Membership: Box (Roger Bochs), Flashback, Marrina, Puck

Purpose: To train to become members of Alpha Flight

Affiliations: Alpha Flight (Aurora, Northstar, Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird, Vindicator), Gamma Flight (Diamond Lil, Madison Jeffries, Smart Alec, Wildchild)

Enemies: None 

Base of Operations: Department H, Canada

First Appearance: Alpha Flight I#1 (August, 1983)


(Alpha Flight I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Beta Flight was formed to train super-powered agents so that they could eventually serve in Department H's super team known as Alpha Flight. The group consisted of a mixture of those who had learned to deal with their powers and some that were still learning.

(Alpha Flight I#51 (fb) - BTS) - As Alpha, Beta and Gamma Flight all began, Gary Cody scoured Canada seeking recruits in the new organizations, eventually recruiting Roger Bochs, the Plodex Marrina, time-manipulating Flashback and the diminuative Puck.

(Alpha Flight I#1/Alpha Flight I#51 (fb)) - Despite protests against it by Gary Cody, the Canadian Prime Minister disbanded Department H, along with Alpha Flight, Beta Flight, and Gamma Flight, following a skirmish involving Alpha Flight, the X-Men and the monster Wendigo.

(Alpha Flight I#11) - After Delphine Courtney (secretly the robot MX39147) was made the assistant of Jerome "Jerry" Jaxon, she followed his orders and recruited the former Beta Flight members Flashback and Box into his newly forming Omega Flight.

Comments: Created by John Byrne (writer & artist).

Improved main image by Ron Fredricks.

Profile by Proto-Man

Beta Flight had no known connection to

Alpha Flight I#1, p3, pan3 (Beta Flight team pic)

Alpha Flight I#11 (June, 1984) - John Byrne (writer/artist), Denny O'Neil (editor)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition#9 (August, 1985) - Omega Flight profile - Mark Gruenwald, Peter Sanderson (writers), Mike Mignola (artist), Josef Rubinstein (inker)
Alpha Flight I#51 (October, 1987) – Bill Mantlo (writer), Jim Lee (pencils), Whilce Portacio (inks), Carl Potts (editor)

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