(of Earth-8107)

Real Name: Unrevealed (see comments)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-8107) human

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: His own gang (Crusher, others)

Affiliations: Caesar Cicero, Dr. Everett, Dr. Faustus, Hammerhead, Hal Hunter, "Man-Mountain" Marko, Silvermane

Enemies: Captain America, Namorita, Spider-Friends (Firestar/Angelica Jones, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Spider-Man/Peter Parker), Sub-Mariner

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Chubo," "Kingy," "Lard Head," "Slave," "Tubby"

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout New York City, New York, USA

First Appearance: Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode, "Pawns of the Kingpin" (November 28, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: The Kingpin is a ruthless gangster and possesses near-superhuman strength.

He could also pilot a jet and had access to advanced technology, such as a walking cane capable shooting knockout gas and a personal limosine equipped with rooftop cameras and a roof that could be electrified via inside switch.

Height: 6'7" (see comments)
Weight: 450 lbs. (see comments)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Bald

History: (Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode - "Pawns of the Kingpin") - At one of the Kingpin's mansions, the Kingpin showed footage of the Army's newest weapon: the Omni-Blaster. He boasted as paying fifty thousand for the film footage. When his henchman Crusher said that even the Kingpin couldn't steal such a weapon, the Kingpin quieted him when the film showed the next part to the Kingpin's plan, namely to hypnotize Captain America, who would trick the heroic Iceman to help steal the Omni-Blaster. When Crusher raised disbelief again, the Kingpin held him as his ally Dr. Faustus turned Crusher into a mind-controlled zombie. Addressing the rest of his gang, the Kingpin announced the first part of his plan would happen the next day when Captain America paid a visit to the Empire State University campus.

When Dr. Faustus approached Kingpin's limo the next day and reported successfully shooting Captain America with a disc, the Kingpin nodded in approval and drove off. When Spider-Man and Firestar noticed how odd Captain America was subsequently acting, Spider-Man's spider-sense went off as the Kingpin's limo drove away. The hero fired a webline and went after the Kingpin, landing on the limo's roof. Hearing the noise, the Kingpin flipped a switch which activated a camera showing him the limo's roof. Ordering his driver to lose the wall-crawler, the Kingpin sat back as the limo veered recklessly over the country roads. Next ordering his driver to the nearest railroad crossing, the Kingpin pushed another button and electrified the car's roof. With Spider-Man stunned, Kingpin and his driver drove through the crossing, the bars knocking the hero off the car, onto the train tracks and into the path of an upcoming train.

Later that night, the Kingpin played pool and groused that the twelve hour time limit on the psycho disc Dr. Faustus had affixed to Captain America was almost up and Captain America would be free from their control. Dr. Faustus explained that everything was going according to schedule, namely his plan, before shooting the Kingpin with a psycho disc. When Captain America and Iceman (who was unaware Captain America was hypnotized and thought he was helping Cap steal from spies) entered the Kingpin's base to deliver the stolen Omni-Blaster, the Kingpin and Dr. Faustus greeted them both, Kingpin even sarcastically congratulating Iceman for his skills at the theft. After Faustus took down both heroes, the supposedly hypnotized Kingpin called Faustus boss at Faustus' order. When Spider-Man and Firestar broke into the Kingpin’s mansion, having followed Iceman there, and found the captured Iceman and Cap, the Kingpin and Faustus confronted them. When the Kingpin was given the Omni-Blaster and ordered to get rid of the trouble makers, he swore to start with the number one: Faustus himself. He explained that he didn't trust the scientist at all and had a fake skin-colored bandage wrapped around the back of his neck. He removed it and the disc in one pull. Firing the Blaster, Kingpin chased Faustus out of the mansion's dungeon and retreated via a secret panel to his private jet. He was already taking to the skies when Spider-Man (with the assistance of Captain America's motorcycle) jumped on board. When Spider-Man broke into the cockpit via the windshield, the Kingpin put him in a bear hug and explained that his immense size was all muscle and not fat. Throwing the dazed hero to the corner of the cockpit, the Kingpin took aim with the Blaster. Failing to pick a setting for the Blaster, he settled on the black button on the Blaster's top, unaware of the button being the Blaster's self-destruct. Informed of this by Spider-Man, who had earlier learned of the self-destruct button from a government scientist presenting the Blaster, the Kingpin put the plane into a dive and jumped out with the jet's only parachute. Drifting to Earth, the Kingpin was unaware of Spider-Man landing on his parachute. He was, however, well aware of where he was landing: in a pigpen. He landed in the mud and glared at Spider-Man's apparent confusion between him and the rest of the pigs. He was quickly arrested by the police. 

(Spider-Man cartoon episode - "Wrath of the Sub-Mariner" (fb) - BTS) - At some point, either the Kingpin escaped jail or beat the charges. The Kingpin then offered New York's three other crimelords an invitation to one of his mansions to showcase Dr. Everett's latest invention

(Spider-Man cartoon episode - "Wrath of the Sub-Mariner") - The Kingpin started his day off by fighting a samurai, a kung fu master and a sumo wrestler. The Kingpin easily flung all three men aside. When Dr. Everett called for him, the Kingpin went to Everett's lab and witnessed his new dissolvent in action. Ordering a larger batch to be made, the Kingpin expressed his wish to be a kingpin of all organized crime, nationwide.  

Crimelords Silvermane, Hammerhead and Caser Cicero later arrived at the Kingpin's yacht. When Spider-Man snuck aboard, the Kingpin knocked the hero out with his trick cane. Silvermane suggested they bind Spider-Man's limbs with chains and toss him overboard. The Kingpin was delighted by the suggestion, appreciating Silvermane's classic approach to problem solving. When the Sub-Mariner flew overhead and lectured the men against garbage pollution, the gangsters laughed at the prince's anger, with Hammerhead claiming all they did was toss over a "pesky bug."

Later, back at the Kingpin's mansion, the Kingpin laid out his plan of business. He and the other crimelords were going to unite into one central organization with the Kingpin as the boss of all bosses. Hammerhead called the Kingpin crazy, Cicero thought he was joking and Silvermane asked how Kingpin expected them to follow him. The Kingpin explained how when he took them to the lab and showed them the dissolvent. He demonstrated the chemical's abilities by melting a series of vault doors and offered them a quantity of the dissolvent provided they agreed to his terms. The Sub-Mariner breaking into the Kingpin's home soon interrupted the meeting. Easily dispatching thug "Man-Mountain" Marko, the Atlantian turned his fury towards Silvermane but the Kingpin interceded and trapped the monarch with an electrified net. The Kingpin again expressed admiration for Silvermane's idea to dispatch the hero by suspending him over the dissolvent, noting the monarch's fate as being ironic as it would it come at the hands of the very thing that he was trying to stop. The group left the prince to his fate as they retired to the dining room to discuss their new business. When Spider-Man broke in to rescue Sub-Mariner and stop Kingpin, pouring the dissolvent across the mansion, the Kingpin broke through the wall and fled the building. Getting to his yacht, he sped away down river when the Sub-Mariner surprised him. Threatening him with a dissolvent sample, the Kingpin dropped a breakable ball filled with dissolvent into a crate filled with more dissolvent, which set off a chain reaction causing the boat to melt. Dumped into the polluted river, the Kingpin came face to tentacle with the mutated octopus that lived in the waters. He was saved by Spider-Man, who weaved a net and fished the crime boss to safety.

(Spider-Man cartoon episode - "The Return of the Kingpin" (fb) - BTS) - The Kingpin either escaped the webbing or was taken into custody and escaped via unrevealed means.

(Spider- Man cartoon episode - "The Return of the Kingpin") - The Kingpin worked out by sparring against three martial artists. He beat the three men with ease and ordered his trainer to hire eight karate masters for the next session. The Kingpin lamented the only excitement he felt was toying with Spider-Man before crushing a speed bag with one punch to make his point. When Spider-Man arrived at secret Kingpin agent Hal Hunter’s office after Hunter, pretending to be a talent agent, offered Spider-Man entertainment work, Kingpin watched in secret as Spider-Man accepted Hunter's offer. When Spider-Man returned from the museum, having been sent there to case the place under the false pretense of taking photos of a statue, the Kingpin remarked that was what made him the boss, as he got other people to do the work for him.When Spider-Man returned the next day and left with another assignment to act as a courier, the Kingpin sighed at how easily he had duped the hero. After Spider-Man was framed for theft when a large sum of money he was unknowingly couriering and the statue he earlier photographed was stolen, the Kingpin, who had ordered the theft, counted the money the hero allegedly stole, remarking that the hero was no match for him and that he was capable of destroying Spider-Man at any time.H e would, however, give the wall-crawler a one in a million chance to survive, purely in the interest in making the game challenging.

When Spider-Man returned again following the theft allegations, the Kingpin watched from his workout room and directed Hunter to get Spider-Man to the diamond exchange for his next heist. Hunter then misdirected Spider-Man into repairing a downtown clock, secretly intending for Spider-Man's repairs to cause the clock to set off the diamond exchange's earthquake alarms, creating a diversion while the Kingpin drove to the exchange in his limo for a diamond heist. When the earthquake alarm went off as predicted, the Kingpin ordered his men inside to steal the diamonds on display. After the robbery, the Kingpin drove back to his office. With the diamonds in hand, he ordered he gang to take care of Hunter, as he was the only link between him and Spider-Man. The Kingpin, whose office was above Hunter's office, was later waiting for Spider-Man in the office's gym along with eight other marital artists. He ordered the men to fight Spider-Man one at a time but the wall-crawler offered to fight the remaining seven all at once (having knocked out the first one to attack). When Spider-Man webbed the group together, the Kingpin took the hero on directly, complimenting the hero's skill and offering him the position of being his new sparring partner. Kingpin pushed Spider-Man around but accidently pushed Spider-Man down an open elevator shaft, his momentum carrying him down alongside the hero. Spider-Man created a web across the shaft, which caught the Kingpin. He webbed him into a cocoon for good measure and declined the Kingpin's offer. The Kingpin was seemingly left in the shaft while Spider-Man returned the stolen goods to their rightful owners.

Comments: Created by Donald F. Glut and Marvel Productions, Ltd. (see Appearances list of list of artists involved).

According to a few online sources, the Kingpin was voiced by Stan Jones in the '81 Spider-Man series and Walker Edminston in Amazing Friends. Silvermane was voiced by Paul Winchell, "Man-Mountain" Marko was voiced by Jack Angel, Hammerhead was voiced by William Boyett, Caesar Cicero was voiced by Vic Perrin, Dr. Everett was voiced by William Woodson and Dr. Faustus was voiced by Dennis Marks.

His stats are from his 616 counterpart. No real name was given aside from Kingpin.

Profile by David Lawrence.

Earth-8107's Kingpin has no known connections to:

Caesar Cicero

Crimelord of the South, the diminutive gangster Caesar Cicero often juggled things and smoked. While meeting with Kingpin, he witnessed Spider-Man being tossed off the yacht and the Sub-Mariner subsequently being captured. Later, in the Kingpin's dining room, he panicked when Kingpin's dissolvent ate through the room. When the Kingpin was later defeated, he was webbed alongside everyone else.

--Spider-Man cartoon episode, "Wrath of the Sub-Mariner"


A member of the Kingpin's gang, Crusher expressed doubt about the Kingpin's ability to steal the Omni-Blaster. After expressing more doubt, he was shot in the neck by Dr. Faustus to demonstrate his psycho disc's power, turning Crusher into a mind-controlled puppet. He flew out of a nearby window on Dr. Faustus' orders and landed in the mud outside. 

--Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode - "Pawns of the Kingpin"

Doctor Everett

A scientist working for the Kingpin, Dr. Everett created a dissolvent capable of eating through any substance but only for thirty seconds. He had been dumping the chemical waste into the nearby river. He was later webbed up by Spider-Man during Spider-MAn's subsequent battle with Kingpin.

--Spider-Man cartoon episode - "Wrath of the Sub-Mariner"

Doctor Faustus

A scientist working for the Kingpin, Dr. Faustus demonstrated his psycho disc on Kingpin's unwitting pawn Crusher. He ordered the man to think he was a chicken before ordering him to fly out of the window. Later, Dr. Faustus watched from the shadows of the ESU gym as Captain America performed for the crowd. When the star-spangled hero was signing autographs, the scientist shot him with a psycho disc, placing him under the Kingpin's control. That night, Dr. Faustus betrayed the Kingpin when he shot the crime boss with a disc and (mistakenly) thought him under his control. When Captain America and a confused Iceman (who thought Cap was liberating the Omni-Blaster from spies) returned with the Omni-Blaster, the scientist promptly fired the weapon's heat ray at Iceman, disabling him. He took down Captain America as well, since the psycho disc was about to wear off, with the weapon's stun ray before ordering the supposedly hypnotized Kingpin to call him the boss of all bosses. Soon confronting the Spider-Friends and Captain America, Faustus gave the Omni-Blaster to the Kingpin and ordered him to get rid of the troublemakers. He was horrified when the Kingpin revealed that he was never under his control at all. Fleeing, with the Kingpin shooting at him, Faustus tried to escape through a door but ran head long into a nearly transparent wall of ice (thanks to Iceman) and knocked himself out.

--Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode - "Pawns of the Kingpin"


 Crimelord of the Midwest, Hammerhead was invited to hear the Kingpin's proposal about uniting all crimelords under his rule. He drank with the other gangsters on the Kingpin's yacht, saying little, but did respond to the Sub-Mariner's anger by claiming they had tossed over a "pesky bug" (Spider-Man). He watched silently as the Sub-Mariner was captured. Along with the others, he was later in the Kingpin's mansion dining room when Dr. Everett's dissolvent ate the doors, walls and floor during a demonstration of the dissolvent by the Kingpin. He was hugging the wall when Spider-Man webbed him to it during the subsequent battle between Spider-Man and Kingpin.

--Spider-Man cartoon episode - "Wrath of the Sub-Mariner"

Hal Hunter

One of the Kingpin's agents, Hal Hunter posed as a talent agent. When Spider-Man stopped a mugging, Hunter approached Spider-Man and offered to represent him. Spider-Man accepted his offer and Hunter assigned him to take photos of the Golden Boy, a valuable statue. He gave the hero a top of the line camera and sent him to the museum. Unknown to the hero, Hunter's camera actually revealed the museum's security layout, allowing Hunter to personally oversee the theft of the statue. The next day, Hunter claimed he had another job, couriering a million dollars across the city. He gave Spider-Man the details and a check. Again unknown to the hero, Hunter and his men had switched the cash with counterfeit bills. After Spider-Man escaped from the police following his framing for the stolen money, Hunter took instructions from the Kingpin and offered Spider-Man another job, that of repairing a clock whose chiming would set off the earthquake alarm at the nearby diamond exchange. When the Kingpin returned to the office following the diamond heist, he ordered his gang to take care of Hunter. Hunter, who panicked and begged Spider-Man to help him. Hunter tried to flee when Spider-Man fought the gang but was webbed up and left for the police.

--Spider-Man cartoon episode - "The Return of the Kingpin"

"Man-Mountain" Marko

Silvermane's driver and bodyguard, "Man-Mountain" Marko fought with Spider-Man several times. On the Kingpin's yacht, he held the hero tightly as the Kingpin gassed him with his cane. Later, when the Sub-Mariner attacked the group, Marko tried to fight the prince one on one but was chucked against the wall for his effort. Coming to, he was with Silvermane's side when Dr. Everett's dissolvent spread into the dining room during the Kingpin's demonstration of the dissolvent. He was later captured alongside his boss during Spider-Man's subsequent battle with Kingpin.

--Spider-Man cartoon episode - "Wrath of the Sub-Mariner"


Crimelord of the West Coast, Silvermane was speeding through New York when Spider-Man stopped his limo. Despite being wanted on the West Coast, the police refused to do anything more than give him a speeding ticket. Later, when the Sub-Mariner broke into the Kingpin's mansion during a meeting between crimelords, Silvermane ordered his bodyguard "Man-Mountain" Marko to attack. When Marko was swatted aside, Silvermane suffered a similar treatment and was shoved into a couch. He took offense at the treatment. Freeing himself from the cushions, he agreed to join the Kingpin but only if he could take care of the Sub-Mariner himself. He had the prince tied up over a vat of Dr. Everett's dissolvent and left the prince to talk business with the Kingpin. When the Sub-Mariner escaped thanks to Spider-Man and the dissolvent spreading across the floor, Silvermane hugged the wall in terror until he was webbed up by Spider-Man.

--Spider-Man cartoon episode - "Wrath of the Sub-Mariner"

images: (without ads)
Spider-Man cartoon episode, "Wrath of the Sub-Mariner" (Kingpin with cane (main image), in workout clothes, using cane on Spider-Man, Caesar Cicero, Dr. Everett, Hammerhead, "Man-Mountain" Marko images, Silvermane)
Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode, "Pawns of the Kingpin" (Kingpin headshot, brainwashed headshot, with Omni-Blaster, covered in mud, Crusher, Dr. Faustus)
cartoon episode, "The Return of the Kingpin" (Kingpin in karate uniform, Hal Hunter)

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