Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Drug lord, criminal mastermind

Affiliations: Claudio, Julio, Teo (members of his organization)

Enemies: Eliminators, Punisher

Known Relatives: Lucinda (daughter)

Aliases: The Great White

Base of Operations: A safehouse on Little Caesar, Columbia, near the village of Bogota

First Appearance: Punisher Annual#1 (1988)

Powers/Abilities: El Caiman was a cold, calculating man with strong leadership abilities. He was capable of using handguns and other smaller automatic weapons.

History: (Punisher Annual#1 (BTS))- El Caiman was the leader of a drug smuggling operation which brought drugs from Columbia to the United States. The Punisher came to Columbia to try to take him down. In the streets of Bogota, the Punisher witnessed Claudio and Lucinda being attacked by the Eliminators. Claudio was killed protecting Lucinda, but the Punisher saved her, and learnt she was the daughter of El Caiman. She brought the Punisher with her to see her father.

(Punisher Annual#1)- Lucinda and the Punisher arrived at El Caiman's safehouse, where the Punisher was introduced to El Caiman. The Punisher asked him who he believed was out to get him, whereto El Caiman replied "The way you are dressed you might be one of them. It must be an American military operation." The Punisher informed him that they weren't the American military and that he was not one of them. He introduced himself as the Punisher, and revealed that he had come to persuade him to leave the cocaine trade. El Caiman told him that he wouldn't leave the business because it helped make sure that the entire village could live a good life, the children had a school and they were given food when they were hungry, so he was the provider of the town, and drugs was the way he financed them. El Caiman asked him why he had come all the way to Columbia to take him down, and the Punisher answered that he was taking criminals down in general, and now El Caiman's name had come up.

Suddenly the Eliminators attacked the safehouse, and El Caiman and the Punisher decided on a truce until the Eliminators were defeated. El Caiman, Lucinda and the Punisher managed to take a chopper and get away from the safehouse. They flew to another safehouse, where El Caiman displayed his cruelty by feeding one of the captured Eliminators to his crocodile. Suddenly The Eliminators arrived at the new safehouse, and attacked again. The Punisher and El Caiman managed to defeat the rest of the Eliminators together. With the last Eliminator gone, the truce between the Punisher and El Caiman was over, and El Caiman began to shoot at the Punisher. The Punisher shot at El Caiman's aquarium, and the glass broke, causing El Caiman to drown.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron, Mark Texeira and Scott Williams.

Claudio was a member of El Caiman's organization. He was sent by El Caiman to protect his daughter Lucinda while she was out in the town. When the Eliminators arrived he tried to guard her with his life, and was gunned down by the Eliminators, a group of armored agents sent by the High Evolutionary.

- Punisher Annual#1

Julio was one of El Caiman's men based at the safehouse.

 - Punisher Annual#1

Lucinda was the daughter of El Caiman. She was saved by the Punisher from the Eliminators. She brought the Punisher to see her father and tries to get the two of them to make a truce. Ultimately, after El Caiman was killed, the Punisher took Lucinda with him through the jungle, worried all the time that she might shoot him in the back in revenge for her father's death.

 - Punisher Annual#1

Teo was one of El Caiman's men based at the safehouse. He was introduced to the Punisher and was not certain what his intentions were. He pointed his gun at him, but was prevented from shooting him by Lucinda.

 - Punisher Annual#1

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