Real Name: Philip LeGuin

Identity/Class: Human (source of powers unknown)

Occupation: former student

Group Membership: Chorus, the Defenders (as part of the Chorus being in Overmind)

Affiliations: Beast (McCoy), Captain America (Rogers), Daredevil, Defenders, Doctor Strange, Gargoyle (Christians), Hellcat, Mickey, Paul, Jim, and Will, Nighthawk, Overmind, Scarlet Witch, Silver Surfer, Son of Satan, Squadron Supreme (Amphibian, Arcanna, Cap'n Hawk, Doctor Spectrum, Golden Archer, Hyperion, Lady Lark, Nighthawk [Richmond of Earth-712], Nuke, Power Princess, Tom Thumb, Whizzer), Sub-Mariner, Vision, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)

Enemies: Morgan MacNeil Hardy, August Masters, Professor Power

Known Relatives: Jerry (father), unidentified mother

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: None currently;
                                     (formerly) Lakewood, New Jersey

First Appearance: Captain America I#264 (December, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Philip was a powerful telepath.  The source of his powers is unknown.

History: (Defenders I#117 (fb)) - Philip LeGuin grew up in Lakewood, New Jersey with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry LeGuin.  He often played basketball with his friends, Mickey, Paul, Jim, and Will. It is unknown at what point, or how, Philip developed his psychic powers.

(Captain America I#264 (fb)) - Philip was contacted by Morgan McNeil Hardy who was working with the Secret Empire.  Hardy offered him (or Philip's parents) a large sum of money to participate in an experiment that would utilize his powers.  Philip joined with Ursula Richards and two other telepaths and they were strapped in a machine that used their powers to reshape reality to Hardy's vision of what America should be. 

(Captain America I#264) - The reality kept shifting from one telepath's ideals to another, though.  Philip's personal vision was one in which children never became adults and played forever.  Ursula managed to contact Captain America through the others' visions, leading him towards Hardy.  Hardy strapped himself into the machine and burned it out, leaving him and the two unidentified telepaths seemingly dead.  Philip and Ursula, having survived, thanked Captain America and left.

(Captain America I#268 (fb)) - Philip was placed in SHIELD custody for a time, where he realized that her experience with Hardy had caused his powers to grow stronger.  Philip returned to his normal life, but was recaptured by the Secret Empire and taken to Mt. Charteris in Burton Canyon, Colorado.  He and the other psychics would be used to start a psychic war with the Soviet Union.

(Captain America I#268) - Philip and Ursula were able to send out a psychic distress call to Captain America, and to reawaken the captive heroes Gargoyle, Hellcat, and Valkyrie.  The four heroes freed the psychics and they almost escaped, but August Masters threatened to self-destruct the base and everyone was recaptured.

(Defenders I#106) - While Doctor Strange, Daredevil, Beast, and Son of Satan responded to a distress call put out by another psychic, Mindy Williams, Philip, Ursula, Mindy, and three other psychics combined their minds into one.  The single mind possessed Kyle Richmond's (Nighthawk) form and set the self-destruct sequence off for Mt. Charteris, willing to sacrifice themselves to stop the war.  After the heroes escaped, the psychics, Richmond, Masters, and other Secret Empire operatives exploded with the building.

(Defenders I#115 (fb)) - The six psychics were surprised to find themselves fused into a single consciousness: Chorus.

(Defenders I#114) - Chorus helped took over the uninhabited body of the Overmind.

(Defenders I#117) - Chorus went on a journey to find closure to each of the Chorus' lives.  In Philip's form, the being returned to Lakewood and saw Mickey, Paul, Jim, and Will playing basketball.  The being rushed to join them, and was shocked when they ran away in fear.  Jim told Philip that he wasn't the same, and implored him to leave.  The being then surprised Philip's parents, causing Mrs. LeGuin to faint.  Jerry LeGuin was enraged and demanded that the being leave his home.  Philip was shocked at these reactions, but decided that it was best he move on.  This adventure put Philip's soul to rest, and he surrendered himself to the greater consciousness he'd become a part of.

Comments: Created by J. M. DeMatteis, Mike Zeck, and Quickdraw Studios.

Philip's mind is an official part of the Chorus being in Overmind's form, and can be seen in greater detail in the profiles for the Chorus and the Overmind.  In addition, the Chorus being was later swallowed up by Overmind's larger consciousness, so Philip could be considered BTS for Overmind's later appearances.

Profile by Chadman


Philip LeGuin has no known connections to any character not mentioned in this profile.

Mickey, Paul, Jim, and Will

(Defenders I#117 (fb)) - Mickey, Paul, Jim, and Will were childhood friends of Philip LeGuin in Lakewood, New Jersey, and would frequently play basketball with him.  Philip went missing and was eventually reported dead.

(Defenders I#117) - When Philip came rushing in, interrupting a basketball game, Mickey, Paul, and Will fled in fear.  Jim, Philip's former best friend, implored Philip to leave as he was just not the same.

--Defenders I#117 ( 117 (fb), 117

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry LeGuin

(Defenders I#117 (fb)) - Mr. and Mrs. Jerry LeGuin lived in Lakewood, New Jersey with their son, Philip.  Philip went missing and was eventually reported dead.

(Defenders I#117) - The LeGuins sat in Philip's room mourning him when Philip appeared and climbed through the window.  Mrs. LeGuin fainted, and Jerry LeGuin grew angry at the apparition of his son and demanded he leave before the police were called.  Dr. Strange purged the LeGuin's of this memory.

--Defenders I#117 ( 117 (fb), 117


Defenders I#117, p5, pan7 (main image)
Defenders I#117, p5, pan3
Defenders I# 117, p5, pan8 (Mickey, Paul, Jim and Will)
Defenders I#117, p7, pan6 (Mr. and Mrs. Jerry LeGuin)

Captain America I#264 (December, 1981) - J.M. DeMatteis (writer), Mike Zeck (pencils), Quickdraw Studios (inks), Jim Salicrup (editor)
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