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Real Name: Karant Kiar

Identity/Class: Extraterrastrial (Skrull)

Occupation: Prelate of the Seventh Quadrant of the Skrull Empire

Group Membership: Skrull military

Affiliations: Eternity, Galactus Survivor Fleet, Gladiator (Kallark), Lilandra Neramani, Uatu the Watcher

Enemies: Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Girl/Susan Richards-Storm, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Galactus, Nova (Frankie Raye)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile; formerly the Seventh Quadrant of the Skrull Empire

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#262 (January, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Karant Kiar possessed the standard shapeshifting abilities common among all Skrulls. He was an experienced military officer and a passionate orator with a penchant for flowery exposition.


(Fantastic Four I#257 - BTS) - Karant Kiar was off patrolling a far edge of the Skrull Empire when Galactus' new herald Nova (Frankie Raye) led the devourer to the Skrull Throneworld (formal designation Tarnax IV). Nova destroyed the bulk of the Skrull defence fleet, giving Galactus free reign to consume the planet.

(Fantastic Four I#259 - BTS) - Shi'ar Majestrix Lilandra Neramani learned of the destruction of the Skrull homeworld and had Reed Richards transported to a vessel in the Galactus Survivor Fleet. He was to stand trial for saving Galactus' life. Richards, by proxy, was held responsible for the billions of deaths caused by Galactus' continued existence.

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(Fantastic Four I#262) - Lilandra called Karant Kiar as the first witness in the trial against Reed Richards for saving the life of Galactus. He recalled how he was functioning as prelate of the Seventh Quadrant of the Skrull Empire when news reached him of Galactus' latest herald Nova engaging and destroying most of the Skrull fleet scrambled to defend Throneworld. He then described in great detail how Galactus had consumed his homeplanet and how the lives of seven billion Skrulls, including Empress R'Klll and Princess Anelle, might have been spared if Mr. Fantastic hadn't saved Galactus when he lay at death's door months earlier. Karant's testimonial really affected Mr. Fantastic, who tried to rationalize the inconceivably high death toll with the notion that saving the devourer of worlds felt like the only right thing to do at the time.

(Fantastic Four I#262) - Karant was among the assembled aliens subjected to the cosmic truth of existence. This knowledge was revealed by Galactus and the Watcher who joined forces to bring forth Eternity, who shared its wisdom with all present. This fleeting bit of all-encompassing knowledge was enough to convince Karant, Lilandra and the other members of the Intergalactic Council that Galactus served a vital purpose in the universe and that Reed's decision to save him was the right choice.

(Secret Invasion: Skrulls!) - Several years after testifying, Karant Kiar received an entry in the Skrull Warbook files, comprised by Skrull Chancellor Kal'Du by order of Queen Veranke. Kiar's testimony was retroactively deemed part of a humiliating moment in Skrull history. After all, the mighty Skrull Empire should not have begged for justice in an alien court.

Comments: Created by John Byrne.

Á propos of nothing, Fantastic Four I#262 was the first FF comic I ever read that had a Skrull in it. That makes Karant my first, so it's only logical I always had a bit of a soft spot for him. Although, for the longest time, I was convinced his name was Kariant Kiar, perhaps because it sounded better in my head. While writing this entry, I unintentionally misspelled his first name three times... 

Profile by Norvo.

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Fantastic Four I#262, p7, pan2 (main image)
Fantastic Four I#262, p8, pan5 (testimony)

Fantastic Four I#262 (January, 1984) - John Byrne (writer, pencils, inks), Michael Higgins (editor)

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