Real Name: Lisa Beckman

Identity/Class: Human spirit

Occupation: former student; former vengeful spirit

Affiliations: Hellstorm, father Ortega

Enemies: Charles Beckman

Known Relatives: Charles and Sarah Beckman (parents), Joe Beckman (uncle)

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: currently unknown; formerly Massachusetts

First Appearance: Hellstorm#6 (September, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: As a spirit, Sarah could manifest herself in her former house, projecting her voice, appearing visible or invisible, tangible or intangible. She preferred to take the form of her favorite doll, which she could animate as she saw fit. She was presumably immune to conventional injury.


History: (Hellstorm#6 (fb)) - As an infant, Lisa Beckman had been baptized by father Ortega. She grew to be a young girl, living in Massachusetts. She was bright, beautiful and innocent, and everyone loved her. So when the image of her tiny casket was plastered all over the TV, followed by her Sears family portrait photo, the city was outraged, as you can well imagine. Phone calls flooded every police station and municipal office; angry citizens demanding to know when the monster that killed her would be caught. Many callers offered creative suggestions on how to punish Lisa's murderer. The mammoth outpouring of anger and concern was touching. It was a difficult, but oddly enough, uplifting, seventeen days.

Then the World Series began, and almost everyone forgot about little Lisa. When her uncle Joe tearfully confessed to her murder, nary an eyebrow was raised, nor an angry call made. Joe Beckman's trial was perfunctory and quick. The judge sentenced him to life. The trial was covered by the local new, who sandwiched the verdict announcement between sports and a review of the new Stallone flick. It got two stars. The movie, that is.

Charles and Sarah Beckman went about trying to rebuild their lives. They went on an extended trip to assuage their grief.


(Hellstorm#6 (fb)) - When Charles and Sarah Beckman returned home, the house felt different...strange. Things started to...happen. Sounds at night. Objects moving. They heard a plaintive wailing...a child's voice. Eventually, nearly six months after Lisa's death, they were attacked in bed by--an apparition. The Beckmans were being haunted by the ghost of their dead daughter.

(Hellstorm#6) - Father Ortega was commissioned by the Beckmans to hire Hellstorm to exorcise their home. Hellstorm refused, disgusted that a man of god, who would normally denounce and oppose him, would seek him out to clean up his mess. However, Hellstorm eventually became curious and agreed to investigate. In the Beckmans house he encountered Lisa's ghost, from which he learned the truth. Hellstorm brought Charles Beckman into the house and accused him of abusing and murdering his own daughter. Charles told him he couldn't prove a thing, but Daimon told him he didn't have to as he mystically trapped Charles within the house. Charles then begged him not to hurt him, to which Daimon replied, "Hurt you? Me? I wouldn't dream of it...I'm not going to touch you. In fact, I'm leaving...make peace with your daughter."

Charles face could be seen screaming and clawing at the windows as Daimon walked out.


Comments: Created by Rafael Nieves and Leonardo Manco.

Sarah Beckman's spirit may have passed on to a higher plane after accomplishing its mission.

I don't usually do profiles in story-telling fashion, but this would be a piss-poor representation of the quality of the story done any other way. Even this doesn't do it justice. Go read Hellstorm. Certainly the Warren Ellis issues are unbelievably good, but I thought Rieves' stuff was pretty excellent as well.


Charles Beckman


Charles abused his daughter Lisa and eventually strangled her to death. Afterwards, he somehow convinced his brother Joe to confess to the crime and take the fall. After Lisa began to haunt his house, he recommended that they contact Hellstorm, hoping that the Son off Satan would be more sympathetic were he to learn the truth. After being subjected to Lisa's vengeful spirit, Charles was found by his wife and father Ortega, white-haired and babbling. He went to prison, where he died after two weeks.

--Hellstorm#6 (6(fb)-BTS, 6


Joe Beckman


Joe is the mentally impaired younger brother of Charles. He lived with the Beckmans. After Lisa's death, Charles somehow convinced him to confess to her abuse and murder, after which he was sentenced to death. After six months in prison, Charles was imprisoned for his actions, and Joe was released and went to live in a mental care facility.

--Hellstorm#6 (6(fb)-BTS, 6




Sarah Beckman


Sarah knew what her husband had been doing to their daughter, but she was scared and couldn't bring herself to tell anyone. After Charles' crimes were revealed, she was charged as an accessory to his crimes and sentenced to twenty years in prison.

--Hellstorm#6 (6(fb)-BTS, 6



Father Ortega

A priest at St. Sebastian's, father Ortega was an old friend of the Beckmans. He suspected the truth about Charles, but had no proof, and so he consented to involving Hellstorm, perhaps in the hopes that vengeance might be meted out.
After Hellstorm accomplished this, Ortega attempted to contact Hellstorm repeatedly, but his calls went unanswered and his letters remained unopened. He thought about trying to see him again, but was too frightened.


--Hellstorm#6 (6(fb)-BTS, 6


I don't like you, father. Your--kind--chain themselves to something you don't wear your collar smugly, as long as you're leashed to sunshine and happiness. But the instant something dark slithers into your world...
You know why you came to me? Because
you have no power! Your superiors probably told you there wasn't enough proof to bring in one of your own. Proof! Supermen clog up the sky, but a ghost? That's hard to believe!
Weddings, baptisms, funerals, bingo, and collection plates, those you can handle! But evil?! To fight evil you come to me!!
Yes! Go--Go and tell your people you couldn't hire me to clean up your mess! Put your own house in order, priest.

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