Moon Man runs with his bomb


Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Ultraverse) human weapon user

Occupation: Cult leader and terrorist

Group MembershipMoon Cult (leader)

Affiliations: Monkey Woman

Enemies: Djinn, Solitaire, visitors to Looneyville amusement park

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, USA

First Appearance: Solitaire#2 (December, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: The Moon Man was a charismatic but violent cult leader who had no qualms about killing civilians. He knew how to use certain weaponry and activate bombs, and carried a small arsenal of weapons that included crescent moon-shaped throwing blades and a gas gun that knocked people out plus small grenades containing the same "moonglow" gas.

I am the Mooooooon Man!


(Solitaire#2 - BTS) - Anton Lone, Solitaire's villainous father, masterminded a plan to destroy property and then buy the property cheap to advance his personal empire, employing the Monkey Woman's aid to achieve this.

(Solitaire#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Moon Man committed crimes every full moon to spread chaos and became energized by the "moon madness" affecting people due to colored light emissions from the ultra Amber Hunt and linked to the moon. This "moon madness" gave him willing followers. He was instructed by the Monkey Woman to detonate a bomb supplied by her. Meanwhile, the masked vigilante Solitaire was advised by Jimmy the Geek, a member of his spy network, about a Moon Cult assembling an atomic device in Los Angeles and he tracked them to the amusement park called Looneyville.

(Solitaire#2/Break-thru#1) - Solitaire battled various Moon Cult archers and armed members trying vainly to find their leader until he came across the Missile to the Moon ride.

(Solitaire#2) - Solitaire crashed into the ride's main room and was confronted by the Moon Man and more of his Moon Cult fighters who were holding many of the Park's visitors hostage. The Moon Man declared that he would be resurrected as a moon priest when the next moon rose after detonating his bomb. After disarming the Cult's archers, Solitaire smashed through the Moon Man's nearby hideout and they tumbled outside. The Moon Man, still cradling the bomb, threw crescent-shaped throwing blades and "moonglow" grenades loaded with knockout gas at Solitaire, but was still pursued by the vigilante throughout the Park. In his efforts to flee, the Moon Man gassed a bystander with knockout gas from his gun and managed to climb on board a passing flying pirate boat ride. Solitaire caught up with the Cult leader and came close to finding out who had instigated the attempted bombing but the Moon Man was suddenly shot in the head by Djinn, Solitaire's father's personal bodyguard. Solitaire passed the defused bomb to the police and then vanished.

Moon Man throws his moon blades

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones (writer), Jeff Johnson (pencils) & Barbara Kaalberg (inks).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Moon Man has no known connections to:

The Moon Cultists attack Solitaire

Moon Cult

The members of the Moon Cult were all lithe young women dressed in white gowns and reasonably skilled in hand-to-hand fighting using weapons like knives and maces. Most of those shown were also accomplished archers. Like their leader, they too were affected by the "moon madness." The Moon Man used them to hold the hostages and to attack Solitaire, but they were all eventually overpowered and presumably arrested.




--Solitaire#2 (Break-thru#1

images: (without ads)
Solitaire#2, p20, panel 4 (with bomb)

p13, panel 4 (Mooooooon Man!)
p16, panel 3 (throwing moon blades)
Break-thru#1, p12, panel 5 (Cultists)

Solitaire#2 (December, 1993) - Gerard Jones (writer), Jeff Johnson (pencils), Barbara Kaalberg (inks), Hank Kanalz (editor)
Break-thru#1 (December, 1993) - Gerard Jones (script), George Perez (pencils), John Lowe (inks), Chris Ulm & Hank Kanalz (editors)

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