Real Name: Gary Dawson

Identity/Class: Human, ruffian

Occupation: Biker

Group Membership: Leader of the Ruthless Riders

Affiliations: Ruthless Riders

Enemies: Ghost Rider/John Blaze, Roxanne Simpson, Satan, Son of Satan (now Hellstorm), Witch Woman

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Attila the Hun circa 1973

Base of Operations: The deserts of Arizona

First Appearance: Ghost Rider II#2 (October, 1973)

Powers: Big Daddy could ride a motorcycle and beat people up. He rode a big chooper, and carried a chain, with which he got good use when beatin' time came. He also carried a gun.

History: (Ghost Rider II#2)-Satan, in the form of the Witch Woman, prepared to drag the Ghost Rider down to Hell, when motorcycle headlights showed up in the distance. Figuring he was saved (cops, saving you from Satan?), Blaze was very surprised to find out that it was a cycle gang. And Roxanne said, "NOOOO!!". Suddenly the devil wasn't scary anymore, because now he had to face a cycle gang. And not just any cycle gang, but Big Daddy Dawson's Ruthless Riders!
And, of course, the Ghost Rider couldn't use his fire powers or the Rider's would know that he wasn't just wearing a costume. So Big Daddy picked the Ghost Rider up and threw him down. Then he pulled out his chain! Just when things looked bleakest, Ghost Rider was saved by Satan/Witch Woman teleporting him to Hell. Whew! Unfortunately, that left Roxanne alone with a Big Daddy and the Riders. "Dig the goodies he left behind!", said Big Daddy. "NOOOOO!" said Roxanne, and she took off. Big Daddy caught up with her and told her that now she had a real man to take care of her.

(Marvel Spotlight I#12)-Big Daddy worked his magic, attempting to woo Roxanne, until the Son of Satan showed up. Big Daddy was not intimidated by the man who could shoot fire from his fingertips, though, because Big Daddy had a secret weapon: a gun. The Son of Satan was too quick for him, though, and he hurled his trident, knocking the gun out of his hand, and then melted it with a fire blast. Big Daddy realized that, "whoever this dude is--He's for real!", and he and the Ruthless Riders took off.

(Ghost Rider II#3)-After the Son of Satan left, Dawson came back for more. He chased down Roxanne and took her back to his place, and then tied her up and...read the newspaper!! Dawson saw an add for Blaze's cycle show and figured to use Roxanne for ransom. He brought her to the hospital where Blaze was staying, but surprisingly enough, Blaze turned into the Ghost Rider. Dawson unloaded his gun into ol' GR, and after it had no effect, he ran off and got his chopper. He ran the Ghost Rider down, hit him head on, and then took off. Ghost Rider formed a hellfire cycle, chased him down, and blew his tire with a burst of flame. Big Daddy took a turn for the worse...into the side of a semi-truck, and was apparently killed in the explosion.

Comments: Created by Gary Friedrich and Jim Mooney.

A lot of people remember the struggles against Satan/Mephisto, and some can remember the Witch Woman, but what about Big Daddy Dawson, one of Ghost Rider/Blaze's first foes in his very own series? You think a motorcycle explosion can kill Big Daddy Dawson? No way, man! He's just biding his time, waiting for the perfect chance to get his revenge on Blaze. They don't come any tougher than Big Daddy!

His first name was revealed in Ghost Rider (Blaze)'s entry in OHOTMU A-Z Hardcover#4.

Clarifications: Satan-this one gets a bit iffy, because it featured both the Son of Satan and Ghost Rider. I'd say based on the ultimate plot goal, that this one would be Marduk Kurios. But then it was Mephisto who was the Witch Woman's master...hmmm...can't say.

Ghost Rider II#2 (October, 1973) - Gary Friedrich (writer), Jim Mooney (pencils), Syd Shores (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)
Marvel Spotlight I#12 (October, 1973) - Gary Friedrich (writer), Herb Trimpe (pencils), Frank Chiaramonte (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)
Ghost Rider II#3 (December, 1973) - Gary Friedrich (writer), Jim Mooney (pencils), John Tartaglione (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)

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