Detective GUNYON

Real Name: Gunyon

Identity/Class: human; later a magic-user

Occupation: former police officer;
    later agent of Satana

Affiliations: Satana (mistress)
    former member of the New York Police department and partner of
Detective Annie Hecht

Enemies: Hellstorm

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: the Body Orchard, Alphabet City, Manhattan, New York
    formerly mobile through New York City

First Appearance: Hellstorm#12 (March, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Gunyon is armed with bullets impregnated with certain of Satana's bodily fluids. Any man struck by one of these bullets will have his soul energy absorbed by Satana, similar to if she had stolen his soul directly.
    Gunyon is trained in armed and unarmed combat, reasonably skilled with a handgun, and experienced in criminal investigation.

(Hellstorm#12) - Detectives Gunyon and Hecht were investigating the grisly slaughter of Avram Siegel by "the Armorer." When Hellstorm, a friend of Siegel's, arrived on the scene, he questioned Gunyon, who originally answered him sarcastically. Hellstorm used his powers to force Gunyon the reveal everything he knew. Despite his efforts, and the guidance of his partner, Gunyon found that he could not stop spouting information about the case and he suffered a permanent burning pain in his head from the touch of Hellstorm's mind.

(Hellstorm#13 (fb) - BTS) - Gunyon became obsessed with learning the name of the man who had raped his mind. He tortured one man, shooting off his kneecaps to learn Hellstorm's name.

(Hellstorm#13) - As Hecht stood by disapprovingly, Gunyon shot a satanist through the hand in order to force him to give him more info on Hellstorm.

(Hellstorm#20 (fb) - BTS) - Continuing his obsession, Gunyon lost his mind and his job. He began taking drugs like crack to try to ease his pain, and he began seeing prostitutes (or just crackwhores) as a means of distraction. He realized the depths to which he had sunk when he was kissing a girl and one of her teeth fell out into his mouth.

(Hellstorm#20) - Gunyon learned of the existence of Satana and confronted her in the Body Orchard. At gunpoint he tried to force Satana to give him information on the location of Hellstorm. She refused and instead she kissed him on the cheek, burning her symbol onto his face. She told him that she would give Gunyon a new job and a life, and after their contract was consummated she would give him Hellstorm.
    With Gunyon marked as her servant, every act he committed would be in her name. She gave him bullets impregnated with certain of her bodily fluids, inscribed with her mark, and sent him out to commit mass murder, accruing soul power for her with each life he took.

(Hellstorm#21) - Gunyon and Satana became lovers, sort of. He loved her, while she tongued out his soul, a sliver at a time.



Comments: Created by Warren Ellis and Leonardo Manco.

The plot of Satana accruing power to challenge her brother's rule of Hell has not been followed up on since the series was cancelled nearly a decade ago. I wish some of the big guys at Marvel would commission Ellis and Manco to write a MAX Satana series. This could also include the plot of Hellstorm's child by Lavoisin, who was to be Hellstorm's father, reborn through magical means...
    Still waiting...

No known connection to:

Det. Annie Hecht


She was Gunyon's partner and attempted in vain to silence him when he began spotting police information to Hellstorm. She stood by his side initially when he sought vengeance on Hellstorm, but most likely abandoned him after he went too far.


--Hellstorm#12 (13


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