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Real Name: Hector Espejo

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Computer hacker/student

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: "Javier Espejo," "Teresa Espejo"

Enemies: Fellow students at his school

Known Relatives: "Javier & Teresa Espejo" (parents)

Aliases: "Dork," "Geek," "Nerd" (all insults given to him by students at his school), "The Prince of Hackers" (title given to himself), the Watcher (his internet screenname)

Base of Operations: Silicon Valley, California, USA

First Appearance: What If?: Captain America#1 (February, 2006)

Powers/Abilities: Hector Espejo had no superhuman powers but was an extremely skilled computer hacker. He managed to upgrade and customize his computer until it was able to hack into another reality (Earth-717) by tuning into ultra-longwave fluctuations in the other reality's modulated signal.


(What If?: Fantastic Four#1 (fb) - BTS) - For his fifth birthday, Hector Espejo was given his own website by his parents.

(What If?: Fantastic Four#1 (fb) - BTS) - Hector first started computer hacking at age seven.

(What If?: Wolverine#1 (fb) - BTS) - At age ten, Hector grew tired of accessing classified government files, not having much interest in government information anyway.

(What If?: Captain America#1 (fb) - BTS) - Hector made a name for himself on the internet as an extremely skilled hacker or worse, as the FBI and the Secret Service titled him.

(What If?: Fantastic Four#1 (fb) - BTS) - Just out of curiosity, Hector looked up celebrity bank accounts, war plans from the Department of Defense, and downloaded blueprints from Stark Enterprises.

(What If?: Captain America#1) - After installing certain upgrades on his computer, Hector managed to hack into the internet of another reality where he became fascinated with the differences between his world and the other reality. He first looked up old newspaper clippings on Captain America, who had first appeared in that reality during the American Civil War.

(What If?: Fantastic Four#1) - Hector searched the other reality's search engine (Oodles), where he looked up an article showing Bill Gates' second term victory and passage of the Climate Control Agenda. When his parents came to his door and told him it was time for lights out, Hector asked for five more minutes to work on a "research project" and his parents allowed him more time. What Hector actually did was look up information regarding the other reality's Fantastic Four.

(What If?: Wolverine#1) - Hector found a biographical novel online from the 1940s of the other reality he had been observing. The novel was written by Matteo DiPriggia, who was partnered with a man named Logan.

(What If?: Sub-Mariner#1) - Hector looked once again into the other reality he had been observing by looking up information on that world's Sub-Mariner.

(What If?: Daredevil#1) - After a late night of looking into the other reality, Hector discovered information about that world's Matt Murdock. Finding out that Murdock was an industrialist who had written a novel, Hector downloaded the audio version of the book and listened to it on the way home from Hermiston High School. Excited at the possibility at surfing the other reality's internet when he got home, Hector soon realized he had a book report due for his Literature class.

(What If?: Thor#1) - As he recorded a video of himself announcing his discovery of the other reality's internet, Hector realized that his video clip he was downloading from the alternate reality was finished. He then opened the video and watched a video involving that world's Thor. After watching the video, Hector was inspired by Thor's heroism and decided to delete the video announcing his discovery and make a different video while the video on that world's Speedball downloaded.

Comments: Created by Tony Bedard, Carmine DiGiandomenico, and John Stanisci.

Given Uatu the Watcher's appearance at the end of What If?: Fantastic Four#1, it's possible that Uatu was guiding Hector's viewings of the alternate reality.

Since Hector's parents were never named, I chose the names Javier and Teresa to distinguish them.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Hector Espejo has no known connections to

"Javier & Teresa Espejo"

"Javier & Teresa Espejo" were Hector's parents. "Javier" worked for Bill Gates and "Teresa" worked at Intel. It came as no surprise that their son would also be interested in computers and at age five, they gave him his own website. At his grew into a teenager, they tried their best to raise him right, not realizing that he had become a skilled computer hacker.

--What If?: Fantastic Four#1

What If?: Captain America#1, p2, pan4 (Hector Espejo, headshot)
What If?: Fantastic Four#1, p1, pan2 ("Javier & Teresa Espejo")
What If?: Daredevil#1, p1, pan2 (Hector Espejo, fullbody)

What If?: Captain America#1 (February, 2006) - Tony Bedard (writer), Carmine DiGiandomenico (penciler), John Stanisci (inker)
What If?: Fantastic Four#1 (February, 2006) - Mike Carey (story), Marshall Rogers (cover, pencils, & inks), Jonathan Glapion (inks)
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What If?: Daredevil#1 (February, 2006) - Rick Veitch (script), Tommy Lee Edwards (art)
What If?: Thor#1 (February, 2006) - Robert Kirkman (writer), Michael Avon Oeming (artist/cover)

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