Real Name: Tito Mendez

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Information gatherer; possible power broker;
    former assassin for unspecified federal government

Group Membership: The Authority

Affiliations: Silver Sable, Spider-Man, various field agents, Specialists, numerous others;
    indirectly Flag-Smasher, Man-Thing, Carl Shuffler;

Enemies: Nicole Mendez, Sandman, Spider-Man, Uatu the Watcher, his former employers;
Doctor Zeus, Humanoids, Major Love, ULTIMATUM

Known RelativesNicole Mendez (wife, deceased), Rafael Mendez (father, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Currently unknown;
    formerly ### Riverside Drive (numbers not seen), New York, NY

First Appearance: (In shadows) Marvel Team-Up II#1 (September, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: When last seen, the Authority was virtually mindless.
    The Authority possessed a wealth of knowledge on all available sources. He utilized a number of operatives with specific areas of expertise, and he could collate all of the information he obtained, in order to make likely conclusions. He also used a number of field operatives to contact or observe others.
    His armor allowed him to access the internet, various forms of media, and to contact others at will. His base was packed full of data storage, surveillance, and other information technology.
    He briefly held the
Globe of Ultimate Knowledge, which granted him access to the nearly infinite knowledge gathered by the Watchers. It also allowed him to project blasts of force.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown (shaved bald)

(Marvel Team-Up II#5 (fb)) - As a child, Tito Mendez played in the pool, pretending not to notice as his father ordered the death of
Mister Yellow, a suspected cop who had been discovered within his criminal organization. Tito figured if anything would make his father love him less he didn't want to know about it.

(Marvel Team-Up II#5 (fb)) - Tito Mendez grew to adulthood, still blind and deaf to his father's role in the world.

(Marvel Team-Up II#5 (fb)) - Mr. Mendez bribed Albert, an old friend in Federal Intelligence, to get Tito a job that would keep him far away from his father's work.

(Marvel Team-Up II#5 (fb)) - Tito was married and went to work as a U.S. government assassin. Tito went about his job just like the rest of his life. He was comfortable killing people, as long as he didn't know anything about them.

(Marvel Team-Up II#5 (fb)) One Father's Day, acting on vague orders, Tito planted an explosive in a rented car, unaware that the bomb would kill his own father. Distraught, he confided in his wife, who revealed that she was also an agent of his employers as she pulled a gun on him. Tito wrestled the gun away from Nicole and killed her with it.
    Tito then realized that his own ignorance had made him vulnerable and had shattered his life.

(Marvel Team-Up II#5 (fb)) - Vowing never to be ignorant again, Tito spent his inheritance to endow the Authority, a formidable think tank for his personal use only.

(Marvel Team-Up II#5 (fb)) - The more Tito learned, the more threatened he felt and the more terrified to look away he became. The world was a stranger place than he knew, its hidden corners populated by gods, monsters, and unfathomable forces. To protect himself, he would have to become one of them; he would become the Authority.

(Marvel Team-Up II#4 (fb) - BTS / Marvel Team-Up II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Tito turned himself into an information guru, utilizing armor and technology that allowed him to access media and other information sources instantly.

(Marvel Team-Up II#3 (fb) - BTS / Marvel Team-Up II#5 (fb) - BTS) - The Authority sold information to various parties across the world.

(Marvel Team-Up II#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Authority had past dealings with Silver Sable, selling her information in exchange for a specific fee.

(Marvel Team-Up II#5 (fb) - BTS) - The Authority learned of the existence of the Globe of Ultimate Knowledge (a.k.a. the Ultimate Machine).

(Marvel Team-Up II#5 (fb)) - The Authority researched Spider-Man's powers, exploits, and behavior, hoping to see if he could be used to obtain the Globe. However, he actively avoided any efforts to learn Spider-Man's secret identity, knowing that if such information were leaked out it would hobble Spider-Man's effectiveness.

(Marvel Team-Up II#1 (fb) - BTS) <Six years after his father's death> - Seeking to learn more about Spider-Man, the Authority placed an advertisement in the Daily Bugle: "Spider-Man / South Central Los Angeles tomorrow / Millions will die."

(Marvel Team-Up II#1) - Seeing the advertisement, Spider-Man traveled to L.A., where he assisted Generation X in foiling a plot of Major Love and his Direct Euthanasia Action Division (D.E.A.D.).
    The Authority was amused that Spider-Man followed the instructions in the ad, and decided to continue to use this method of manipulating him. He sent another advertisement via e-mail to the Bugle: "Crete, Greece. Millions will die."

(Marvel Team-Up II#2) - Again responding to the ad, Spider-Man traveled to Crete, where he teamed with Hercules to defeat Doctor Zeus and his Menagerie of Myth.
    Now convinced that he could use the advertisements to manipulate Spider-Man, the Authority concluded that he could use Spider-Man for any task he chose.

(Marvel Team-Up II#3) - The Authority contacted Silver Sable, telling her he knew that she had been contracted to protect the European Union. He transmitted to her all of his known data on the renegade faction of U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. and the danger it represented to the E.U. He told her that he'd know if she used the info, and would expect his usual fee. The Authority told her to give his regards to Spider-Man, who called her for aid in getting back to the USA mere seconds later.
    Sable was quite happy with the Authority's information, which warned of an attack on the Channel Tunnel ("Chunnel"), but she was furious when he used his connection to her computers to upload her confidential files. As he explained his insatiable curiosity and locked her out of her own system to prevent her from halting the transfer, she turned her weapon on her computer, blowing it up.

(Marvel Team-Up II#4 (fb) - BTS) - The Authority paid one of his field agents to give Spider-Man his card.

(Marvel Team-Up II#4) - The Sandman informed Spider-Man of the existence of the Authority, sharing data from Sable's files revealing the Authority's interest in Spider-Man. Shortly thereafter the Authority's agent got Spider-Man's attention and gave him the Authority's card. Meanwhile, the Authority and his agents compiled data to discover why it was raining everywhere in the world at once. Learning that dimensional barriers were destabilizing (as a result of the heroes return from Counter-Earth (Franklin)), that damage to Asgard had sent the Norn Stones to Earth, and these factors had combined to reconstruct the Man-Thing (discorporated by Ashema) and scrambled its persona with that of a Norn Stone bearer, Carl Shuffler, the Authority extrapolated that the Norn Stones--which normally amplify power (and multiple stones amplifying power exponentially)--could amplify the Man-Thing's psychokinesis, causing everyone on Earth who knew fear to burn.
    When Spider-Man arrived at his base, the Authority told him he had been looking forward to meeting him. He then explained the current threat to Spider-Man, who used the information to locate and separate Shuffler, the Man-Thing, and the Norn Stone. The Authority was pleased with Spider-Man's success, but was disappointed when the Norn Stone vanished before it could be brought in for examination. Nonetheless, the Authority decided that Spider-Man owed him for the information he had provided, and that he would pay for it whether he chose to or not.

(Marvel Team-Up II#5) - When Spider-Man returned to the Authority's base demanding answers, the Authority told him that he would normally have earned $750, 000 from the leads he had given Spider-Man freely, and that the wall-crawler now owed him. The Authority showed Spider-Man the Globe within the Leader's former Italian base, warning him that the Humanoids within the base might gain omniscience from the Globe, but that it might also fail to dull their ferocity, which would make them a threat to all life on Earth. He gave Spider-Man a device that would allegedly vaporize the Globe, eliminating its threat, and then teleported him into the Leader's former base. Spider-Man overcame the Humanoids, but when he attempted to vaporize the Globe, he instead found that the Authority's device was actually a homing signal that allowed both the Globe and Spider-Man to be teleported back to the Authority's base.
    Placing the Globe over his own head, with his armor protecting from being overwhelmed, the Authority began to accumulate massive quantities of information. Information flooded to those nearby the Authority, namely Spider-Man and the Specialists, showing them an alternate Earth (
Earth-98151) in which the Authority accumulated ever greater knowledge until he controlled the entire universe. Unwilling to allow this to occur, Spider-Man leapt forward and tore the Globe from the Authority's head.
    Uatu the Watcher then appeared, revealing he had had to wait until the Globe was in the hands of someone who would surrender it to him willingly, and he then claimed the Globe. The Authority then begged Uatu to take him with him, to make him like him. Uatu told the Authority that he knew too much already and that the Globe was not meant for mortal minds, and he erased the knowledge of its existence from the Authority, the Specialists, and Spider-Man. The Authority collapsed to the ground as his knowledge faded, unable to recall anything, and he repeated over and over: "I don't know!"



Comments: Created by Tom Peyer, Pat Olliffe, and Al Williamson.

    The Authority's card advertised "Confidential Information / Services." Further, his phone number was (##8) 555-9243, and his website was www.authority.dat.

    The Globe of Ultimate Knowledge was actually taken from the Leader's Italian base by the Hulk and then taken back by Uatu, but apparently Uatu must have seen the Authority as a threat and somehow caused the Globe to return to the Leader's Italian base in order to eliminate him.

    It would appear that the Authority was not affiliated with Major Love or Doctor Zeus, but merely learned of their plots and used them to establish a connection with Spider-Man.

    The flashback origins of the Authority were given by Uatu, who also took a second to glimpse an alternate reality (Earth-9815) in which Spider-Man had refused to help the Authority.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

The Specialists have no known connection to:


The Authority


    Initially organized as a think-tank for his own use, it evolved into a high-tech organization, with Specialists literally plugged into information sources.


--Marvel Team-Up II#4, (named) 5 (5(fb), [1-3], 4-5






Nicole Mendez


    Tito's former wife, she was actually a government agent. After he had been tricked into killing his own father, she tried to kill Tito, but he wrestled the gun from her and killed her.


--Marvel Team-Up II#5 (5(fb)







Rafael Mendez


    A drug lord, he made efforts to keep his business separated from his son, Tito. He eventually bribed his old friend Albert to get Tito a job working in government intelligence primarily to keep him far away from his illicit activities. However, the ignorant Tito was eventually duped by his employers into planting a bomb into a car, not knowing that this was a car Rafael would be renting, and Rafael was killed by the bomb. He died on Father's Day.


--Marvel Team-Up II#5 (5(fb)




Mister Yellow


    Employed by "Rafael" Mendez and put in charge of the New York drug supply, he was discovered by other agents of Mendez in the process of copying the real shipping manifests. Mendez' men then worked him over and brought him before Mendez, who ordered him to be killed slowly.

--Marvel Team-Up II#5 (5(fb)





The Specialists


    Masters of their various fields--from mythology to dimensional physics to radiation-induced mutation to biochemistry as it relates to size-alteration--they operate out of the Authority's nerve center, from which they gather and analyze data from all over the world. However, they tend to be quite ignorant of matters outside of their own fields and are unable to extrapolate or correlate different types of data. They were quite averse to physical conflict.
    They all maintain shaved heads, black body suits, certain eyewear, and data feeds plugged directly into their heads.

--Marvel Team-Up II#4 (5





field agent


    Given a mission to give one of the Authority's cards to Spider-Man, the man got the hero's attention by pushing a large piece of masonry off of the top of a building over where Spidey was perched. Confronted by Spidey, the agent simply gave him the card.


--Marvel Team-Up II#4






Albert ??

    Albert, an old friend of "Rafael" Mendez, worked in Federal Intelligence, and he took some hefty bribes to get Tito a job that would keep him far away from his father's work.

--Marvel Team-Up II#5 (5(fb)






Known Inhabitants: Authority, Globe of Ultimate Knowledge, Humanoids, Spider-Man)
Classification: Divergent Earth
History: Earth-9815 is a divergent Earth on which Spider-Man refused the Authority's instructions to obtain the Globe. The Authority attempted to obtain the Globe from the Leader's Humanoids himself, but was slain in the process. The Humanoids then accessed the Globe, with each of them gaining advanced knowledge and intellect. They then spread across Earth, slaughtering all they encountered.

This reality was glimpsed by Uatu as he monitored the Authority's quest to obtain the Globe

--Marvel Team-Up II#5







Known Inhabitants: Authority, Globe of Ultimate Knowledge, Specialists, Spider-Man)
Classification: Divergent Earth
History: Earth-98151 is a divergent Earth on which the Authority used the Globe to assimilate ever more information until he controlled the entire universe

This reality was glimpsed by Spider-Man and the Specialists due to their proximity to the Globe when the Authority first donned it.

--Marvel Team-Up II#5












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