Classification: Extradimensional (Dark Dimension) creature

Location/Base of Operations: Dark Dimension

Known Members: None

Affiliations: Clea, Nobel

First Appearance: Dr. Strange III#73 (January, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: The Relligs are large winged creatures who dwell in the dry wastelands of the Dark Dimension.

Traits: Large wings that make them capable flight.


(Dr. Strange III#73) - An avian creature of the Dark Dimension that dwell in the battle scarred Sarebbe Wastelands, one Rellig was killed by Nobel with a bendarrow in order to feed he, Clea, and their allies. They each ate approximately a mouthful of the beast.

Comments: Created by David Quinn, Peter Gross, and Lee Sullivan.

Profile by Chadman.

The Relligs have no known connections to

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Dr. Strange III#73, p12, pan3

Dr. Strange III#73 (January, 1995) - David Quinn (writer), Peter Gross (penciler/inker), Lee Sullivan (inker), Evan Skolnick (editor)

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