of course, he just traveled forward to the future--I can't tell).

(Dr. Strange II#17) - In celebration of the USA's bicentennial, Dr. Strange brought Clea back in time to 1618 to observe the origins of the USA. They met with Sir Francis Bacon, who was a part of a league of mystics and scholars at the time. After receiving an original copy of Bacon's "New Atlantis," Strange and Clea were beset by a group of attackers under the control of Stygyro, who referred to Strange as a thorn in his side. Stygro and his agents overpowered Strange and Clea, but fled when Bacon arrived--taking the copy of "New Atlantis" with him. Bacon, however, claimed that he had intended the original, full copy to be stolen, so that it could exist in mystery, to fan interest in its philosophies.
Bacon was in charge of choosing the Britons who settled in the New World...which became America.



(Dr. Strange II#18) - Doc and Clea traveled forward to March, 1775, where they met with Ben Franklin, who was also a part of a group of similar mystics/scholars. They accompanied Ben on his journey to America. Their ship was assaulted by an immense sea serpent under Stygyro's control, and then Stygyro created a hole in the ocean down to its floor. Strange traveled to the bottom of the ocean and confronted Stygyro, in what appeared to be the ruins of ancient Atlantis (not the modern cities of the Homo mermani). Stygyro took possession of the sea serpent and attacked Strange, who fought him off, allowing the ship to complete its journey to America.
(Doc19)-Stygyro impersonated Ben Franklin who claimed to be having an affair with Clea. Strange recognized the deception and forced Stygyro to reveal himself. Stygyro used his power to cause massive upheavals to destroy an American village, and then abducted Clea. Strange reversed the course of time to save the village, and recovered Clea.




(Dr. Strange II#27(fb)-BTS) - Under unknown circumstances Stygyro became allied with a group of sorcerers from various time periods, known as the Creators. The Creators, backed by the power of the In-Betweener, temporarily took over the Universe by transforming themselves into stars, and forcing the real stars into human form.

(Dr. Strange II#27) - Dr. Strange sought the Cosmic Wheel of Change of the Creators in an effort to correct the changes caused by the Creators. The Wheel was guarded by Stygyro, who now possessed the full power of a star, and sought vengeance on Strange for his previous defeats. Stygyro easily overpowered Strange and prepared to slay him, but Strange managed to alter the course of time around Stygyro's stellar body, causing it to progress to its end stage, where it exploded in supernova fashion, before collapsing into a black hole. Strange magically shielded himself from these events. Strange then moved Stygyro's inert form onto the Wheel of Change, and the black hole's gravity caused it to merge with the Wheel, trapping him.


Comments: Created by Steve Englehart and Gene Colan, a little more from Marv Wolfman, and turned into a stellar body by Roger Stern...ah, changing writer's syndrome...

He started out as part of Englehart's bicentennial adventure (took place in 1976 real time--obviously a topical reference) involving Dr. Strange's adventures in the history of America. Then Englehart left, and he ended up involved with the Creators' plot. Maybe this is what was intended all along. Who knows?
And I never really got the "New Atlantis" thing from Sir Francis Bacon...

I can't remember the whole deal, but in the Marvel Universe, stars as intelligent beings and the source of much, if not all, of the magical energy in the universe. Stygyro was one of the Creators who were sorcerers that sought to take the form of stars, forcing the real stars (and other celestial beings, like the Ancient One) into human form or something...I'll do a Creators profile in the not so distant future (The highlight of the story is the Boar's head Dr.'ll just have to wait for an explanation on that, because I can't remember). Anyhoo, in addition to the Creators, other intelligent stars we've seen include Apalla (she's on the list, too) and Cloud, of the Defenders.

I place the Great Cataclysm (the sinking of Atlantis, Lemuria, etc.) @ 18, 000 BC.
For a truly excellent pre-modern era Chronology of the Marvel Universe, check out
Robert Wicks' Unofficial Chronology of the Marvel Universe.

What, if any, connection Stygyro had to the pre-cataclysmic sorcerers who formed the first Darkholders and created vampires, etc. is unknown.

Stygyro's not dead, and his magical powers should allow him to easily escape his current fate if anyone took the interest in doing so.

Stygyro is pictured in the Creators entry in Mystic Arcana: The Book of Marvel Magic.

No connection to:

Dr. Strange II#17 (August, 1976) - Steve Englehart (writer), Gene Colan (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks), Marv Wolfman (editor)
Dr. Strange II#18 (September, 1976) - Steve Englehart (writer), Gene Colan (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor)
Dr. Strange II#27 (February, 1978) - Roger Stern (writer), Tom Sutton (pencils), Ernie Chan (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor)

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