Real Name: Unrevealed, possible inapplicable

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Hell) demon, Class Two

Occupation: Servant of the Lord of Hell

Affiliations: Hellstorm (master);
    formerly Marduk Kurios/Satan (master);
    serves as ambassador to other Lords and Realms of Hell;
    also acted as a servant to
Jaine Cutter while she was in a relationship with Hellstorm

Enemies: opponents of the Lord of Hell

Known Relatives: all other Bailiffs, and their mother

Aliases: Bailiff

Base of Operations: A branch of Hell

First Appearance: Hellstorm#18 (September, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Unidentified. The Bailiff of Inanna possessed power sufficient to overpower several dozen people simultaneously, or even a powerful occult warrior such as Jaine Cutter. However, it is uncertain how much his power may have been amplified by Inanna. Nonetheless, a Bailiff possesses sufficient power to travel between the Splinter Realms of Hell, and to communicate and arbitrate between the Lords of those realms. In addition, they appear to be composed of spidery creatures and are immune to conventional forms of injury, and presumably the effects of disease and aging.

History: The Bailiffs are apparently a race of demon-beings, spawned from an unidentified mother, and used as servants and ambassadors by various Lords of the Splinter Realms of Hell.

(Hellstorm#16 (fb) - BTS) - The Bailiff, having previously served Satan (in this case, Marduk Kurios), he came to serve Hellstorm when he overthrew his father.

(Hellstorm#18) - When Hellstorm brought his consort, Jaine Cutter, to Hell, the Bailiff greeted them. Jaine mistook him for the Bailiff of Inanna who had attacked her, but Daimon explained that this was a Bailiff, but not the same Bailiff:

Hellstorm told the Bailiff that it was time that the Bailiff informed "The Great Unwashed of Hell" that the throne is once more occupied. The Bailiff told them to consider it done, and remarked that he expected antagonism from the nobility.

(Thunderbolts Annual 2000) - When the Thunderbolts came to Hellstorm to ask his assistance in freeing Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird) from Hell, they encountered Hellstorm's Bailiff of Madness.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis and Leonardo Manco.

He is one of the Brethren of, but should be distinguished from:


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