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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-93060/Ultraverse) normal human

Occupation: Bodyguard, assassin

Group Membership: Anton Lone's security forces, Seljuks

Affiliations: Anton Lone, Ali Ben Shihab, the Twelve (Moose, Tiny, others), Veil (all Earth-93060)
   formerly Jimmy the Geek, Nicholas Lone

Enemies: Cabal (loose), Moon Man, Solitaire (Nicholas Lone), Spice, UltraTech (all Earth-93060)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Djinn (see comments)

Base of Operations: Mobile across the USA, notably California (Earth-93060);
   formerly west Asia

First Appearance: Solitaire#2 (December, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Jinn is an expert in many forms of hand-to-hand combat and is respected amongst mercenaries. He has athlete level fitness and dexterity, with peak human strength and heightened agility (including acrobatics and parkour skills). He is an expert in various weapons like guns with excellent accuracy. Jinn has strong mental discipline from years of training, helping him overcome minor neurological attacks. He is ruthless and has no qualms about killing; he also has various means to dispose of bodies. A trained assassin and bodyguard, he has attention to detail required for security and stealth. He was very loyal to Anton Lone.

Height: 6'6" (by approximation)
Weight: 230 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue-gray
Hair: Black (partially shaved head)


(Solitaire#5 (fb) - BTS) - Jinn had lived on the streets and struggled to survive.

(Solitaire#12 (fb) - BTS) - Last of the Seljuks, he was a foundling who sat at the foot of Ali Ben Shihab in the Mosque of Sorrows and became heir to the Master of Samarkand.

(Solitaire#3 (fb) - BTS) - Jinn had served various people in different roles, having "lived many lives."

(Solitaire#6 (fb) - BTS) - Jinn fought many who nearly outplayed him in strategy and planning, but he made sure to bury them all.

(Solitaire#4 (fb) - BTS) - Jinn first encountered Anton Lone in Damascus when Anton was experiencing trouble with slave dealings.

(Solitaire#12 (fb) - BTS) - Jinn thought he and Anton were invincible together, spirit and brawn, until Anton married and gained a son, Nicholas. Jinn remained in the employ of Anton Lone.

(Ultraverse Double Feature#1/2 (fb)) - As a child, Nicholas Lone would run away to escape the dire business dealings and violence of his father, who would then send his bodyguard Jinn to find the boy. But Nicholas would hide in cinemas showing old movies while Jinn and his thugs looked in the more predictable arcades and the like. His mother would try to distract Jinn away from Nicholas.

(Solitaire#3 (fb)) - Anton used Jimmy the Geek to commit arson for insurance fraud. Nicholas confronted his father, who asked Jinn to leave the room while he chided his son.

(Solitaire#6 (fb) - BTS) - Nicholas watched Jinn's fighting techniques and learned from his moves.

(Solitaire#4 (fb)) - Nicholas organized to reveal his father's activities to a reporter, but instead he found the reporter dead with a dozen other innocents. Jinn was at the murder scene and lay the blame at Nicholas, then advised him to enjoy life instead of fighting his father.

(Solitaire#2) - As an adult, Nicholas' body was infused with otherworldly reparative nanotechnology by the Cabal, financed by Anton, but Nicholas rebelled, becoming the vigilante Solitaire. At one point, he pursued the mad cult leader Moon Man, who threatened to blow up Looneyville theme park. Anton was keen to buy the property cheap but had Jinn murder Moon Man just as the cultist was fighting Solitaire before the vigilante could discover the truth.

(Hardcase#8/2 (Ultraverse Origins)) - Jinn reported to Anton Lone what he had discovered from various people about the mysterious Solitaire.

(Solitaire#4) - Monkey Woman was stopped by Solitaire from transferring Soviet warheads to Anton. Jinn had arrived by boat to pick them up but Solitaire had already killed her and ended her operation. To repel the attacking Solitaire, Jinn exploded his boat, using it to cover his escape. Jinn was still able to recover the warheads.

(Solitaire#5 (fb) - BTS) - Jinn used his elite Twelve in Los Angeles to fan out until they found Spice, an agent of Solitaire who feigned betrayal as part of Solitaire's plan. Jinn used Spice as bait in a trap.

(Solitaire#5) - Solitaire ran into the trap and was bloodily gunned down by Jinn and his Twelve, who then left the would-be corpse on the street, unaware the nanotech was healing him. Jinn later reported the seeming successful killing to Anton. Jinn also showed photos of Nicholas in Bangkok, unaware it was a body double, and remained calm at Anton's subsequent tirade against his absent son. Jinn also reported that any evidence of Anton's illegal business dealings were being firmly swept away from advice given by Spice. Soon after, Jinn rebuked two of his men for being unprepared while his other agents ransacked Solitaire's hideout. As instructed, Jinn left to plant a recovered warhead, part of Anton's plans to decimate Hollywood and later reclaim the land cheap. While destroying more evidence, Jinn realized Solitaire was still alive after discovering the corpse of his henchman Moose substituted for Solitaire's body in the morgue. Jinn charged off to confront Solitaire and stop him from crashing Anton's Hollywood party.

(Solitaire#6 cover) - Jinn jumped at Solitaire as he roared on his motorcycle toward Anton's building, knocking him off.

(Solitaire#6) - Jinn and Solitaire fought an evenly matched hand-to-hand battle while Anton's armed men held back from shooting. Knowing Jinn could keep fighting for hours but that time to stop his father was short, Solitaire made a desperate move that saw Jinn knocked out. Solitaire made his way through Anton's building, but Anton had already evacuated his guests. Jinn arrived to defend Anton from Solitaire as harsh words were exchanged, but Solitaire managed to escape with Anton via a sudden rooftop jump that Jinn could not stop. Jinn was momentarily distracted by Spice, who threw a bottle at him, but he dismissed her, focusing on protecting Anton. Jinn caught up with Anton, who had been driven to the bomb site and handcuffed by Solitaire while the vigilante retrieved the warhead. Jinn rescued Anton and they escaped before Solitaire returned.

(Solitaire#7) - Anton Lone had mounting debts in the wake of his foiled bomb plan and tried selling his remaining warheads. Jinn presented a potential buyer to Anton: the Fire People ruler Atalon.

(Solitaire#8) - Atalon offered a gravity weapon to Anton for the warheads instead of cash, suggesting to demonstrate it on Jinn, but Anton declined. Atalon invited Anton to the Fire People's arsenal below Anton's building; Anton ordered Jinn accompany him for protection (although Jinn doubted he could counter Atalon's powerful form).

(Solitaire#9) - In the underground kingdom of the Fire People, Atalon demanded Anton accept his offer. But as Jinn looked on, Anton demanded yet more. Later, they emerged with additional weapons from Atalon that were then distributed by Jinn to Anton's forces in preparation to battle ultras (super-humans).

(Solitaire#10) - In armor, Jinn and his Twelve used Atalon's weaponry in an attack on UltraTech as part of Anton's hostile corporate takeover. Corporate assassin Veil saw the attack but, admiring Jinn's skills and reputation, chose not to stop him. Meanwhile, Solitaire had tracked Anton's activities and attacked Jinn, but his nanotech neuro-programming prevented Solitaire from delivering the killing blow. Jinn kicked him away and the brutal fight continued until Veil intervened, hoping for mercenary work from Anton. Solitaire escaped but the strengthening nanotech now suppressed his memories and drive to overthrow his father, drawing out a submissive Nicholas persona.

(Solitaire#11) - Jinn watched as Nicholas, newly returned to the Lone business, inspected the labs with Anton (the labs augmented with the acquisition of UltraTech's wetware). Jinn followed Nicholas as he drove nights pursuing vague memories. Nicholas regained his sense of self at his old hideout where Jinn finally attacked, now identifying Nicholas as Solitaire. But Jinn also recognized that Nicholas' mind was no longer as muddled as he thought and that his loyalty was to protect the Lone heir. Later at the Lone tower, Nicholas duped and locked out Jinn while he had the Cabal remove the mind-controlling nanotech.

(Solitaire#12) - Jinn joined Anton on a balcony watching a Lone-created flaming ultra fly through the sky and kept Nicholas' activities with the Cabal secret. Concerned Nicholas was hidden too long, Jinn demanded answers from the Cabal, but they used brain-sapping neurowires against him; however, Jinn broke free with his mental discipline. Solitaire appeared, claiming the Nicholas identity was now gone and the mind-controlling (and healing) nanotech purged. Keen to finally slay Solitaire, the two engaged again in an evenly matched fight and Jinn ripped off Solitaire's mask. The duel stopped when Anton stormed in, shocked to see his son was the vigilante who had caused him so much trouble. Jinn reinforced his own loyalty to Anton, declaring Nicholas as the betrayer, but Anton chose family and fired three bullets point black into Jinn's chest. Anton and an injured Solitaire left while a Cabal member secretly stood near Jinn's inert and bleeding body.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones, Jeff Johnson, Barbara Kaalberg.

He's called Djinn in his first appearance in Solitaire#2, but Jinn from there on. Alias or misspelling? His eyes are sometimes colored brown, but are mostly shown as blue-gray.

The covers of Solitaire #1-6 form comic storyline panels that bridge issues #5 and #6.

So was the plan to have the Cabal infuse Jinn with healing and mind-controlling nanotech? Anton died shortly after, so a revived Jinn would serve another master.

This profile was completed 5/19/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Jinn has no known connections to:

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