Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (symbiote) clone

Occupation: Predator

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Bob (alien entity);
    (Hosts) Andrea "Andi" Benton, Clem, Ivan, Daniel Jackson, Dr. Loughridge, Colonel Michael Malone, Maniac (Lee Price), Nan, Orrie, Perry, Alfonse Polna, Patricia Robertson, Harold Saunders, Wolverine (James Howlett), Yooper, others
    (Inklings) 8-Ball (unrevealed), Black Cat (Felicia Hardy), Brothers Grimm (Percy and Barton Grimes), Hammerhead (Joseph), Killer Shrike (unrevealed), Looter (Norton Fester), Melter (unrevealed), Scorpion (Mac Gargan), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), others

Enemies: Jerome Delacroix, Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Richards, Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Frankie, Eric Moody, Proctor, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Suit, Venom (Eddie Brock), Vic

Known Relatives: Venom symbiote (genetic progenitor)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: (Behind the scenes) Venom I#1 (June, 2003);
    (full) Venom I#2 (July, 2003)

Powers/Abilities: The Venom spawn was a clone of the Venom symbiote that possessed all the abilities of its progenitor; an amorphous mass of alien tissue, it could bond with a living host and grant it superhuman strength, shapeshifting abilities, the ability to cling to walls, the power to manifest sharp claws and teeth and a prehensile tongue, and the capability to produce organic tendrils and webbing. It was extremely resilient, able to survive even a nuclear explosion. When bonded to Lee Price as Maniac, it could expel scraps of itself to bond with other hosts that would then be subservient to Price. It originally produced reproductive hormones, seemed to lack its progenitors' weakness to sonics and fire (given that it survived a nuclear explosion), could bond to multiple hosts at once (although those hosts were insects, and thus simpler than a vertebrate host), and was more violent and destructive than a conventional symbiote, but its time absorbed into the mass of its progenitor appears to have eliminated those traits.

Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eyes: None
Hair: None

(Venom I#11) - During a battle with Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, Venom's tongue was severed. Recovered by a man who intended to sell it, it was located by the clones Vic and Frankie, who worked for the mysterious alien entity Bob. They delivered the tongue to a facility in New Mexico.

(Venom I#12 / Venom I#17 (fb)) - The Ararat Corporation successfully cloned a new symbiote from the tongue, intended to mate with the original symbiote to produce a race of symbiotes that would wipe out all life on Earth. They had difficulty bonding it with hosts, as it preferred to simply kill them. Eventually, they tried introducing two potential hosts simultaneously; elderly psych-ward patient Alfonse Polna and convicted murderer Eric Moody. It bonded with Polna, killing Moody before draining the life out of Polna.

(Venom I#5 (fb) / Venom I#12) - The symbiote was sent to an Ararat facility in northern Canada, near the Arctic Circle, for study; the staff there was largely kept in the dark about the creature's nature.

(Venom I#1 - BTS / Venom I#13) - The staff at the Arctic facility, headed by Dr. Loughridge, studied the creature, but were puzzled by its nature. During a teleconference, Bob remotely freed the creature, allowing it to quickly rampage through and massacre the facility's staff, possessing and killing them all in short order. Only Perry survived, locking himself in the cooler.

(Venom I#1) - Visiting US Army communications specialist Patricia Robertson stumbled upon the massacre, called in by the symbiote using its last host to call for help; she found Perry and, believing him to be a survivor, brought him back to the US Army's neighboring radar station, Christmastown. Unbeknownst to her, the symbiote had possessed Ivan, one of her sled dogs.

(Venom I#2) - The symbiote was unknowingly brought back into Christmastown with Ivan, where the symbiote possessed Harold Saunders as he was carrying the dog inside; later that night, it dispensed with Saunders and bonded with Colonel Michael Malone, the station's commanding officer. The next day, it made its presence known to Robertson, Perry, and Daniel Jackson.

(Venom I#3) - The symbiote attacked Robertson, but was immobilized by a blast from the Suit. He moved to finish it off, but Malone re-emerged, pleading for his life. That prompted Jackson to defend him from the Suit, allowing the symbiote to escape. It found a truck, but before it could start it up, the suit found it and blasted it; it escaped, leaving the dead Malone as a decoy, and defeated the Suit, tearing him apart.

(Venom I#4) - The symbiote found Robertson and Jackson, who had been tied together in a storage closet by the Suit, and bonded with Jackson. It gave Robertson a head start, but quickly caught up with her - only to be held at gunpoint by Delacroix. It distracted him with Jackson's face, and grabbed him; Robertson escaped while it was busy with him. She escaped, finding the storage closet where he'd left Jackson, Malone, and Saunders' bodies; she found the symbiote there, now possessing Delacroix's body. She shot it with an explosive shell, taking it out.

(Venom I#5) - When the base was rocked by explosions as the revived Suit blew up the trucks, the symbiote took advantage of the confusion and possessed Perry. Keeping itself concealed, it went with Robertson to investigate the explosion, and found the Suit. It expelled Perry's corpse, and attacked Robertson before possessing Ivan, the sled dog, again, escaping into the wilderness.

(Venom I#6) - The symbiote killed a number of host animals before jumping into a raven and flying towards the town of Voici, Northwest Territories. It entered a roadhouse, where it possessed and killed a number of the residents before ending up occupying the owner, Orrie. When regular patron Clem arrived, it took possession of him, taking his snowmobile and heading into town.

(Venom I#7) - The symbiote-possessed Clem went to Nan's Cookhouse, where he attacked the patrons. They fled, only to be cut down by Vic and Frankie, while the symbiote-possessed Nan escaped their gunfire thanks to Wolverine. It battled Wolverine, trying to bond with him, before the Suit neutralized Wolverine.

(Venom I#8) - The symbiote intended to wait for Wolverine to heal, but was approached by Vic, who tried to entice it into bonding with her. The Suit warned him that she had been cybernetically-enhanced, allowing her to control the symbiote - but before it could bond with her, elderly restaurant patron Yooper wandered out into the cold, and the symbiote possessed him, instead. Vic retreated to her and Frankie's ship, where they dropped a small nuclear bomb on the area to kill any other potential hosts.

(Venom I#9) - The symbiote bonded to a swarm of cockroaches, and attacked Vic and Frankie when they searched for it in the ruins, killing Frankie. It escaped, and ambushed Wolverine, taking possession of him. It attacked Vic and Frankie's ship, which had been stolen by the Suit, finding Robertson onboard, who the Suit had also given cyborg implants to, allowing her to control the symbiote. However, the ship was promptly fired upon by another ship - piloted by another pair of Vic and Frankie!

(Venom I#10) - The symbiote attacked the new ship, bringing it down and crashing it into a lake. It killed Frankie, then returned to the Suit's ship. It attacked Robertson, but the Suit used a device to blow it off Wolverine. Needing a new host, it bonded with Robertson, who was able to control it. She abandoned the Suit and made her way to Buffalo, New York.

(Venom I#14) - Robertson and the symbiote made it to New York City, where they encountered the Suit again, unaware that it was Bob in disguise. On his orders, she encountered a number of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in a bar and seduced one of them, Whitaker. She killed him, and the next morning, impersonated him as the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents went out on their mission - to capture Venom! Once they'd captured Venom, Robertson and the symbiote crashed the helicopter they were both on, leading to both symbiotes confronting Spider-Man.

(Venom I#15) - Knocking Spider-Man aside, the two symbiotes battled while also flirting with each other; Robertson was unaware that Bob had remotely deactivated her control collar. They fled the battle scene, and Robertson tried to regain control, only for Spider-Man to track them down. She insisted that he had to kill Venom, but Spider-Man wasn't about to let her do that - and then Venom ambushed him, knocked him out, and took on Robertson and the clone again. Their battle took them to the sewers, where they were separated by the Suit.

(Venom I#16) - Robertson tried to control the symbiote while the Suit told her about his origins as a member of an alien race that had once nearly been manipulated into wiping out mankind - and that the symbiote had been cloned by other members of his race who wanted to finish the job. Then, they were confronted by a surviving Frankie clone who intended to neutralize both Robertson and the clone.

(Venom I#17) - Frankie and the Suit reactivated the collar, and Robertson lapsed into unconsciousness alongside the clone. They took her to the Baxter Building, where Robertson and the clone were restrained by the Invisible Woman's forcefield while Mister Fantastic looked for a permanent solution.

(Venom I#18) - With Venom lured to the Baxter Building and imprisoned there, Mister Fantastic took Robertson and the symbiote to a secure facility - only for her to be convinced to go back to the Baxter Building by Bob, impersonating the Suit again. She escaped, and encountered Venom - and then Bob deactivated her collar again. The two symbiotes merged and mated, and the clone was absorbed into the mass of the Venom symbiote.

(nine years of Venom appearances - BTS) - The clone remained dormant within the Venom symbiote as it passed from Brock to Angelo Fortunato, then to Mac Gargan, and finally to Flash Thompson.

(Venom II#38 / Venom II#40 (fb)) - When Thompson tried to protect his neighbor Andi Benton from Jack O'Lantern's poisonous gas grenades, he tried to cover her with his symbiote - but instead, the symbiote expelled the clone, which bonded to her! It also took with it the demonic Hell-Mark Venom had been branded with during an earlier adventure.

(Venom II#39) - Andi overcame her shock and used the symbiote to defeat Jack (who turned out to be an imposter) and several other villains hired by Lord Ogre. She soon became a crimefighter using her symbiote.

(Venom II#40) - Andi (who had taken on the alias Mania) tore through the city looking for Lord Ogre. She found him at a nightclub; after making short work of his bodyguards, she confronted the crimelord himself, but he quickly retreated.

(Venom II#41) - Mania invaded Lord Ogre's penthouse; shortly afterwards, Venom, then Crossbones and the D.O.A. arrived as well, hunting Mania'a Devil's Mark. The D.O.A.'s Master Mayhem released a demonic army from the portal in his chest, which quickly advanced on the two symbiotes and Lord Ogre. Ogre was quickly overwhelmed, but Mania soon found that she could command the creatures, and had them turn on the D.O.A. while she and Venom escaped.

(Venom II#42) - Mania and Venom went to an abandoned casino in Atlantic City, where they summoned Mephisto. Venom demanded that he remove the Devil's Mark, but Mephisto laughed off his threats, and explained what had happened - Venom's symbiote had passed the Devil's Mark to a clone of itself it had absorbed some time ago, and then expelled that clone on to Andi. Before they could talk further, however, the D.O.A. attacked. Mania took out several of their ground troops, but soon fell prey to the gruesome Gargoyle Brothers. Mephisto used Master Mayhem's portal to summon the Monsters of Evil, a quintet of demon-possessed monsters. Mania commanded them to turn on the D.O.A., and they did so. Mephisto still refused to remove the Mark, but as they had mutual enemies who sought it, he told Venom to serve as her guardian, then left.

(Venom: Space Knight#13 (fb)) - When Captain America requested Venom join the Guardians of the Galaxy in space, he left Mania to her own devices in Philadelphia. They were both confident that she could keep the Devil's Mark in check.

(Venom: Space Knight#13 (fb)) - The Mark burned through the symbiote and bonded itself to Andrea, who gradually became darker and more violent.

(Venom: Space Knight#12 (fb)) - Totally consumed by her symbiote persona, Mania began living in the sewers of Philadelphia.

(Venom: Space Knight#11 (fb)) - When the Red Hand Gang sprung up in Philadelphia, Mania declared war on them.

(Venom: Space Knight#9) - Mania brutally took down members of the Red Hand Gang in the sewers of Philadelphia.

(Venom: Space Knight#10) - In Philadelphia, Andi separated from her symbiote and weakly called for help.

(Venom: Space Knight#12) - Venom and Spider-Man found Mania's lair; she attacked Venom, demanding an apology; while she got the better of Flash, Spider-Man blasted both of them with a sonic device, separating them both from their symbiotes. They took Andi to Parker Industries' Philadelphia facility, where they attempted to cleanse her symbiote by having Venom absorb it into his own, unaware that the Mark was within Andi herself. She awoke, wreathed in hellfire...

(Venom: Space Knight#13) - Andi summoned winged demons to bring her symbiote back to her, and attacked Venom with a flaming sword; she prepared to take the symbiote back, but she was blasted away by the Space Knights and Venom's alien allies. She summoned more demons; while the aliens dealt with them, Venom went for Andi, tackling her and injecting her with a serum that brought her to her senses. Flash released her symbiote, and it bonded with her once more. Later, Mania and Venom watched the aliens depart, and she reflected on the fact that the cure was only temporary, and she was still cursed. Venom tried to cheer her up, and they went on patrol together - at her insistence, he shifted into the Agent Venom form she was more familiar with.

(Venom III#150/2) - In Philadelphia, Venom and Mania battled a group of lower demons. Afterwards, they had pizza, and Andi swung off for home. When Flash was subsequently ambushed and stripped of his symbiote, Andi helped him search for it, but they were unsuccessful.

(Venomverse#4 (fb)) - Andi Benton was in detention at school when she was summoned to the apocalyptic Earth-22249, alongside a number of other symbiote hosts, to battle against the ravenous symbiote-devouring Poison species.

(Venomverse#1) - Mania was in the resistance's hideout when Eddie Brock, from her own Earth, arrived. She was not impressed. Later, she escaped with the others when their hideout was attacked by a Poison Hulk.

(Venomverse#2) - Mania regrouped with the others, noting that they'd lost three of their number already. Later, they relocated to a church, and Mania noticed that Venompool was missing.

(Venomverse#3) - With Host Rider, Mania kept watch over their new hideout. When Strange summoned Earth-32231's Carnage as their secret weapon, Mania and the others had to fight him, instead - and then a group of Poisons, led by the resistance's former leader, Captain America! Carnage turned the tide against the Poisons, but the symbiotes suffered casualties, and had to relocate to a new base.

(Venomverse#4) - Mania went on lookout duty again, this time with Black Panther. They tried to stop the Poison-infected Venompool from invading, but once he got in, he revealed his intention to betray the Poisons, instead.

(Venomverse#5) - While Carnage and Venompool caused a distraction, Mania and the others infiltrated the Poison base. They defeated most of the Poisons, and Strange sacrificed himself to destroy the rest and send Mania and the others home.

(Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Alpha#1) - While stopping a mugging in Philadelphia, Mania was ambushed by a team of goons, who blasted her with sonic weapons and stole her symbiote. They gave the symbiote to their employer, Lee Price, who bonded with the symbiote to become Maniac. He began forcibly bonding criminals to mask-like scraps of the symbiote, dubbing them his "Inklings."

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#792) - Maniac and his Inklings made a move to take over the Black Cat's gang, recruiting a number of her men into the Inklings, including Hammerhead and Scorpion. Their growing numbers turned the tide, and soon Price had them all in his thrall, including the Black Cat.

(Venom III#159) - Maniac and his Inklings took on Spider-Man and the new Agent Anti-Venom (Thompson), whose anti-symbiote powers freed the Black Cat from Price's control. The Cat fled, and Anti-Venom and Spider-Man were captured.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#793) - Maniac made Spider-Man into one of his Inklings and sent him out to rampage through the city, then put Anti-Venom on a conveyer belt to be sent into an incinerator. Price left, starting to feel that he was spreading his symbiote too thin. Later, he headed to upstate New York, where he invaded a huge Maggia summit and bonded all the mobsters present with his symbiote.

(Venom III#160) - Spider-Man, Venom, Anti-Venom, the Black Cat, and Andi Benton attacked the Maggia summit, using Anti-Venom's secretions to stop the Inklings. Soon, the Inklings were all defeated, but Price drew them back into his symbiote to become an enormous symbiote!

(Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Omega#1) - The enormous Price battled the heroes until Anti-Venom wrapped him up in webbing infused with Spider-Man's blood (which had produced antibodies to fight off Price's symbiote). Most of his symbiote mass was destroyed, but he retained a small portion of the creature, and was taken away by the police.

(Free Comic Book Day 2019 (Spider-Man)#1/1) - Price and his gang harassed "Eddie Brock" (actually a disguised Cletus Kasady) at Ryker's Island. "Brock" tore Price's symbiote out of him and absorbed it into his own, transforming into Carnage and killing Price.

Comments: Created by Daniel Way, Francisco Herrera, and Carlos Cuevas.

I don't want to editorialize too much here, but that 2003-2004 Venom series? Woof. Cullen Bunn found a fun way to use the extra symbiote from it, though, so good for him.

The first arc of the 2003 Venom series is a direct, homage to 1982's The Thing.

I'm not listing any of Mania or Maniac's affiliations and enemies as those of the Venom spawn, as it didn't act in an independent way in those stories.

This profile was completed 8/06/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

The Venom spawn, a cloned symbiote, should not be confused with:

Eric Moody, symbiote victim, should not be confused with:

Proctor, symbiote victim, should not be confused with:

Perry, symbiote victim, should not be confused with:

Ivan, sled dog, should not be confused with:

Perry, symbiote victim, should not be confused with:

Colonel Michael Malone, symbiote victim, should not be confused with:

Jerome Delacroix, symbiote victim, should not be confused with:

Daniel Jackson, symbiote victim, should not be confused with:

Alfonse Polna

(Venom I#12) - A psych ward patient acquired as a test subject by the Ararat Corporation, Polna was exposed to the cloned symbiote at the same time as murderer Eric Moody. The symbiote bonded with the addled Polna, giving him a massive heart attack, but he still managed to kill Moody.

--Venom I#12

Eric Moody

(Venom I#12 (fb)) - Eric Moody was sent to jail for two counts of murder, and killed four more people in jail.

(Venom I#12) - Acquired as a test subject by the Ararat Corporation, he was exposed to the cloned symbiote at the same time as mental patient Alfonse Polna. The symbiote tried to bond with both of them, but Moody fought back - so it bonded with Polna and killed Moody.

--Venom I#12 (#12 (fb), 12


(Venom I#13) - A scientist with a significant black mark on his record, Proctor ended up at an Ararat research facility in the Arctic, where he and a team of similarly disgraced scientists studied a clone of the Venom symbiote. After over nineteen months of study, their research reached an impasse, and they convened a meeting to ask the company's head, Bob, for permission to take a tissue sample from the creature. Bob remotely released the creature, which went on a rampage through the staff. Proctor got everyone into a secure room and barricaded the door, but the creature reached under the door and pulled him through the tiny crack below, killing him.

--Venom I#13

Dr. Loughridge

(Venom I#13) - A scientist with a significant black mark on his record, Dr. Loughridge ended up in charge of an Ararat research facility in the Arctic, where he and a team of similarly disgraced scientists studied a clone of the Venom symbiote. After over nineteen months of study, their research reached an impasse, and they convened a meeting to ask the company's head, Bob, for permission to take a tissue sample from the creature. Bob remotely released the creature, which went on a rampage through the staff. They got to a secure room, where Loughridge mapped out a plan to escape to the cooler - only for their colleague Perry to escape there first, letting the symbiote into their hiding place. It bonded with Loughridge, and began attacking the rest of the staff, before killing him.

--Venom I#13


(Venom I#13) - A scientist with a significant black mark on his record, Perry ended up at an Ararat research facility in the Arctic, where he and a team of similarly disgraced scientists studied a clone of the Venom symbiote. After over nineteen months of study, their research reached an impasse, and they convened a meeting to ask the company's head, Bob, for permission to take a tissue sample from the creature. Bob remotely released the creature, which went on a rampage through the staff. They got to a secure room, where Loughridge mapped out a plan to escape to the cooler - only for Perry to escape there first, letting the symbiote into their hiding place. Perry listened, terrified, as the creature killed the rest of the staff.

(Venom I#1) - Patricia Robertson, from a nearby Christmastown radar station, found the near-catatonic Perry still in the freezer, and took him back to get medical attention. He was examined by Dr. Jackson, and woke up screaming.

(Venom I#2) - Perry passed out again. He woke up in the middle of the night, frightening Jackson, then went to cower under the dining table. He saw that the symbiote had infected base commander Colonel Malone and panicked, tackling Jackson and warning Robertson about the monster as it approached them...

(Venom I#3) - Perry passed out again, terrified. He later escaped while everyone was paying attention to the creature, with Delacroix in pursuit.

(Venom I#4) - Robertson found Perry hiding in a storage room. He explained everything that had happened at the Ararat station, and she became enraged.

(Venom I#5) - When he was unable to tell her how to kill it, Robertson hit Perry with her gun. She refused to give him a weapon, but they tried to make their escape, only to hear the explosion of the trucks outside to prevent them from leaving. In the confusion, the symbiote infected Perry. Outside, they were confronted by the mysterious Suit. During the confrontation, Perry died, and the symbiote tried to jump to a new host.

--Venom I#1 (13, 1-5


(Venom I#1) - One of the sled dogs at the Christmastown radar station, Ivan ferried Patricia Robertson to the Ararat research station. While she was inside picking up the station's lone survivor, Perry, Ivan was infected by the Venom spawn. He acted strangely afterwards, but still brought her back home.

(Venom I#2) - Ivan collapsed in the dog pen, and was found by Robertson. She had Harold Saunders carry him inside, at which point the symbiote jumped to Saunders. He stayed inside overnight, but woke up very active. The next morning, Robertson found that he had a human finger in his mouth.

(Venom I#5) - With its human hosts exhausted, the symbiote re-infected Ivan and escaped into the Arctic wilderness.

(Venom I#6) - Reaching the woods, the symbiote abandoned the dead Ivan and sought out new hosts.

--Venom I#1 (1-2, 5-6

Harold Saunders

(Venom I#2 (fb)) - Harold Saunders grew up on a farm.

(Venom I#1) - A communications specialist at the US Army Christmastown radar station in the Arctic, Saunders was waiting for Patricia Robertson to come back with new DVDs from the nearby Ararat station, when she instead arrived with symbiote survivor Perry. Saunders theorized that the massacre at the base had been caused by polar bears, thanks to an encounter a friend of his had years ago in Greenland.

(Venom I#2) - Saunders and Robertson went out to check out a commotion in the dog pen, where they found the sled dog Ivan unconscious. Saunders carried him inside, and was infected by the Venom spawn the dog was carrying. Later that night, the symbiote tired of Saunders and went to see base commander Colonel Malone, jumping to him as Saunders died.

(Venom I#4) - Robertson found Saunders' corpse, along with Malone and Jackson, stashed in a storage room.

--Venom I#1 (2 (fb), 1, 2, 4

Colonel Michael Malone

(Venom I#1) - Commander of the US Army Christmastown radar station in the Arctic, Colonel Michael Malone was waiting for Patricia Robertson to come back with new DVDs from the nearby Ararat station, when she instead arrived with symbiote survivor Perry. Robertson debriefed him about the massacre she'd found, and he suggested it was the work of polar bears.

(Venom I#2) - Shortly afterwards, the dogs started panicking outside while Perry went into convulsions; Malone kept everyone calm and sent them to bed for the night. That night, he was visited by the symbiote-infected Saunders, who passed the symbiote to him. The next morning, the symbiote-possessed Malone found Robertson and Jackson in the mess hall with the still-near-catatonic Perry; he ordered Robertson and Jackson out, then attacked Perry as the symbiote. They heard his screams, and returned to find the symbiote there.

(Venom I#3) - The symbiote-possessed Malone attacked the trio, but was blasted by the enigmatic Suit. It briefly manifested Malone's face to plead for mercy, allowing it to escape. It retreated to the motor pool, where it left Malone's corpse and attacked the Suit.

(Venom I#4) - Robertson found Malone's corpse, along with Saunders and Jackson, stashed in a storage room.

--Venom I#1 (1-4

Jerome Delacroix

(Venom I#1) - A mission specialist at the US Army Christmastown radar station in the Arctic, Jerome Delacroix was waiting for Patricia Robertson to come back with new DVDs from the nearby Ararat station, when she instead arrived with symbiote survivor Perry. Delacroix agreed with Saunders that the massacre had been caused by polar bears.

(Venom I#2) - Jackson and Delacroix tried to hold Perry back as he woke up and started to panic.

(Venom I#3) - The next day, Delacroix found Jackson and Robertson in a standoff with the enigmatic Suit. The Suit assumed Delacroix was the symbiote's new host, and drew his weapon on him; when he wouldn't drop it, Jackson shot him in the head. Delacroix then went to track down the fleeing Perry.

(Venom I#4) - Delacroix returned to find the symbiote-possessed Jackson attacking Robertson. It distracted him with Jackson's face, then attacked him, fatally wounding him and leaving him for dead. It left to pusrue Robertson, but the dying Delacroix shot it with an exploding round, blowing it up.

--Venom I#1 (1-4

Daniel Jackson

(Venom I#1) - Medical officer at the US Army Christmastown radar station in the Arctic, Daniel Jackson was waiting for Patricia Robertson to come back with new DVDs from the nearby Ararat station, when she instead arrived with symbiote survivor Perry. Jackson tended to the stricken man as Robertson explained the massacre she'd found at the other station.

(Venom I#2) - Jackson monitored Perry when he briefly woke up, and looked at Ivan, Robertson's best sled dog, when he was brought in unconscious, although he didn't know veterinary medicine. Late at night, in his quarters, he was disturbed by Perry, who'd awoken. The next morning, he greeted Robertson for breakfast as Perry cowered under the table. Malone ordered Robertson and Jackson out, but they returned when Perry started screaming - and found Malone possessed by the symbiote!

(Venom I#3) - Jackson and Robertson were saved by the enigmatic Suit, who blasted the symbiote, but when it took on Malone's appearance, the Suit refused to stand down, so Jackson shot him, allowing the alien clone to escape. Soon, their colleague Delacroix arrived on the scene; the Suit considered him a possible host, and trained his weapon on him, but Jackson shot him again. Delacroix set out to find Perry while Robertson and Jackson went to look for Saunders, but before they could set out, the Suit reactivated and stunned them both. He dragged them to the dry storage room and tied them together.

(Venom I#4) - While they were tied together, the symbiote leaped to Jackson, possessing him. It attacked Robertson and grievously wounded Delacroix before exhausting Jackson's life force and stashing his corpse in a storage room with Saunders and Malone, where it was later discovered by Robertson.

--Venom I#1 (1-4


(Venom I#6) - The proprietor of a roadhouse in Voici, Northwest Territories, Orrie was taken over by the symbiote and killed his customers. When one of his regulars, Clem, arrived, the symbiote-possesssed Orrie showed him his victims, then jumped from Orrie to Clem.

--Venom I#6


(Venom I#6) - A regular at Orrie's roadhouse in Voici, Northwest Territories, Clem found the other customers massacred and Orrie possessed by the monstrous Venom spawn. It attacked him, then possessed him, taking his snowmobile back into town.

(Venom I#7) - Clem went to Nan's Cookhouse, where the symbiote leaped into Nan, abandoning the dead Clem.

--Venom I#6 (6-7


(Venom I#7) - Old-timer Yooper went to Nan's Cookhouse in Voici, Northwest Territories, where he met with his friend Clem, who claimed to be possessed by an alien - and was!

(Venom I#8) - Yooper wandered out of the cookhouse, having avoided the alien's notice - but now it needed a host, and leaped from Nan to Yooper, possessing him. However, the symbiote-hunting clones Vic and Frankie dropped a nuclear bomb on the area, killing Yooper (but not the symbiote).

--Venom I#7 (7-8


(Venom I#7) - Owner and operator of Nan's Cookhouse in Voici, Northwest Territories, Nan screamed in horror when she saw that one of her customers, Clem, had been possessed by the cloned Venom symbiote. It leaped into her and fled the building with the rest of the customers. It then battled Wolverine and tried to leap to him, but the Suit blasted Wolverine, seemingly killing him.

(Venom I#8) - Needing a new host, and having only the dead Wolverine, the alien Suit, and Vic (a clone who had been cybernetically-enhanced to allow her to control symbiotes) in range, the symbiote was cornered - until Yooper wandered out of the cookhouse. The symbiote abandoned Nan's corpse and leapt into him.

--Venom I#7 (7-8

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Venom I#12, p8, pan1 (Polna)
Venom I#12, p6, pan2 (Moody)
Venom I#13, p2, pan1 (Proctor)
Venom I#13, p1, pan2 (Loughridge)
Venom I#5, p11, pan3 (Perry)
Venom I#1, p1, pan2 (Ivan)
Venom I#1, p20, pan2 (Saunders)
Venom I#1, p18, pan5 (Malone)
Venom I#4, p8, pan2 (Delacroix)
Venom I#2, p5, pan2 (Jackson)
Venom I#6, p15, pan5 (Orrie)
Venom I#6, p18, pan1 (Clem)
Venom I#7, p1, pan3 (Yooper)
Venom I#7, p1, pan2 (Nan)

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