Real Name: Sofia Strange

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Sorceress

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Detroit Mike, Ize, Rikki Eco, the Whisperer

Enemies: Diana, Diana's mother, General Butler

Known Relatives: Clea (mother (see comments)), Stephen Strange (Dr. Strange, father (see comments)), Vesper (aunt)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile;
    currently New Orleans, Louisiana

First Appearance: Epic Anthology#1/3 (April, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Sofia Strange possessed many mystical powers and the ability to cast spells. She could levitate, transmutate items into other items, see the spirits of deceased people and cast amnesia-spells.

History: (Epic Anthology#1/3 (fb) - BTS) - Due to her nature, Sofia was kept on the run by her Aunt Vesper, who feared that someone who could sense Sofia's use of magic would come for her. The two eventually made their way to New Orleans.

(Epic Anthology#1/3) - When a ghost known as the Whisperer told a man about his wife's affair, the man took the woman hostage in a police standoff. Sofia materialized and turned the man's gun into a purse before purging everyone's memories of her involvement. She then told the Whisperer to stop telling all of his secrets.

    Sofia was chided by Vesper for using her powers, but Sofia countered by arguing that the city was so full of magic that she had to use hers to help. Vesper told Sofia to find a job to help support them. The next day, Sofia applied at a clothing store, but was distracted when she noticed a young man (Detroit Mike) shoplifting. She tracked the young man down, and after a conversation, he told her about his missing sister, Rikki (who, unbeknownst to them, had been abducted by the supernatural Diana). Sofia agreed to help Mike find his sister, but their leads ran dry. Deciding she needed to use a spell to help find Rikki, Sofia took Mike back to Vesper's home.

Comments: Created by Jason Henderson and Greg Scott.

    As part of the revived Epic imprint, which turned out to be incredibly short-lived, Epic Anthology was going to be a rotating series of stories utilizing new and old characters by new creators. Obviously, this was just the first chapter of a multi-part series starring Sofia (called Strange Magic), and it left off with no closure at all.

    Given her name, I have a feeling it was no coincidence she's a magic-user with the last name Strange. Possibly, she was meant to be some sort of relative to Dr. Strange, but alas, this may never be revealed.
UPDATE: Thanks to an interview with Henderson, found here, it is revealed that Sofia was indeed intended to be the daughter of Strange and Clea. In the original plans, Dr. Strange never knew Sofia existed, and Clea sent her and her nanny Vesper to Earth to protect Sofia from Dormammu. A scene written but cut from the published issue had Dr. Strange sense Sofia's presence on Earth when she used her magic. As this is all unpublished, though, it remains unverified as canon.

    Aunt Vesper invoked the name Cyttorrak at one point. Their connection to him is unknown.

    Detroit Mike's last name may be Eco, but given his own name, I have a feeling Eco is just part of Rikki's street name as well, and not her real one. Also, I'm including Rikki and Ize under affiliations even though they never met Sofia, simply because she was trying to help find them (and that there was no other place to link to their sub-profiles).

Profile by Madison Carter


Sofia Strange has no known connections to

The Whisperer has no known connection to:


(Mike Eco(?))

The self-named Detroit Mike arrived in New Orleans in search of his sister Rikki, who had gone missing. He first encountered Sofia Strange when he tried to steal from a store she was having a job interview at. The two became friendly, and he asked her help in finding Rikki.




--Epic Anthology#1/3


Diana was a supernatural child, possibly a vampire (though actual proof of this was never depicted). She and her mother planned to revive the ten most evil beings to ever set foot in New Orleans, beginning with General Butler. To do so, they abducted Rikki Eco and Ize, but after killing Ize, they had to settle with placing Butler in the body of the female Rikki.

--Epic Anthology#1/3


Diana's mother was also of supernatural origins, and was the one who lured Rikki and Ize back to Diana.

--Epic Anthology#1/3


A general during (apparently) the Civil War, Butler was notorious for having swept through New Orleans in a wave of terror, leading military gangs. Diana and her mother resurrected Butler, placing him in the body of Rikki Eco after they damaged Ize's body to the point it couldn't be used.

--Epic Anthology#1/3 ( 1/3 (fb)-BTS, 1/3


Rikki and her boyfriend Ize were lured away from their party by Diana's mother. Ize was killed, and Rikki's body was possessed by General Butler. Detroit Mike, the brother of Rikki, enlisted Sofia's aid in finding his sister.

--Epic Anthology#1/3


Vesper was Sofia's aunt, and had moved her from town to town to avoid those who would be dangerous to her mystical niece. She disapproved of Sofia's flagrant use of her powers.

--Epic Anthology#1/3


The Whisperer was the ghost of a young boy who liked to tell people secrets. He told a young man about the affair his wife had, causing a hostage situation. Sofia Strange arrived and told the Whisperer to stop saying so much.

--Epic Anthology#1/3

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Epic Anthology#1 (April, 2004) - Jason Henderson (writer), Greg Scott (artist), Teresa Focarile & Stephanie Moore (editors)


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