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Real Name: Jack Holyoak

Identity/Class: Normal human magic user

Occupation: Adventurer, sorcerer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Doc Samson, Living Totem (Whistle Pig), Officer Nighthorse, Flora Punnett, Tina Punnett, Wolf Punnett, Dr. Strange;
    briefly Dr. Druid, Agatha Harkness, Hellstorm, Morgan Le Fey, Magik, Mephisto, Scarlet Witch (Maximoff), other mystical tutors

Enemies: Cold Winter, Cam Larson's spirit, Nightmare's monsters, Robot X, Leonard Samson (Earth-617), Dr. Arick Schnellageister, Weed

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Doc Samson II#1 (March, 2006)

Powers/Abilities: Jack Holyoak was an inexperienced magic wielder who fumbled magic spells, despite having been tutored by some of the biggest names in sorcery and mysticism.


(Doc Samson II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Holyoak studied under various mystics, including Agatha Harkness, Hellstorm, Dr. Druid, Scarlet Witch (Maximoff), Magik, Mephisto and Morgan Le Fey, learning about magic before moving onto the next master (see comments). Jack Holyoak became Dr. Strange's new apprentice. Strange told him to expect Doc Samson and then went into a trance for three days while his protege watched over him (Wong was absent).

(Doc Samson II#1) - Holyoak greeted Doc Samson and Tina Punnett, who had arrived to seek Dr. Strange's aid on a mystical matter. Holyoak summoned the "Sword of Surtur" to awaken Strange, but it instead transformed the sorcerer into a frog. Punnett restored Strange with a kiss after which Strange chided Holyoak and convinced Samson to take the junior mystic in. Samson, Punnett and Holyoak drove to the Joshua Tree National Park where the spirit of Cam Larson had been bound many years before by Tina's selfish parents. Holyoak tried unsuccessfully to summon a sand elemental to assist them and instead found Larson's ghost who unleashed the Living Totem on them, including Officer Nighthorse. Recovering later, Holyoak used his magic flame and a mystical knife to free Larson's spirit. Samson then agreed to Holyoak's request to stay with him.

(Doc Samson II#2 (fb) - BTS) - Holyoak, Punnett and the Living Totem moved into Doc Samson's city residence with Holyoak eager to do things, but usually ending with disastrous results.

(Doc Samson II#2) - Holyoak helped Punnett repair the inert Robot X at Doc Samson's household, attempting a binding spell on a screwdriver that instead activated the destructive robot, but Samson soon stepped in to knock it out. Holyoak had to clean up the mess as penance. Secretly hearing about Samson's colleague, Sam LaRoquette, leaving to join a commune, Holyoak mystically invoked an image of what LaRoquette was doing - farming. They traveled to the New Orgonon settlement in Maine to investigate. Initially suspicious, the commune's leader, Dr. Schnellageister, invited them to a meal, but Holyoak turned his nose down at the vegetarian fare, which was really from the hidden carnivorous plant, Weed, and would make those ingesting it highly susceptible to its wishes. After eating the food, Doc Samson quickly became violent and supportive of the settlement, but Holyoak, Punnett and the Living Totem were able to escape. Holyoak and Punnett returned with weed killer and helped destroy Weed, although they were briefly wrapped in the plant's spiny tendrils.

(Doc Samson II#4/1) - Doc Samson traveled with Holyoak, Punnett and the Living Totem to Las Vegas for a class reunion. Initially accompanying Punnett to an electronics fair, Holyoak and the Living Totem instead went to try their luck on the gambling slot machines. The evil Leonard Samson of Earth-617 brought them to special slot machines that transubstantiated and bound them inside the machines.

(Doc Samson II#5/1) - Punnett arrived and reversed the process and the three went after the extradimensional Samson, but Holyoak first marked himself in mystical protective symbols. Using a spell, the three found the room where Leonard Samson of Earth-617 had hooked up Doc Samson to a machine that would open a dimensional breach that would let loose the powerful beasts of Nightmare that had already decimated that dimension. The three fought their way past the creatures and released Doc Samson.

(Doc Samson II#4/2) - Back at Samson's base, Holyoak came across the Living Totem inspecting a mystical Kachina Doll sent to him anonymously, but actually housed the spirit of the Living Totem's old foe, Cold Winter. Holyoak left, briefly mocking his colleague, but the next day found the doll about to kill the Living Totem. Holyoak attempted a binding spell that instead incinerated the doll. Unknown to both, Cold Winter's spirit moved into a nearby Wolverine doll, but Holyoak instead shipped off the remaining dolls after selling them online on eBay.

Comments: Created by Paul Di Filippo (writer), Fabrizio Fiorentino (pencils) and Jimmy Palmiotti (inks).

I'm not sure how he managed to get in the good graces of various powerful magicians - even Mephisto - but it seems each one passed him onto the next after getting quite annoyed with him.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Jack Holyoak has no known connections to:

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Doc Samson II#2, p19, pan1 (main image)
Doc Samson II#2, p6, pan1 (casting spell)
Doc Samson II#1, p18, pan7 (handy flame)

Doc Samson II#1 (March, 2006) - Paul Di Filippo (writer), Fabrizio Fiorentino (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Doc Samson II#2 (April, 2006) - Paul Di Filippo (writer), Fabrizio Fiorentino (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Doc Samson II#4/1, 5/1 (June, July, 2006) - Paul Di Filippo (writer), Fabrizio Fiorentino (pencils/inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Doc Samson II#4/2 (June, 2006) - Zeb Wells (writer), Frank Espinosa (art), Mark Paniccia (editor)

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