Real Name: Anton Delacroix

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-93060/Ultraverse) human mutate

Occupation: Cult leader

Group Membership: Leader of the Church of the Wicca

Affiliations: Unidentified henchmen and servants

Enemies: Elven (Elvia Swenson), Prime (Kevin Green)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Warlock Priest" (see comments)

Base of Operations: Church of the Wicca in Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: (On poster) Ultrverse Premiere#1/3 (March, 1994); (full) Ultraverse Premiere#2/2 (April, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Anton Delacroix possessed vast psychic powers that allowed him to talk to others telepathically, confront them with their fears and insecurities and then take command over their weakened minds and control them. He can also turn illusions real, including transforming his physical form into a far more powerful demonic-looking body. Fear could cause him to revert to his human form.

Height: Unrevealed (5'11"; by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed (185 lbs.; (demonic form) 200 lbs. by approximation)
Eyes: Brown; (demonic form) red
Hair: Bald (formerly brown); (demonic form) black

(Mantra I#10/Ultraverse Premiere#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point he founded the Church of the Wicca and became the High Priest of the cult that worshipped a female Earth goddess.

(Mantra I#10/Ultraverse Premiere#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - Delacroix was a fraud, but gained superhuman powers jumpstarted by the energies sent to Earth by the entity from the Moon.

(Rune I#3/Ultraverse Premiere#1/3 - BTS) - A poster for Reverend Delacroix's Wicca revival cult was seen in an alley.

(Mantra I#10/Ultraverse Premiere#2/2 (fb) - BTS) - One of Delacroix's henchmen was attacked by Elven and later described her to Delacroix, who immediately knew that he needed to have Elven under his control.

(Mantra I#10/Ultraverse Premiere#2/2) - In front of a live crowd in public Reverend Delacroix talked with a reporter from PM Live 11 about three recent attacks by an avenging female warrior (Elven) against abusive men. He claimed to feel her diminished presence, which wasn't that far from the truth because Elvia Swenson, Elven's civilian identity, was in the crowd. He praised the warrior for her actions and said that women had prayed for her help. The interviewer mocked Delacroix a bit because his church for a female goddess was led by a man and then showed him an image based on descriptions from Elven's victims. Delacroix called Elven the daughter of the goddess.

   That night Delacroix telepathically contacted Elven and summoned her to his church. Elven angrily complied only to tell Delacroix personally to get out of her mind. She was shocked to see Delacroix sitting on a throne with women kneeling at his sides. Delacroix asked Elven to join his church, but she considered him just another pig she was going to destroy. Delacroix had no actual interest in real Wicca because he had no interest to worship others and only wanted to be worshipped. Elven tried to attack Delacroix, but stopped her with a wall of fire. He then revealed his powers and transformed into a demonic form. She fought back, lifted Delacroix up by his throat, but was ultimately overpowered by Delacroix's psychic abilities and fell under his control. Delacroix then ordered her to put him down, kneel down next to him and help him build the first Church of Delacroix. His first task for Elven was to find and destroy Prime for him because Delacroix believed Prime was the only one powerful enough to oppose him.

(Firearm#11/Ultraverse Premiere#5/2 - BTS) - Elven found Prime, but was unable to destroy him because she burned herself out during the fight. Elven told Prime that Delacroix was controlling women and had ordered her to kill him. Prime recognized the name.

(Elven#0/4) - Prime to Elvia with him to battle Delacroix even though she was afraid that she would once again fall under his control as Elven. Delacroix created an illusion of his demonic head in the sky and called Elvia a traitor when she and Prime were close to his church. Prime and Elvia crashed through the skylight, but Delacroix remained confident due to his psychic powers. He was unimpressed by the weak true form of Elven and believed Prime was not too different from the women he controlled. He used his psychic powers to take Prime to his knees, unaware that Prime was only feigning defeat, and then turned his attention to Elvia. Elvia turned into Elven, but spurred on by Prime she resisted Delacroix's control and hit him with an energy blast. Delacroix tried to regain control over her, but failed and ended up begging her not to hurt him any further. Prime stopped Elven from killing Delacroix, who transformed back to his human form. He thanked Prime, who took him to the police to be arrested for his crimes.

Comments: Created by Len Strazewski, Greg Luzniak & Tim Roddick.

The first three stories in Elven#0 were reprints of Ultraverse Premiere stories.

Delacroix gained his powers during the events in Break-Thru#1-2 (December, 1993 - January, 1994).

The only time he was called "Warlock Priest" was in the next issue blurb in Ultraverse Premiere#5/2.

This guy seems superficially based on Anton LaVey.
--Kevin Garcia
   The founder of the Church of Satan and author of the Satanic Bible!
--Markus Raymond

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Anton Delacroix has no known connections to:

images (without ads)
Ultraverse Premiere#2/2, p8 (main)
Ultraverse Premiere#2/2, p1 (head shot)
Ultraverse Premiere#2/2, p5, pan2 (true form)

Rune I#3/Ultraverse Premiere#1/3 (March, 1994) - Len Strazewski (writer), Greg Luzniak (pencils), Tim Roddick (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Mantra I#10/Ultraverse Premiere#2/2 (April, 1994) - Len Strazewski (writer), Greg Luzniak (pencils), Tim Roddick (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Firearm#11/Ultraverse Premiere#5/2 (July, 1994) - Len Strazewski (writer), Greg Luzniak (pencils), Bob Wiacek (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Elven#0/4 (October, 1994) - Len Strazewski (writer), Greg Luzniak (pencils), Larry Welch (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)

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