Real Name: Mindy Williams

Identity/Class: Human (source of powers unknown)

Occupation: None; Formerly unknown

Group Membership: the Chorus/Psychics

Affiliations: Beast (McCoy), Doctor Strange, Gargoyle (Christians), Hellcat, Hulk, Philip le Guin, Nighthawk, Overmind, Ursula Richards, Scarlet Witch, Silver Surfer, Squadron Supreme (Amphibian, Arcanna, Cap'n Hawk, Doctor Spectrum, Golden Archer, Hyperion, Lady Lark, Nuke, Power Princess, Tom Thumb, the Whizzer), Son of Satan, Sub-Mariner, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde), Vision

Enemies: August Masters, Professor Power, Ronaldson, (formerly) Nighthawk, Spider-Man (Parker)

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: None;
                                     (formerly) Mt. Charteris, Burton Canyon, Colorado;
                                     (formerly) Carriwhite Acres mental hospital;
                                     (formerly) Grayburn University

First Appearance: Defenders I#32 (February, 1976)

Powers/Abilities: Mindy Williams was a powerful telepath.  The source of her powers is unknown.

History: (Defenders I#32/Marvel Team-Up I#101 (fb)) - Mindy was a child from an unwealthy family.  In her freshman year at Grayburn University, she met wealthy socialite Kyle Richmond and fell in love with him and his money.  They dated for a time until one night, Kyle drank and drove and got in a car accident.

(Marvel Team-Up I#101 (fb)) - Mindy's spine was shattered in the crash, and she was sent to the hospital.  Kyle's father approached her and, in order to avoid a scandal in his son's life and in order to get Mindy away from Kyle, offered Mindy a large sum of money to let Kyle believe she was dead.  She moved to Europe, confined to a wheelchair, and developed a deep hatred for Kyle for ruining her life.

(Marvel Team-Up I#101 (fb)) - Over the next twelve years, Mindy invested the money she'd inherited and eventually became very wealthy.  She kept tabs on Kyle over the years, and watched him become the super-villain turned super-hero Nighthawk.  She hired former A.I.M. operatives who specialized in electronics, and purchased robotic technologies from Latveria.  She had robots of herself and many hippies created.  She also invested in the now closed down Grayburn University in order to have it restored, and restored the car that Kyle had 'killed' her in.

(Marvel Team-Up I#101 (fb)) - Over a series of months, Mindy began sending Kyle pictures and notes in the mail of their days together.  She sent one note that said, "You killed Mindy, now it's your turn to die."  She was finally prepared to get her revenge on Kyle.  At time went by, Mindy got more and more irrational and insane. 

(Marvel Team-Up I#101) - Mindy had the robot of herself attack Kyle at a press conference he'd been holding.  When Spider-Man attacked, the robot was stopped, though it delivered a message to Kyle to come to Grayburn University.  Mindy spent time planning, and talking to a painting of herself.  At G.U., the hippie robots were set up to resemble students protesting, and they attacked Nighthawk and Spider-man when they arrived, who were defeated with gas.  Mindy had Kyle chained and placed in the restored car, and finally revealed herself to him when he woke up.  After explaining her origins to Kyle, she pushed a button on her wheelchair that sent the car and Kyle plummeting down the road she'd been killed on. Spider-Man escaped, stopped the hippie robots, and helped Kyle get out of the car before it crashed.  In a fury, Mindy's telepathic powers manifested themselves.  She stood up out of her chair and sent a psychic shock through Spider-Man.  Her anger quickly turned to realization of what she'd done, and she surrendered to Kyle, asking him for help.  He had her admitted into a sanitarium in New England.

(Defenders I#102 (fb)) - Carriwhite Acres was actually a front for the Secret Empire run by August Masters, who was posing as a psychiatrist there.  Mindy was taken in with several other psychics, and the Empire planned to use them to start a psychic war with the Soviet Union that would lead to a world war.  Mindy spent her time painting pictures of she and Kyle happy together, and had several emotional responses, ranging from love to fury, toward Kyle.  Masters concocted a plot to get Kyle to help keep Mindy in reign so that she would be of more use to their plot.  Masters realized that Mindy was the most powerful psychic there, and so began experiments that fed the other psychics energies into her and then began testing what those energies could do.  During one such test, Mindy had a 'schizo fit' and released a powerful amount of energies directed at Kyle.

(Defenders I#93 (BTS) (fb)) - Kyle, while with the Defenders, was struck down violently by the psychic backlash and rendered paralyzed.

(Defenders I#102) - Kyle, in his wheelchair, came to Carriwhite to visit Mindy (he was paying her bills to stay there for treatment).  Mindy was pleased to see him, until she realized he was in a wheelchair.  She was then somber, concerned, amused, and angry, requiring restraints, all in short order.  Kyle left, but returned later as Nighthawk (his paralysis was only in daylight due to his powers).  Masters showed Kyle the machine Mindy and other psychics were strapped into, and then ordered Mindy to psychically attack Kyle, which she did with a group of astral rats.  When Clea, from afar, soothed Mindy's mind, she changed her attack towards Masters and his men, killing some of them in the process.  Kyle walked away with Mindy beside him.

(Captain America I#268 (fb)) - Driven effectively mad by her lash-out, Mindy was taken captive by the Secret Empire again and moved to Mt. Charteris in Burton Canyon, Colorado.  They planned to use her and other telepaths to launch a psychic war on the Soviet Union.  Scientists discovered that the only thing that would calm Mindy were thoughts of her happy times with Kyle.  Mindy was kept in restraints with Ronaldson guarding her.

(Captain America I#268) - While Mindy lay lashing out madly, August Masters brought Kyle in and Mindy immediately calmed down.  Later, Captain America, Gargoyle, Hellcat, and Valkyrie tried to lead Mindy, Kyle, and the other Psychics members to escape, but Masters was able to stop them by threatening to self-destruct the base.  Kyle, feeling helpless, wished he could contact Doctor Strange, so Mindy did it for him, telepathically.

(Defenders I#106) - Doctor Strange, Daredevil, the Beast, and Son of Satan responded to the distress call and stormed Mt. Charteris.  While they engaged in battle with Masters forces, Mindy and five other psychics merged their minds and took control of Kyle's body.  They had Kyle set the self-destruct sequence for Mt. Charteris, willing to sacrifice themselves to stop the war.  They allowed all the heroes to escape, but held Masters there while the building exploded, killing everyone inside. 

(Defenders I#115 (fb)) - The six psychics were surprised to find themselves fused into a single consciousness.  Mindy's mind was filled with such pain over Kyle's possible loss that the Chorus being reached out to shunt Kyle across the dimensions in order to save him.  In their haste, though, they accidentally shifted August Masters instead.  The being pursued Masters to Earth-S, home of the Squadron Supreme, where they found an alternate Kyle as President of the United States.  Null the Living Darkness and the Overmind cast that Kyle aside and created a biological construct of their own to act as a pawn.  The Chorus being then overwrote the Earth-S Kyle with the memories of their Earth's Kyle, and sent him out to help Hyperion save the world.

(Defenders I#109 (BTS)) - The Chorus being brought Doctor Strange, Hulk, Sub-Mariner, and Son of Satan through the dimensions to aid Kyle and Hyperion in saving Earth-S.

(Defenders I#112) - The combined consciousness of the Chorus appeared over Earth-S in a nebulous form taking on the shape of Mindy's face.

(Defenders I#113) - The Chorus being, in Mindy's form, teleported the Earth heroes (who'd been joined by several other heroes) to the moon so they could battle Null the Living Darkness and Overmind.  August Masters, who'd made it to the moon, assassinated the Richmond construct.

(Defenders I#114) - The Chorus being helped defeat Null, and then took over the body of Overmind.

(Defenders I#115) - The Chorus being, in the Overmind, explained to the Earth-S Kyle what they had done.  The being was distraught when that Kyle chose to remain behind on Earth-S while the being went with the Defenders back to Earth-616.

(Defenders I#117) - The Chorus being took the form of Mindy in order to bid a final goodbye to Kyle at his wake service.  The being went on a journey to find closure to each of the Chorus' lives.  With that past closure, the being chose to stay on with the Defenders.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber, Sal Buscema, and Jim Mooney.

Mindy's mind is an official part of the Chorus being in Overmind's form, and can be seen in greater detail in the profiles for the Chorus and the Overmind.  In addition, the Chorus being was later swallowed up by Overmind's larger consciousness, so Mindy could be considered BTS for Overmind's later appearances.

Profile by Chadman


Mindy Williams has no known connections to anyone not mentioned in this profile.

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