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Real Name: Gardner Monroe

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Unrevealed;
formerly criminal, actor, government agent

Group Membership: Omega Flight (Box/Jerome Jaxon, Diamond Lil/Lilian Crawley, Delphine Courtney, Smart Alec/Alexander "Alec" Thorne, Wild Child/Kyle Gibney);
formerly Beta Flight (Box/Roger Bochs, Marrina/Marrina Smallwood, Puck/Eugene Judd)

Affiliations: Alpha Flight (Centennial/Rutherford Princeton, Major Mapleleaf/Edmond Louis Sadler Jr., Nemesis/Amelia Weatherly, Puck/Zuzha Yu, Sasquatch/Walter Langkowski, Yukon Jack/Yukotujakzurjimozoata)

Enemies: Alpha Flight (Aurora/Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, Guardian/James MacDonald, Northstar/Jean-Paul Beaubier, Puck/Eugene Judd, Sasquatch/Walter Langkowski, Shaman/Michael Twoyoungmen, Snowbird/Narya, Talisman/Elizabeth Twoyoungmen), Rover

Known Relatives: Jennifer Monroe (daughter, deceased), Malcolm Monroe (son, deceased)

Aliases: Flashy/Flashie (nickname used by Diamond Lil and Puck)

Base of Operations: Calgary, Alberta, Canada;
formerly Manitoba Province, Canada

First Appearance:  (Seen) Alpha Flight I#1 (August, 1983); (identified) Alpha Flight I#11 (June, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Flashback possesses the mutant power to summon future versions of himself. These copies are under his direct mental control and automatically appear in an inverted variation of his own costume. Monroe has no conscious control over the when and where he draws his duplicates from. The upper limit of doppelgangers he could bring forth was never determined, though he once generated at least a hundred without showing signs of fatigue. As soon as Monroe loses consciousness, the copies return to their own time period. While certainly arrogant and full of himself, Monroe wasn't an evil person per se. He played the part of the villain, albeit unknowingly, with a little help from Delphine Courtney's behavior modification technology. After one of his future selves was killed in battle, Flashback panicked and dedicated his life to preventing that future fate.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black (with grey at the temples)


(Secret Warriors#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point in the past Monroe fathered his children Jennifer and Malcolm.

(Alpha Flight I#1 - BTS) - At some undisclosed point,  Gardner Monroe was approached by James MacDonald Hudson of Department H to join their superhuman program. After extensive tests of his temporal abilities, he was assigned to Beta Flight along with future Alphans Puck and Marrina.

   When the Canadian government disbanded Alpha Flight, the members of both Beta and Gamma Flight were turned away as well.

(Alpha Flight I#11 - BTS) - Months after Department H let him go, Monroe was approached by the android Delphine Courtney who scouted him for Jerome Jaxon's Omega Flight. Tempted by Courtney's lucrative offer, Monroe agreed to travel to New York City where he met his fellow recruits for the first time in an office in one of the World Trade Center towers.

(Alpha Flight I#11) - Unaware of the presence of a hidden Influencer that heightened their jealousies and phobias, it only took minutes for Monroe and the other members of Omega Flight to be at each others throats. If not for the timely arrival of Delphine Courtney (who planted the device), Monroe's arrogant and dismissive attitude towards Wild Child almost cost him his life. After Courtney used her control over Wild Child to calm him down, Monroe and the others met her boss Jerome Jaxon who revealed his purpose for assembling them: Revenge on James MacDonald Hudson and the destruction of Alpha Flight.

(Alpha Flight I#11 - BTS) - Delphine Courtney picked up Heather Hudson from the airport, pretending she was doing so on behalf of her husband James, and took her to Jaxon's offices inside the World Trade Center. When a frantic Guardian started looking for her, he was contacted by Jaxon via his headgear and directed towards the WTC.

(Alpha Flight I#11) - In preparation of facing his old boss, Monroe donned a new version of the Flashback costume and summoned three future selves while he joined the other members of Omega Flight in welcoming Guardian.

(Alpha Flight I#12 - BTS) - Sensing Guardian was in danger, Shaman summoned the other members of Alpha Flight and teleported them to their leader, who was in the middle of fighting Omega Flight. Before Alpha Flight appeared, Guardian had already taken down two of Flashback's duplicates.

(Alpha Flight I#12) - Considering the arrival of Alpha Flight a sign to start playing for keeps, Flashback tried to overwhelm the airborn Guardian by having no less than six of his fighting mad future selves slowly drag him down. However, the non superpowered copies proved no match for Guardian's battlesuit as he started picking them off one by one. Flashback himself was taken out by Puck with a single punch. As he went down, all his duplicates instantly vanished, leaving Puck to comment that Flashback was still too cocky for someone who had nothing else going for him but his temporal displacement trick.

(Alpha Flight I#12 - BTS) - Flashback and the other defeated members of Omega Flight were taken into custody, even as Jaxon, as Box, fought Guardian, inadvertently causing his death when Hudson was seemingly incinerated by his suit's malfunctioning powerpack. (see comments)

(Alpha Flight I#13 (fb) - BTS) - Following Guardian's seeming death, his wife Heather Hudson and Shaman visited Canadian government official Gary Cody to fill him in on what happened. Heather recounted the events that had led Monroe and the other former members of Beta and Gamma Flight to turn against her husband and Alpha Flight.

(Alpha Flight I#26 - BTS) - Out to avenge Jerome Jaxon's death, the android Delphine Courtney disguised herself as James MacDonald Hudson and tricked Heather and Alpha Flight he hadn't actually died when his suit exploded. Accepted back in the fold as Guardian, Delphine secretly freed Monroe and the other Omega Flight members from prison and ordered them to take over the massive West Edmonton Mall.

   This feat was made feasible thanks to Flashback, who used his powers to bring forth a hundred copies of himself who chased away shoppers and staff alike, while spreading the rumor they were going to blow up the mall.

(Alpha Flight I#26) - Courtney, as Guardian, acted surprised when Heather and Northstar sent him and the other members of Alpha Flight a heads up about the situation at the West Edmonton Mall. Meanwhile, Flashback and his teammates had set up ambushes for Alpha Flight. Upon arriving at the mall, Puck was surprised by Diamond Lil while Flashback tried to use his copies to take out Talisman (Elizabeth Twoyoungmen). In both cases, the fight was won thanks to Courtney who showed her true colors. In the end, Omega Flight stood victorious over the Alphans even as Delphine Courtney revealed her true identity to the horrified Heather Hudson.

(Alpha Flight I#27) - Sensing his daughter Talisman's distress, Shaman teleported himself, Aurora and Box (Roger Bochs) to the West Edmonton Mall where they were tricked by Delphine Courtney posing as Guardian once more. Claiming Alpha Flight had already defeated their enemies, Omega Flight actually propped up the unconscious Alphans to sell the deceit. This deception lasted until "Guardian" learned that Shaman had been keeping missing Omega Flight member Smart Alec inside his medicine pouch. Furious, the android grabbed the bag and flew off, turning it inside out in midair, thereby unknowingly unleashing the void universe that dwells beyond the mouth of the pouch. Watching the chaos unfold and claim Talisman, Courtney and Omega Flight beat a hasty retreat.

(Secret Wars II#4 - BTS) - Moments after Omega Flight fled the scene and Shaman had managed to restore order, the Beyonder appeared before Alpha Flight. The one from beyond had come to ask Shaman for a favor. As payment, he enlarged the mouth of Shaman's pouch to free Talisman who had been stuck there after saving her fellow Alphans from the universe inside the bag. He then reached in again to fish out a golden ring before teleporting away.

(Alpha Flight I#28) - Rushing across the mall parking lot, Flashback and the others were bitterly complaining to Courtney about Omega Flight's latest failure. Fed up with all the whining, Courtney grabbed Flashback to shake some sense into him. However, when a nearby parked car suddenly started changing shape, Courtney became terrified when she realized this meant Madison Jeffries was near. Fearing his mutant powers to manipulate machinery, the android had consciously decided not to recruit this former Gamma Flight trainee. A sensible choice, because Jeffries turned the random vehicle into a giant, super powered assault robot he nicknamed Rover. Upon seeing the motorized monstrosity, Flashback ignored Courtney's orders to defend her and allowed his teammate Diamond Lil to land the first punch.

   When Lil was knocked out after one punch and Wild Child also proved unable to stop him, the scared Courtney  grabbed one of Flashback's future men to block Rover's lethal metal claws. The future Flashback died almost instantly, causing the other copies to disappear as well. Flashback was left in shock, yelling at Courtney for murdering his future. After Jeffries used his powers to take out Delphine Courtney, he left Rover to guard Flashback and the others. By that time, Monroe had already succumbed to the fear of being a dead man walking. (see comments).

(Alpha Flight Annual#1 - BTS) - Hungry for revenge on Aurora and Alpha Flight who had been using her home as their base, the spirit of Gilded Lily somehow became infused with her house. Now somewhat corporeal again, she managed to access the team's Alphanex computer database and searched for potential pawns in her fight against the team. Lily reviewed several of the team's villains, including Flashback, Deadly Ernest and Pink Pearl, before deciding to go with her old flame Diablo.

(Alpha Flight I#51 - BTS) - Alpha Flight government liaison Gary Cody wasn't sure Heather Hudson had the right stuff to keep the newly organized team together. While mulling over his position on the matter, his thoughts raced back to the days when he and Heather's husband James had set up the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Flights, only to have recruits like Flashback eventually turn to the dark side.

(Alpha Flight I#52 - BTS) - Gary Cody reviewed some of Alphanex's data files and once again found his thoughts going back to the early days of the Flight, with the creation of trainee teams Beta and Gamma.

(Alpha Flight I#61 - BTS) - During a televised inquisition on Alpha Flight's future, Vindicator (Heather Hudson) declared that the government would no longer be able to stop the team from existing. She went on to claim that while Alpha Flight might have needed Department H's financial and moral support during its infancy, with the Beta and Gamma Flight teams, they had grown beyond that need.

(Alpha Flight I#66 (fb) ) - After Manikin (Whitman Knapp) became aware he was a character in a comic book written by Bill Mantlo, he angrily engaged the author in a discussion. Knapp noted that "all the horrors we've faced, the ceaseless succession of battles" were all caused by an "insecure scribbler vicariously living out a life of adventure through Alpha's adversity". To prove his point, a tableau of Alpha Flight fighting their rogue gallery appeared, including Flashback and his future selves trying to take down Aurora.

(Alpha Flight I#76 - BTS) - Eager to start their own superhero team after Alpha Flight disbanded, the Canadian government pardoned all members of Omega Flight in an attempt to recruit them. However, when Flashback didn't show up to be exonerated, it was generally assumed by the surviving members of Omega Flight that his past had finally caught up with him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#51 (fb) - BTS) - Wolverine (James Howlett) spotted Flashback and the other members of Beta Flight in a photograph while he was in Ottawa searching for Wild Child, who had gone on a killing spree.

(Alpha Flight III#9 - (fb) ) - Desperate to avoid sharing his future self's death, Monroe had started living a quiet, uneventful life. He figured he had beat the odds when he burned his Flashback costume, reasoning that without it he could never be summoned by his past self to die in it.

(Alpha Flight III#8) - To his shock, Monroe woke up one morning to find his Flashback costume dangling from his shower curtain rod.

(Alpha Flight III#9 - BTS) - Panicked by the notion he might soon die after all, Monroe decided to seek out his former enemies Alpha Flight.

(Alpha Flight III#9) - Monroe, wearing the Flashback costume he'd discovered in his shower, caught up with Alpha Flight moments after their fight against the mind controlled Japanese superhero team Big Hero 6. Surprised and intrigued by his old enemy's request, Sasquatch allowed Flashback to accompany the team back to the abandoned Plodex mothership they had been using as their base.

   Flashback pleaded Sasquatch to help him convince the real Alpha Flight to go back in time and prevent him from being killed. Slightly annoyed at the notion he didn't consider his team the real Alpha, Sasquatch went on to convince Monroe of the dangers involved with altering the past. However, when Flashback pointed out they wouldn't be altering the past by saving his future self, Sasquatch gave in. Reluctant Alphan Nemesis (Amelia Weatherly) revealed her enchanted blade Scell could send people to the past. She then stabbed Flashback to death, only to explain after the fact that Scell needed the blood of someone who had been there to reach the proper destination. Nemesis further rationalized murdering Monroe by claiming that if they were successful in preventing his future self's death in the past, all this would never take place as well.

   With Flashback dead at their feet, Sasquatch picked the proper point in time: The day before James MacDonald Hudson would leave for New York. Major Mapleleaf (Lou Sadler Jr.) offered to go back in time and tell Hudson not to go. Arriving in the past after getting killed by Nemesis' blade in the present, Mapleleaf quickly sought out and informed a baffled Hudson not to go to New York because the job he had been offered there by Roxxon Oil was actually a trap, laid out by his former associate Jaxon. Hudson thanked Mapleleaf who said goodbye and waited to be returned to the present.

   However, in the present Alpha Flight's Plodex headquarters was suddenly attacked by a batallion of Boxes.

(Alpha Flight III#10 - BTS) - Mapleleaf's trip to the past caused the alternate future known as Earth-5019. In this reality, the fact that Hudson never went to New York motivated Jaxon to abandon his revenge scheme, focussing on exploiting the Box robot he stole from Roger Bochs instead. Jaxon sold the design to the US military who mass produced the units, unaware that Jaxon was the one controlling all the Boxes with his own mind.

(Alpha Flight III#10 (fb) ) - Monroe and the other Omega Flight members were already in the United States by the time Mapleleaf caused the creation of Earth-5019. Jaxon used his former accomplices as cannon fodder in order to prove how combat capable his Boxes were. Earth-5019's Flashback was killed during the fight, while Jaxon's Boxes went on to conquer most of North America in one week.

(Alpha Flight III#10) - After the Boxes had been defeated, and with Flashback and Major Mapleleaf still dead, Sasquatch came up with a plan to deal with the new reality. He reasoned the best way to remedy the situation was sending another Alphan back in time to visit Hudson again. This time, however, to tell him he should go to America after all, and actively engage Omega Flight instead of waiting for them to make a move. Centennial (Rutherford Princeton) volunteered to deliver the message and, with a lethal stab from Screll, was transported to the past where Major Mapleleaf was still waiting for his temporal pick up.

(Alpha Flight III#10 - BTS) - Centennial met up with Mapleleaf and together they informed James Hudson of the latest temporal scheme. Hudson took this new advice to heart and saw the two Alphans out. To their surprise, they still didn't return to the present.

   In the present, Jaxon's Box army suddenly turned to an acid rainstorm that started to melt the ice caps around the Plodex vessel.

(Alpha Flight III#11 (fb) - BTS) - Centennial's trip to the past of Earth-5019 resulted in the creation of Earth-2530. Following the advice he was given, Hudson brought Alpha Flight with him to New York and took down Omega Flight before they ever could pose a serious threat. The team proved so popular, they decided to stay in the United States. At some unrevealed point, Flashback joined Alpha Flight.

(Alpha Flight III#11 (fb) ) - Flashback and Alpha Flight fought Onslaught, unaware that while they protected the United States, more than a hundred thousand unaccounted for Plodex eggs hatched in the frozen wastes of northern Canada. In order to prevent the alien menace from conquering the planet, Canada was nuked back to the proverbial stone age, which disrupted weather patterns throughout the country

(Alpha Flight III#11 - BTS) - In the present, with acid rainstorms still hitting the Plodex vessel, Nemesis reasoned the best way to return the timeline to normal was to tell Hudson and Alpha Flight to come back to Canada after defeating Omega Flight. Two stabs of her sword sent Puck (Zuzha Yu) and Yukon Jack (Yukotujakzurjimozoata) to the past, where they arrived in the World Trade Center offices used by Omega Flight.

(Alpha Flight III#11) - Completely unaware of the temporal situation, Flashback was playing chess with a duplicate when Yukon Jack and Puck showed up. Eager for a scrap, because a chess match against your future self is no fun, Flashback was ready to throw down along with his teammates. Yukon told Puck to go look for Hudson, while he engaged Omega Flight.

(Alpha Flight III#11 - BTS) - Puck ran into Hudson who was already in his Guardian gear and out looking for Jaxon. Right after she gave him his newest walking orders from the future, they were surprised by the arrival of Centennial and Major Mapleleaf, who had tailed Hudson when he left for New York. The reunited team made their way back to Yukon Jack who had just single-handedly defeated Omega Flight, only to be confronted by the original Alpha Flight.

   Back in the present, the acid downpour ended as the reality shifted from 2530 to 3514. Here, another surprise awaited Nemesis when representatives of the Canadian Militia for a Superhero-Free Country came knocking on the doors of their headquarters, demanding Alpha Flight's immediate surrender.

(Alpha Flight III#12 (fb) ) - Nemesis learned that stopping Jaxon in New York and returning with Omega Flight to Canada right away caused the formation of a giant Alpha Flight team that in the end would tear itself apart in a bloody superhero civil war. Out of this conflict, the Canadian Militia for a Superhero-Free Country emerged.

(Alpha Flight III#12 - BTS) - Fully aware of what she had to do: Inform Hudson to go back to Canada without a repentant Omega Flight in tow, she stabbed herself and transported to the past. There, she killed Heather Hudson from disturbing her husband while he raced against the clock to remove his defective powerpack.

   In the present, this created yet another alternate reality: Earth-4542 which saw the grieving Hudson, lost without his wife's influence, directing all his rage and loneliness into becoming ruler of the world. Hudson had sent Aurora to collect Sasquatch from the Plodex vessel, unware Langkowski was carrying Nemesis' blade in his fur. After learning what turn of events had set off this particular dead end reality, he stabbed himself and travelled to right when Yukon Jack met the original Alpha Flight.

(Alpha Flight III#12) - While Flashback lay unconscious on the floor and his past self was busy fighting Yukon Jack, Sasquatch reached out to Shaman. Telling the Sarcee sorceror all about his team's current temporal conundrum, he begged his old teammate to help out. Shaman did so by pulling seven wooden coins out of his pouch, each with a different founding member of Alpha Flight on it. When Shaman blew on the coins, the heroes on them turned to smoke and were sucked inside Shaman's medicine pouch.

   Back in the relative present, moments after Sasquatch's Alpha Flight had stopped the mind controlled Big Hero 6, Gardner Monroe showed up carrying Shaman's medicine pouch. Claiming he was honoring a request made by Langkowski years before that, he handed the artifact over to the curious Sasquatch and disappeared into the crowd again (see comments).

Comments: Created by John Byrne

Oy & gevalt... For a walking, talking temporal anomaly Flashback's story was pretty linear until Scott Lobdell decided to "help out" and resolve a 20 odd year dangler by throwing no less than five aborted alternate realities at it. Strictly speaking, all the Flashbacks appearing in these timelines differ from the 616 original, but in the interest of clarity and telling a coherent story, I've decided to incorporate them.

Following that logic, while there's no reason why the Flashbacks of Earth-295 and Earth-58163 couldn't get seperate profiles, both realities are so clearly connected to (and caused by) events in the regular 616 continuity, it made more sense to include them in the main Flashback's entry.

It was never explained how Flashback and the rest of Omega Flight got away after Madison Jeffries left his vicious robot Rover to stand guard over them. It's possible that Rover disintegrated shortly after Jeffries was teleported away along with Alpha Flight, thereby allowing the villains to escape. It's also a shame none of Monroe's future selves seemed able to talk... the possibilities for divulging winning lotto numbers or sports scores alone seem pretty lucrative to me.

It was probably simply a minor coloring goof, but: Flashback really shouldn't have worried when his old black hood/white body costume showed up in his appartment. His future selves all wore outfits with an inverted color scheme (white hood/black body), which the one in the shower clearly wasn't...So why worry?

Ron Frederick: My theory on the coloring in Alpha Flight III is that when Flashy graduated into Beta Flight and was given his costume, the costume was treated with an unstable molecular dye that reacts to the temporal energies he utilizes and it inverts the colors when he pulls back future versions of himself to the present. The reasons for this are two-fold:

  1. It makes it easy to distinguish which one is the "original" Flashback and which one(s) are "future men"
  2. The dyes allow Flashback to somehow mentally detect his future selves who are actually in costume, thus he wouldn't pull back any who are only wearing civilian clothes or (worse yet!) nude.
So, assuming my theory is true, that costume which was hanging on the shower rod (Alpha Flight III#8) would have inverted its colors when he went back in time and (potentially) could be killed by Rover, so he still had reason to be worried

James Hudson was not actually killed by Jaxon in Alpha Flight I#12. He was revealed to have survived by transporting himself throught a rift in space-time to the planet Ganymede 10,000 years prior to his seeming death. He returned to Earth in Alpha Flight I#90 after the alien Quwrlln had put him in stasis for 10,000 years.

Flashback's children both died in Secret Warriors#24 as part of Mikel Fury's Team Gray.

Continuity police stomps a mudhole in the reference to Omega Flight in S.H.I.E.L.D. III#1 (February, 2015). They were never seen and it is unlikely (or rather impossible) that an Omega Flight lineup consisting of Diamond Lil, Flashback, Wild Child and Smart Alec (as listed on omniscient Phil Coulson's computer) were laying waste to Baltimore at any point because Smart Alec was only active during one mission in NEW YORK CITY. Laying waste to Baltimore also wasn't really what they were doing at all. Their sole purpose was to take down Alpha Flight. Maybe a different version of Omega Flight was active in Baltimore.

Flashback, as part of Omega Flight, received an entry in the Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#9.

Profile by Norvo.

Flashback has no known connections to

Flashback of Earth-295 (Age of Apocalypse)

In his search for superhumans with temporal abilities, Magneto (Max Eisenhardt) had his young recruit, the mutant computer Know-It-All, use her technopathy to access Apocalypse's database to look for suitable candidates. One of the possible matches was Gard(e)ner Monroe who, like his 616 counterpart, also operated under the codename Flashback. However, since he was reported as Missing In Action (M.I.A), Monroe was passed over in favor of Illyana Rasputin.

--Generation Next#1

Flashback of Earth-58163 (House of M)

In the Scarlet Witch created alternate reality known by some as the House of M, Flashback was one of the few mutants who didn't agree with Magneto (Max Eisenhardt) ruling over Earth and making it a paradise for homo superior. He joined, among others, Baron Strucker, the Fenris twins and the Radioactive Man (Chen Lu) to form the rebellious Thunderbolts. During a raid on the Valhalla Mountain research facility in Colorado, the Thunderbolts met with heavy superhuman resistance, most notably from Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and visiting Kree dignitary Genis-Vell. Flashback tried to overwhelm Vell with his future selves, but instead his temporal abilities unexpectedly interacted with the Kree's cosmic awareness, forcefeeding Genis-Vell painful flashes of the 616-reality that spawned the House of M. Thoroughly confused by what he learned, the Kree soldier watched helplessly as Flashback got sucked into the timestream.

--New Thunderbolts#11

images: (without ads)
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Alpha Flight I#12, p32, pan1&2 (knocked out by Puck)
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