"Will This Be the End of The World?" world

Type: Alien world; microverse

Environment: Earthlike, with capability for sustained spaceflight in rockets and missiles

Usual means of access: Unknown

Dominant Life Form: A human-like species

Significant Inhabitants: None named

Significant Locations: None

First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery I#72 (September, 1961)

History: (Journey Into Mystery I#72/3) - One day, people noticed a giant sphere in the sky, hurling towards them. It was too big to be a satellite, and they supposed that it must be a comet. The world's scientists analyzed the object, and finally determined that it was a runaway planet, and that it would strike them in less than a week. They proclaimed to the public that their world was doomed.

Thankfully, the planet had enough rockets and missiles to evacuate the entire population, so they quickly gathered supplies and loaded people aboard their ships. The "runaway planet" had nearly reached their world when the blastoff time arrived, and they evacuated their world just as it was struck.

Unknown to the inhabitants of this world, the "runaway planet" was actually a baseball thrown by a man named Lefty to a catcher's mitt, which had been their homeworld. The catcher noticed a "cloud of dust" fly away from his mitt before the ball hit it, but Lefty suggested that it simply needed dusting.

Comments: Created by an unknown writer (Stan Lee?) and Steve Ditko.

Until the last panel, you are meant to think that the story is set on Earth.

Very similar to many of Ditko's other microverse tales, including the Goloks, Monsteroso and Tim Boo Ba.

    The planet was identified as Gilliam in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z#7 Microverse entry.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Journey Into Mystery I#72/3, page 2, panel 8
Journey Into Mystery I#72/3, page 4, panel 8
Journey Into Mystery I#72/3, page 5, panel 8

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