Real Name: Unrevealed (possibly Centauria; see comments)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Microverse) semi-humanoid mutate (Homeworld's Centauri);

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: Death Squad (Ampzilla, Antron duplicate, Battleaxe/DeGrayde, Battleaxe/unidentified, Galactic Destroyer), Lobros duplicate, Lobstros duplicate, Repto duplicate)

Affiliations: Argon/Force Commander (while he was controlled by Karza), Dog Soldiers, Baron Karza

Enemies: Micronauts (notably Marionette and Arcturus Rann; but also Acroyear, Bug, and Pharoid)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Armored aberration," "horse-face," "horse-woman" (from Marionette)

Base of Operations: Mobile on Homeworld

First Appearance: Micronauts I#35 (November, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Like the rest of the Centauri, Centauria had a humanoid head and upper body, extending to the lower abdomen that then then joined onto an equine body at its shoulders (replacing wear a horse's neck would start).
    As such, she had two arms and four legs, the latter of which were digitigrade (standing on hooves connected to coffin bones that would be the fingertips in a person), and was an odd (single)-toed ungulate (hooved creature). See comments.

    The equine body granted her superhuman running (galloping) speed, perhaps 30-50 miles per hour; she could likely travel extended distances with over 100 pounds (and presumably significantly more) on her equine back.

    She could rear up on her back legs to gain greater height and/or to use her front legs (and hooves) as additional striking weapons.

    She could also lean forward to enhance her hind legs' devastating kicking abilities. Her dense hooves enhanced the damage incurred his her kicks. 

centauria-mv-m47-armored-posterior    Any information on the nature and/or location/duplication of respiratory, gastrointestinal, urogenital, and/or endocrine structures within the thoracic and abdominal cavities of his human and equine portions is purely speculative.
    Regardless, Centauria's vertebral junction between her human upper body and her equine lower body was a definite weakness, as pulling on her hair by a woman of athletic but non-superhuman strength could cause her to collapse or even apparently shatter her spine. centauria-mv-m35-mari-stunned

    She had a small octagonal prism mace, perhaps 6-8" diameter and of unrevealed (but presumably metal) composition, which was apparently grafted onto her left antebrachium (forearm; see comments). This was used as a bludgeon.

    She sometimes wielded a handheld rifle that fired energy blasts. Its range, maximum penetrating power, number of charges, etc. are all undefined. Regardless, Centauria was a capable marksmen at relatively close ranges, and its blasts could easily penetrate Marionette's glider-wings and almost certainly normal flesh and bone.

    She wielded a sword composed of undefined metal.

    Her armor which she wore over the torso of both her humanoid and equine forms granted her some degree of additional resistance to injury.

Height: Unrevealed; approximately 7'2"; relative height after standard transfer to Earth; 7.16"
Weight: U
nrevealed; approximately 850 lbs.; relative weight after standard transfer to Earth; 7.8 ounces
: Apparently solid white
: Black (mostly bald, but with long ponytail)
: Light blue

Micronauts I#35 (fb) - BTS) - Foaled on Sandzone, the woman known as Centauria was programmed (and presumably modified to have a shield/square in place of her left hand; see comments) in the Body Banks.

    She became a member of Argon/Force Commander's Death Squad alongside Ampzilla, Battleaxe (DeGrayde), and Lobros.

(Micronauts I#35 (fb) - BTS) - Falling once again under the influence of Baron Karza and seeking the power of the Keys to the Enigma Force, Argon joined a group of Dog Soldiers and the Death Squad to Dead Zone, where they gathered at the tomb of Prince Wayfinder and prepared for the Micronauts' arrival.

(Micronauts I#35) - When the Micronauts refused to yield the keys to him, Argon sent his Death Squad to take it from them, at which point the powerful Whirldemons arrived, intending to keep any from accessing Wayfinder's tomb. As the Whirldemons tore into the Dog Soldiers, Argon ordered the Death Squad to attack the Micronauts that he might access the Enigma Force and destroy the demons. centauria-mv-m36-armored-profile

   Centauria engaged Marionette, who used her glider-wings to fly above her lasersonic's beam until Centauria managed to blow a hole through the left wing and cause Marionette to crash to the ground.centauria-mv-m36-armored-frontal

    While she could have easily fried the stunned Marionette with her lasersonic, Centauria considered that her brother, Force Commander, would derive more satisfaction from her death if she were to trample her beneath her hooves. 

    Recovering, Mari leapt out of the way, rebounding off a tombstone and landing atop Centauria's equine back before grabbing her pony tail and pulling her head back until she collapsed to the ground.

(Micronauts I#35 - BTS) - Ultimately, Rann and Earth-616's Dr. Strange inserted the keys the Enigma Force in Wayfinder's tomb, unleashing the Sword in the Star, which combined the two of them into a Captain Universe who restored the spacewall, saving both the Microverse and the Earth dimension.

    Nonetheless branded traitors by the Karza-corrupted Argon, the Micronauts fled to Earth.

(Micronauts I#36 (fb) - BTS) - As the Micronauts traveled to the Earth universe, Argon ordered the Death Squad to pursue and capture or kill them.

(Micronauts I#36) - Centauria confronted Marionette - who had just taken down Galactic Destroyer -- noting her mask to represent ritual sacrifice and her sword to symbolize slaughter, with both accouterments being commonplace amongst the Centauri (see comments).
    She further noted that her mace was a little addition of her own, with which she intended to use to bludgeon her brains out.

    Armed only with her glider-wings and her own physical skills, Mari managed to evade Centauria's weapons and hooves until Arcturus Rann came to her aid, diving down from the sky on his glider-wings and pulling off Centauria's mask.

    With that (and apparently aided by her glider-wings), Mari kicked Centauria in the face with both legs, apparently knocking her out.

After the Micronauts defeated the Death Squad, DeGrayde, who had donned Battleaxe's armor, warned that wherever they fled, Force Commander would find them...and he hoped Force Commander would find him, as well.

(Micronauts I#46 (fb) - BTS) - Centauria, along with Ampzilla and the Lobros duplicate, and presumably DeGrayde, returned to Microverse's Homeworld under unrevealed circumstances.

(Micronauts I#47 (fb) - BTS) - The Death Squad (Centauria, Ampzilla, Lobros, and a new Battleaxe) prepared to ambush any Micronauts who came to rescue Pharoid from the Pleasure Pits. 

(Micronauts I#46) - Centauria and the Death Squad (seen only in shadows of their head) ambushed Acroyear, Bug, and Pharoid after the former two had rescued/freed the latter.

centauria-mv-m47-vs-bug(Micronauts I#47) - Wielding her mask and sword, Centauria mocked the Micronauts for having walked into a trap, after which she joined with Lobros against Bug. After Centauria suggested Bug relinquish all hope of survival, Bug argued defiantly. However, while she used a hoof to held hold down Bug while the Lobros' tongue-tentacles snaked down his throat, Centauria advised Acroyear to yield to spare his ally. Acroyear indeed yielded, and Degrayde ordered Acroyear, Bug, and Pharoid be taken captive, as they were slated to provide entertainment at Argon's wedding games.

(Micronauts I#48) - En route to the Pleasure Pits, Acroyear broke free and assaulted his captors. After Acroyear picked up Ampzilla over his head, DeGrayde instructed Centauria to stop Acroyear before he hurt her teammate. As she rode toward Acroyear, however, he hurled Ampzilla into her, mockingly telling her that if she valued him so much, she could have him. However, with the Lobros having again threatened Bug and Pharoid, Acroyear surrendered anew.

(Micronauts I#48) - Dog Soldiers led the captives to the Pleasure Pits after melting off Acroyear's armor.centauria-mv-m50-death

(Micronauts I#49) - The Death Squad, including Centauria, were allocated sentry duty to ensure that Acroyear, Bug and Pharoid did not escape the Arena.

    However, Huntarr and Marionette, initially hidden in the viewing stands, attacked the Death Squad from behind. Centauria noted that Huntarr had turned traitor (having previously served Karza), but Marionette countered -- while kicking Centauria in the face -- that it was Argon himself who was the traitor.

(Micronauts I#49 - BTS) - With Huntarr fighting for the Micronauts, the people in the arena, rose up to join the fight against the Dog Soldiers, until the dark form of Karza ripped out of Argon's body, grabbing everyone's attention momentarily.

(Micronauts I#50) - The Death Squad challenged the Micronauts on the Arena floor, but Marionette jumped atop Centauria's back and pulled back on her ponytail, ultimately breaking her spine as her humanoid torso joined her equine lower half.

(Micronauts I#50 - BTS) - The rest of the Death Squad fell before the Micronauts, but the heroes were ultimately forced to flee Homeworld to escape Karza's power.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo, Val Mayerik, and Danny Bulanadi.

    While many of the Death Squad were created in the Body Banks, I believe Centauria's comment about being foaled in Sandzone indicates that she was one of the Centauri, but that she was mutated there (with the replacing of her left hand with the mace, at least).

    There is a Centaurus amongst the Centauri, so it's not much of stretch that this woman's real name is Centauria, but it is just a bit odd to have a real name that is so on-the-nose. It's like a woman named Humania...and then, really, how many people are going to have the same name?

    In Micronauts I#36, Centauria notes that her accouterments were commonplace among the four-legged dwellers of Homeworld's Great Syanite Desert. I am not aware of other four-legged dwellers of the Great Syanite Desert, and I'm not sure why anyone else would have the same equipment, so I ASSume she was speaking specifically about the Centauri.

    It is logical that the junction between the smaller human body and the larger equine body would be a source of weakness, especially if the vertebrae abruptly changed in size between the last human vertebrae and the first equine vertebrae.

    Estimations are based on a terrestrial thoroughbred horse, but the Centauri may or may not have been significantly stronger, faster, and/or more durable.

    Thanks to esteemed Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe colleague Mike Fichera for his engineering expertise in estimating Argon's height and weight in his various forms; based on that, I estimated Centauria's height and weight.

    In Micronauts I#50, Centauria was depicted with a normal left hand, rather than the mace she had for a hand in her other appearances, including #49, which continued directly into #50...so it was presumably either an art error, or perhaps she wears/holds the mace as a weapon, but has a normal hand underneath it.

centauria-mv-m40-unarmored-fullprofile    The letter page for Micronauts I#40 had solid images for the Death Squad members, including Centauria, although she was labeled as Centaurus, presumably due to the Micronauts toy character Centaurus vs. Reality-616 Centauri character Centaurus from Micronauts I#23/2.

Main and comments image refurbed by Ron Fredricks.

Profile by Snood.

should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Micronauts I#35, pg. 15, panel 4 (alternate lateral oblique with blaster); - NOT SCANNED!
       pg. 16, panel 1 (upper frontal with blaster);
       pg. 22, panel 1-2 (using blaster)
        panel 4 (lateral oblique with blaster);
    #36, pg. 11, panel 1 (armored/masked, lateral posterior oblique);
          panel 2 (armored/masked, frontal);
    #40, latter page, full body lateral oblique with blaster);
    #47 cover (armored form; lateral oblique with sword);
       pg. 13, panel 2 (armored; rear oblique);
       pg. 16, panel 1 (armored lateral, vs. Bug);
    #50, pg. 17, panel 4 (broken back)

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