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Real Name: Cassandra Locke

Identity/Class Alternate/potential future (Reality-700's late 22nd century) human, civilian

Occupation: Historian, specializing in the Cold War era (1945-1989)

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsGene Omega-20 (significant other) and Pixie of Reality-700
    Mr. Justice (Tim Carney), Nightingale, Pixie, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Theodore "Ted" Twaki, Uatu the Watcher, Yankee Clipper (Pat Carney) (see comments) - all Reality-616

Enemies: Skrulls of Reality-700 (ambassador Zorn and unidentified others);
    the Ghost, Skrulls of the Reality-616 pre-modern era (Korya and unidentified others),
Yellow Claw (Plan Chu), Yeti, Fritz von Voltzmann (Karl von Horstbaden)

Known Relatives: Dr. Alexander Locke (father), unidentified mother (presumably deceased) and unidentified relatives

Aliases: "The Cassandra" (nickname used by Nightingale), "Lady" (nickname used by Pixie),
    "Your negress friend" (derogatory term used by emergency room physician in 1955),
"one foolish troublemaker" (nickname used by Ambassador Zorn)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
mobile throughout the 21st and 20th century;
    Tranquility City on Earth's Moon in Reality-700

First Appearance: Marvel: The Lost Generation I#12 (March 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Cassandra Locke aged at a considerably slower rate than modern humanity, only appearing in her late 20s when she was in fact well over fifty; she possessed no other known superhuman abilities. Remarkably bright, intelligent and inquisitive, Locke frequently risked her life if she felt it would help her uncover new facts. She was an intelligent, knowledgeable, and experienced historian.

    Cassandra wore a nanotech based tachyon belt of 22nd century design that allowed its wearer to make temporal and spatial jumps. Locke was somewhat adept at timing the jumps, though she lacked the knowledge of trans-chronal physics required to precisely time her jumps. This resulted in her getting drawn to pivotal, but extremely violent moments in the past. She used a number of small recording devices (on her wrist for one) to log all her research notes.

    When the Yankee Clipper wore the belt, he used it to amplify his physical strength and, at least once, to generate a protective force field. While Cassandra was undoubtedly aware of these features, she was never seen using it. According to Reed Richards, the belt was able to control all manner of energies.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 143 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#12 (fb) - BTS) - Sometime prior to the "modern era"/"Age of Heroes," the world's premiere superhero team, the First Line, and most of their allies and even some of their enemies lost their lives fighting off a Skrull invasion armada. Aware the planet was now left without any superhuman protection to speak of, with a follow up attack from space an accepted inevitability, the world's governments decided to covering up the Skrull incursion to prevent a global panic. As a result, the exploits of the First Line and the Skrulls' past transgressions never became public knowledge. Over the centuries, both the team as well as the Skrull invasion attempts were lost to time.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#8 (fb) - BTS) - Cassandra Locke was born in the mid-22nd century of Earth-700. An era of unparalleled peace,  prosperity and technological achievement. Mankind had unlocked the secrets of time travel using personalized belts based on tachyon technology to travel back and forth through time. However, to prevent the formation of divergent timelines, actual travel through time was forbidden. Cassandra, like her father Dr. Alexander Locke, devoted her life to the sciences. She studied to become a historian, specializing in the fifty odd years in the late 20th century that became known as the cold war.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#1 (fb) - BTS) - As a lover of history, one of Cassandra's favorite quotes became "history hath triumphed over time..." (see comments).

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#12 (fb) - BTS) - While on a dig in some ruins at an unrevealed site, Locke uncovered a time traveling tachyon belt that had been there since at least the 21st century. Intrigued by the fact such advanced technology had somehow ended up in the past while time travel was strictly prohibited, she held on to it.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#7 (fb) - BTS) -
In the late 22nd century, Cassandra and her father Alexander Locke were living and working in Tranquility City, a giant, domed habitat on the Moon housing millions. While there, Cassandra met and fell in love with Eugene "Gene" Omega-20, a cybernetically enhanced human being engineered to live in space. Fully aware her father did not approve of this relationship, Cassandra did not tell him that Gene-20 had moved in with her.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#8 (fb) - BTS) - In the later part of the 22nd century, the Skrull empire sent a diplomatic envoy to Earth led by ambassador Zorn. The Skrulls claimed to be benevolent, but at the same time they actively started to destabilize the formerly peaceful society by instigating old fears and prejudices (presumably using their shape-shifting abilities).

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#7 (fb) - BTS) -  Pixie the Eternal, who had fought the Skrulls as part of the First Line during the 20th century, was well aware the aliens were lying about their past. She traveled to Tranquility City where she tried to prove the Skrulls' duplicity. Shortly after she first met and informed Omega-20, she was noticed by Zorn and his people. Zorn decided she needed to be silenced and filed fake charges, claiming she had made threats against him. This caused the Tranquility police department to issue a warrant for her arrest.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#12 - BTS) - Intrigued by Pixie's claims, Gene told Cassandra who was fascinated and more than a little worried. Despite the fact it was strictly forbidden to venture into the past, the stubborn Locke used the tachyon belt to travel into the past to look for clues about Skrull duplicity during her area of expertise. 

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(Amazing Spider-Man II#16) - On her way to the 20th century, one of Cassandra's time jumps landed her in the heart of Tri Corp Research right in the middle of the Roma 14-X project, an important energy experiment conducted by Dr. Theodore Twaki. Realizing she was about to witness an event that would shape the future of mankind, Locke decided to stay hidden and observe. However, she was forced to intervene when Twaki's project threatened to end in disaster due to the unseen meddling of super-powered corporate saboteur the Ghost. When Spider-Man arrived to help out, Tri Corp security wrongly assumed he was responsible for the sabotage. To help out the hero, Locke revealed her presence and identified the Ghost as the real culprit. She then advised Twaki how to undo the Ghost's handiwork (claiming she learned the procedure in grade school physics). With the danger of a meltdown avoided, she then used her tachyon belt to disrupt the Ghost's intangibility field long enough for Spider-Man to land a punch that knocked out the villain. Locke figured she had best leave to prevent any further damage to the timeline, but found herself webbed to the floor by Spider-Man who demanded to know who she was. Cassandra explained she was from the future, on her way to the 1950s. She then prepared to time-shift away, but stopped when Spider-Man wanted to know something about his future. The historian explained her area of expertise was the cold war and that all she really knew of him was that he'd live to be a ripe old age. That didn't prevent the wallcrawler from asking about his missing wife Mary Jane (who at that time was presumed killed in a plane crash). As Locke activated the belt and shifted into yesterday, all she had time for was to ask, "Who's Mary Jane?"

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#12 - BTS) - Skrull emperor Dorrek VII had ordered an invasion of Earth, which caused a giant armada of warships to show up in orbit. The First Line, along with several of their allies and enemies, went forth to confront the alien invaders. These events were secretly observed by Uatu the Watcher and Stephen Strange (see comments) who was present in his astral form. Strange kept out of sight when Uatu picked up the temporal disturbance caused by Cassandra's time jump and diverted the historian to his lunar domicile. 

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#12) - After explaining who he was and why he had drawn her to him, the Watcher then showed Locke images of the First Line and their allies fighting aboard the lead vessel of the Skrull armada. Witnessing events that were not part of any official historical records, Cassandra immediately realized that Pixie had been telling the truth about the Skrulls. She watched as Uatu explained that the Skrulls had been aware of Earth for eons, but that the empire had taken a special interest in the planet since the dawn of the atomic age. Standing by while heroes and villains alike fell before the Skrull (with the Watcher pointing out that several ships filled with dead First Liners and allies littered the Moon), she begged Uatu to interfere. When he refused in light of his non interference oath, she decided she had to act and stop this slaughter before the Skrulls won and all of history was changed. Still unsure of the exact controls of the belt, Cassandra nevertheless managed to make a spatial jump onto the flagship of the armada. She arrived near the body of dead Skrull infiltrator Korya. Checking on her and confirming she was in fact dead, Locke was surprised by the arrival of Korya's super strong lover Yeti who ferociously swatted her aside, breaking several of her ribs before running off with his dead girlfriend. Writhing in pain, Locke was healed by the First Liner Nightingale who, to Locke's surprised, referred to her as "The Cassandra" (the two encountered each other in 1963, which was Nightingale's past, but also Locke's future.)

    After healing Cassandra, all the pain and death around her proved too much for Nightingale. She withered away in Locke's arms, in her final moments begging Cassandra's forgiveness for having failed to heed her warning. Confused by the encounter, Locke investigated the ship and eventually ran into the main staging area of the First Line's fight against the Skrulls. Once again, she realized the history books didn't include anything on these heroes or Skrull incursions prior to the founding of the Fantastic Four. Trying to take it all in, she was spotted by Mr. Justice (Tim Carney) who recognized her belt as the one belonging to his older brother, the Yankee Clipper. While he questioned her about it, a Skrull soldier shot Justice in the back, forcing Locke to run for cover. Catching her breath, she considered jumping back to Uatu's home to try and convince him to break his oath and help Earth. Before she left, she spotted First Liners Effigy (secretly the Skrull Velmax), Pixie, and Oxbow who were about to initiate a resonance overload in the ship's warp-feed phase-shifters that would explode the engines of every ship in the armada. However, their position was overrun by Skrull soldiers. Effigy was shot through the chest and, mortally wounded, reverted to his true form much to the shock of Oxbow and Pixie. While Oxbow went to deal with the aliens, Effigy instructed Pixie how to activate the overload before he died, claiming all he ever wanted to do was be a good American. Locke then ran up to Pixie, begging her to stop. Explaining she was from the future, Cassandra's frantic story was interrupted by Pixie who cynically stated that if Locke had indeed come from the future to warn them about this, she was a little late. This convinced Cassandra she needed to go further back into the past to stop these events before they could start. As she blinked out, Pixie pulled the switch and initiated the overload that destroyed the Skrull fleet.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#12 - BTS) - Using information his systems gleaned from Locke's thoughts and memories, the Watcher determined that following the Skrull incident the governments of Earth would be willing to invest in ways to help fight off a subsequent incursion. He learned that Reed Richards, Hank Pym and Bruce Banner would prove instrumental in the creation of a new generation of heroes. Uatu also informed the astral form of Stephen Strange he might play a part in what was to come.

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(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#10) - Cassandra's next jump took her to the First Line's base at the Carmody Institute in Maine at some point after 1980 (see comments). Checking her chronometer, she realized she had traveled to "quite a few years" before the Skrull invasion. Determined to find the First Line and tell them what was going to happen, Locke found herself in the middle of a battle between the heroes and a small army of Deviants led by Warlord Kro. Startled to see Yeti so soon (from Locke's temporal point of view) after he attacked her, Cassandra decided to steer clear of the conflict. Watching from the shadows, she spotted Colonel Nick Fury (who had tried to infiltrate the Institute shortly before the Deviants attacked), witnessed Effigy's shape-shifting and other new recruits like Morph and Rapunzel taking on the enemies. Locke used her data devices to log her findings, noting that these events proved the First Line did not break up in the early 1970s. She also witnessed the fusion between Walkabout and the Eternal Brain, thereby confirming that the renowned bio-geneticist William Carmody had survived the attempt on his life, contrary to popular belief. Intrigued, she followed Walkabout back to the battle and witnessed a conflict within the ranks of the First Line when Effigy questioned why the attackers seemed particularly interested in getting Pixie. This led her fiercely protective lover Oxbow to push him away. Before the shape-shifter could retaliate, Locke made her presence known. Introducing herself as "a friend from the future," Cassandra was startled to learn the First Line had had dealings with temporal conqueror Kang. Locke's explanation of the situation had to wait until the fight was over (which ended when Kro decided to cut his losses by "purifying" his forces, instantly vaporizing them).
    Joined by Fury, the First Line listened to Cassandra's story. Initially wary of her claims about being from the future, Locke managed to catch Effigy's attention when she mentioned the coming Skrull invasion. Freaking out, Effigy literally tried to shake more information on the invasion out of Locke, only to be stopped by his teammates. From their responses, Locke realized none of them seemed to know he was secretly a Skrull. Fascinated by the question why he would do this, Locke decided to look for an answer in the past. She phased out and, due to the counter wave now in effect, the First Line instantly forgot all about Locke and what she'd just told them.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#8 - BTS) - When her colleagues and father learned Locke had broken the rules by physically visiting the past, they immediately locked on to her tachyon belt. Unable to retrieve her, they instead decided to minimize the impact her presence could have by sending a counter wave along the timestream that would cause anyone who she'd meet to immediately forget about her after she left. This still didn't seem to appease Skrull ambassador Zorn who was furious about Cassandra's actions, claiming reality itself could be skewed by "one foolish troublemaker."

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#9) - Next appearing in the royal palace of Halwan around 1980, Cassandra noticed something different about the jump, describing it as "an odd field effect rippling in her wake" (the counter-wave taking effect). She was then surprised by the explosive arrival of First Liners Blackjack and Positron. Watching the two reformed villains in action made Cassandra realize she had joined the First Line on "the secret mission where it all went so horribly wrong." Locke watched from a safe distance how First Line member Black Fox fought off the Halwan palace guards, Realizing he wasn't just an urban legend as previously thought. She then encountered Nightingale again who recognized her. Nightingale explained to Cassandra they had come to Halwan to free Mr. Justice. Watching the First Line (many of whom she'd watched die only hours before) engage the Halwani forces, Locke stormed off to see if she could prevent the fatal fate of one of the heroes. However, she was captured by Scimitar, Halwan's hereditary hero who was offended that the Americans apparently thought so poorly of Halwan's fighting force that they'd send women against them. Locke was saved by the arrival of Blackjack, who after dropkicking Scimitar got completely disemboweled by the man's signature blade. Cassandra tried to apologize to Blackjack's lover, Positron, who held her dying man in her arms after incinerating Scimitar. Finding the grieving Positron in no mood to talk, Cassandra promised her she'd find a way to make up for this, even if it's the last thing she ever did.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#8 - BTS) - Cassandra reappeared in North Carolina, in late 1975. For once, she didn't find herself in any immediate danger which allowed her the opportunity to finally look for clues of hidden Skrull subterfuge. Planning to visit the New York Public Library, she spent several days traveling to reach Manhattan. Once there, she started reviewing news files and government reports to find undercover Skrull activities.

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(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#8) - After two days pouring over files and data, Cassandra continued to record her log while pretending to use a microfilm reader. She noted that she had found indications of possible Skrull activity on Earth dating back to as early as 1947. According to Cassandra, reports of flying saucers matched what was known of Skrull ships of that era, which confirmed the Watcher's claims and proved that Zorn's peace delegation hadn't been truthful. After finishing her entry, Cassandra left the library and wandered the streets of Manhattan, fascinated by the primitive circumstances the people of this era were forced to endure. Thinking to herself the high amount of pollution might account for the strange fashion choices of the time, she briefly considered using her future knowledge to help out. Instead, she decided to forge on ahead with her research into the Skrulls by traveling further into the past.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#4) - Jumping back 12 years according to her chronometer, Locke next appeared on November 21st, 1963 inside a Stark Industries facility in Dallas, Texas. There, the First Line had just fought Chimera and Howler. This battle had cost them the life of founding member Liberty Girl, who was so badly injured by Chimera that even Nightingale couldn't save her. When the healer spotted her, she once again referred to Locke as "The Cassandra," alerting the Yankee Clipper to her presence as well. The Clipper recognized the future historian as well and approached Locke to warn her about her fate (he had already met Cassandra in 1955). However, the tachyon belts they were wearing accidentally interacted with one another (they were actually the same device). Nightingale was caught in the temporal effect, which caused her to remember Locke even as Cassandra and the Clipper were sent bouncing through time and space; the Yankee Clipper was cast forward in time to 1985.

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(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#7) - Cassandra reappeared in the Himalayas, several decades into the future. With her chronometer on the fritz, she wasn't sure where or when she was, initially even fearing she was thrown back into a prehistoric era. Then, she spotted a flame trail she figured might belong to the original Human Torch (Jim Hammond). Following the trail to a nearby cave, she then realized it was actually Fantastic Four member Johnny Storm. Intrigued, she watched how the Torch was suddenly attacked by the First Liner Yeti who somehow had survived the destruction of the Skrull armada years earlier. The Torch's flame attacks scared Yeti off and left a tunnel leading deeper into the cave that Cassandra couldn't help but follow the two superhumans into. She was stunned to discover that at the end of the corridor lay Attilan, home of the Inhumans. Locke then realized Yeti must have been an Inhuman, just as her instruments picked up a Skrull saucer flying overhead. Using her belt's spatial jump capabilities she beamed aboard the ship to find, much to her surprise, the three remaining members of the Fantastic Four there. After she explained her purpose in the past and the fate of the First Line, the Thing was stunned to learn the Skrulls were responsible for their disappearance. Mr. Fantastic, however, claimed there had always been hints suggesting something like that had gone down. He then helped Locke reset her scrambled tachyon belt, which immediately sent her back into the past. Due to the counter-wave effect, the Fantastic Four instantly forgot all about ever meeting her.
    Dr. Locke appeared in San Francisco in the Spring of 1961. She found herself in San Francisco's Garment District, where the Claw (Plan Chu) had one of his many hidden fortresses. The Claw had managed to enslave Namor the Sub-Mariner (who, as far as Locke knew, was still supposed to be an amnesiac vagrant until well after the formation of the Fantastic Four).

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#3) - Locke observed from a distance how the Claw dressed up Namor as one of his armored henchmen and ordered him to join his lackeys in fighting the First Line who had broken into his base. Fascinated by the presence of the Claw, who was supposedly born in the early 19th century, she watched him make preparations to detonate a pocket bomb potent enough to destroy the entire facility. The Claw was stopped by the Sub-Mariner who had shaken off his mind control (thanks to Nightingale's aid) and the Black Fox who pushed the villain away from the explosive. However, this activated the dead man switch Claw was holding down, causing the device to detonate moments later. Frantically trying to activate her belt to get to safety, Cassandra managed to warp away, but was still hit by the blast.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#3 - BTS) - As an unforeseen side effect of Locke's fiddling with her tachyon belt, the Yankee Clipper's power belt reacted as well, suddenly projecting a force field that protected the First Line and their ally the Hipster (Fred MacRae) from the explosion. When the Black Fox later shared that he'd seen someone who looked a lot like the Sub-Mariner fighting the Claw, the Yankee Clipper realized they'd just been through the explosion Cassandra told him about back in 1955. With a grim stare, the Clipper came to the conclusion Dr. Locke was now on her way to meet him in the past, and her own destiny.

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(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#1) - Cassandra Locke's emergency jump brought her to the American South in the year 1955. She popped up in the middle of the road, right in front of the car of engineer Pat Carney. He managed to avoid hitting her by steering and crashing his car in a ditch. When he went to check on his near hit, he found the badly burned Cassandra, who immediately recognized him as Patrick Carney, the Yankee Clipper. When Carney asked what had happened to her, she explained she'd been caught in an explosion, while mentioning the Sub-Mariner. Figuring the woman was delirious, Carney took her in his arms and carried her to a nearby hospital. There, the doctor on call in the emergency room turned them away, claiming they were too backed up. When Patrick insisted, the doctor suggested he take "his negress friend" to St. Barts across town. Furious, Carney left with Locke only to be called back by a woman who witnessed the scene with the doctor in the waiting room. She loaned Carney her car to get Cassandra the help she needed. En route to St. Barts, Locke woke up. Despite her massive burns, she forced Carney to pull over and listen to what she had to tell him. After he complied, Cassandra explained who she was, where and when she was coming from, and the fact that back in her time extraterrestrials were trying to subjugate the human race under the guise of a peace mission. She then handed him the recording devices containing the evidence that proved the aliens (the Skrulls) had been meddling with mankind for centuries.

    Locke made Carney swear he'd help her ensure the data would survive until the the 22nd century. When Pat protested that there'd be no place on Earth safe enough for that long a time, Cassandra told him the only safe place would be the Moon. She then revealed to a shocked Carney that Americans would land on the Moon in 1969, making him promise he'd plant the devices on the lunar lander. While they continued their drive to St. Bart's, Cassandra told Patrick even more about his destiny as the first of a new generation of superheroes and a team he'd help start.

(Marvel: The Lost Generation I#1 - BTS) - Arriving at St. Bart's, Locke was immediately taken in for treatment. However, her burns proved to extensive, and there was no hope for her recovery. In her dying moments, Cassandra handed her tachyon belt to the doctor treating her wounds, asking him to give it to Carney. Just before she passed, she remarked to herself that she now, finally, understood how time was like a circle and that she wanted Carney to have the belt because it would help him in what he needed to do. 

    Upon learning of Cassandra's death when her temporal signal faded out, her father Alexander, lover Gene, and Pixie of Reality-700 swore to bring Locke back home so her sacrifice would not be forgotten.



Comments: Created by Roger Stern (writer), John Byrne (pencils), Al Milgrom (inks).

    Cassandra Locke's tale is one of those temporal paradoxes that tends to give me a splitting headache. The tachyon belt she uncovered on that archeological dig belonged to the Yankee Clipper who had it in his possession (presumably) until he died sometime in the 21st century. However, he got the belt from Cassandra herself back when she died in 1955. So, riddle me this: how could Cassandra have found the artifact when she herself hadn't even been to the past yet?
    --It's one of those Starbrand seems to have just created itself and entered a temporal loop at some point. Not an unheard of phenomenon in comics, but it does still cause a bit of a headache...--Snood.

    And, another thing: Locke discovered the tachyon belt on a dig (presumably) on Earth. However, she insisted the Clipper placed her data records with the proof Skrulls were up to no good on board the Lunar Lander. If she already knew the belt would survive for her to find it in the 22nd century, wouldn't it have been a whole lot easier if she'd included the proof as well? Ah, suspension of disbelief...

`While Cassandra Locke met several of the First Line  in the past, most of them immediately forgot all about her after she left. This was caused by a temporal counter-effect activated in her own future time to prevent the creation of divergent realities. Only a few First Liners could recall Locke due to special circumstances specified in their individual entries. For clarity's sake, I've decided only to list those First Liners who actually retained the knowledge of meeting her.

    Cassandra Locke is most likely named after the prophetess featured in the Shakespeare play "Troilus and Cressida." In the play, Cassandra's visions of future tragedy were ignored by those who were either too oblivious to heed her words or merely considered her mad. In the end, all she foresaw came true. In Latin, the male form of "Cassandra" is "Alexander," which also happened to be the first name of Dr. Locke's father.

    Dr. Strange having a little kaffeeklatsch with Uatu while Earth was being invaded always struck me as a little odd. Strange laments to the Watcher that he surely would have helped out "if only he'd read the portents in time." Letting an alien incursion pass you by is some darn sloppy work on the part of Earth's (future) sorcerer supreme. Also: the battle was still in progress, so you could have helped anyway, Steven (even though magic famously does little good against technology).

    Cassandra's favorite quote "History hath triumphed over time, which beside it nothing but eternity hath triumphed over." comes from the preface to History of the World, by British author and poet Walter Raleigh (1552 - 1618).

    For my money (and I bought the issue) having Cassandra appear in Amazing Spider-Man while she was heading towards the First Line's era was a genius piece of organic cross-promotion on Byrne's part. And using that logic, it would also be extremely easy to have Cassandra Locke appear in any current Marvel comic. After all, she's still making time jumps, heading for the 1950s.

    Dr. Cassandra Locke received an entry in The Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four.

    I'll get into this more in the First Line profile, but it seems that the series is pretty well locked in place up to Marvel: The Lost Generation#9, which is around 1980 or shortly thereafter. See the Eternal Brain profile for his chronology, and his appearances in the First Line obviously follow that first story. How far thereafter #10-12 take place is where things start to become increasingly problematic...

Profile by Norvo.

Cassandra Locke should not be confused with

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