Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Limbo) mutates (Space Phantom)

Occupation: Agents of Immortus

Group Membership: Space Phantoms

AffiliationsAnachronauts ("greenshirts"), Immortus (posing as Kang), Luna imposter, Mantis imposter, Neut

Enemies: Avengers (Black Widow (Romanova), Captain America (Rogers), Crystal, Giant-Man (Pym), Hawkeye, Hercules, Quicksilver, Swordsman (Jarvert), Thor, Vision, Wasp), Century, Iron Man (Stark), Edwin Jarvis, Luna imposter, Masque, Moonraker, Swordsman/Elder Cotati imposter;
Earth-96020 (Tobias only): Dr. Doom's guards, Edwin Jarvis, Howard Stark, Maria Stark, Tony Stark

Known Relatives: Space Phantoms

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Limbo

First Appearance: Avengers I#392 (November, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Like all Space Phantoms they possessed the power to assume the appearance and powers of virtually any single mortal being. At the point that they assumed a being's likeness, the model was automatically shunted to Limbo until such time as they assumed their own form or that of someone else. The person dispatched to Limbo had no recollection of being in Limbo and materialized exactly where he or she was when "shunted". With Immortus help the Phantoms could also assume appearances and powers of not existent beings. Through Immortus they also gained a full set of memories for each personality so that they couldn't be unveiled by telepaths because they really believed their own lies.

  As Tobias (main image, top) and Malachi (main image, bottom) they could both fly and possessed superhuman strength. They were excellent fighters with a doube-edged glaive and were capable to use guns. Their glaives were filled with technology and emitted an unidentified energy that could be used released in one shot or stored until someone was hit directly by the glaive. It could also reflect blasts from other energy weapons. This weapon could also be used to open temporary portals in the ground to give the weapons' user the chance to escape if needed. At least Tobias could shoot solar beams from his eyes. Malachi had a gem on his forehead with unknown purpose. Tobias was more of a fighter while Malachi put more thought into his actions and tried to protect his brother.






(Avengers Forever#8 (fb) ) - Two Space Phantoms were transformed into Malachi and Tobias by Immortus to pose as his children while he posed as Kang.

(Avengers I#392) - Luna opened a portal for Malachi and Tobias to get to Earth and catch the Swordsman/Elder Cotati imposter. They fought Swordsman (Jarvert), Vision and the Swordsman imposter for some time and defeated them. Malachi was going to kill Vision and Jarvert because he wanted no eyewitnesses, when Luna told him and Tobias that she couldn't maintain the portal any longer. Tobias grabbed Malachi and the Swordsman imposter and flew through the portal. Back in Limbo the twins brought the Swordsman imposter to their mother Mantis.

(Avengers I#393) - They saluted Kang when he returned from patrolling the borders of his realm. He told them that the safety of their home had been compromised and sent the twins to Earth to retrieve Iron Man. Some time later Luna and the twins arrived at Stark's house in Southampton and opened a portal for Iron Man, who had just been revealed to be the traitor among the Avengers, to assure his escape.

(Force Works#19) - The twins and Luna arrived in Limbo with Iron Man. They were present when Iron Man was greeted by Kang and his allies.

(Avengers I#394) - Tobias, Malachi, Neut and a few soldiers tried to stop Luna from escaping with Moonraker. They failed to stop her.

(Avengers: Timeslide) - The twins and several Anachronauts ("greenshirts") fought the Avengers in front of Avengers Mansion to hold them back from the portal in their sub-basement. Some Avengers still succeeded in reaching the portal. Tobias found them, but couldn't prevent some of them entering it after Hercules ripped the door to the portal from its socket. Inside the portal Century guided the Avengers (Black Widow, Captain America, Vision) and Jarvis to the past. Tobias also managed to get to the past and landed at the Baxter Building. He ran into Willie Lumpkin, who didn't know the Fantastic Four because they didn't exist yet. Tobias realized what the Avengers' plan was and went to house that would become Avengers Mansion in the future. There he killed the Stark's maid Emma and then went after Tony's parents. He attacked Howard first, but was stopped by Captain America when he was going to kill Maria. Tobias fought Black Widow and Captain America and defeated them. Again he was going to kill Maria, but this time Vision arrived to stop him. Tobias grabbed Maria at her neck and threatened to kill her. Vision left him alone and Tobias took Stark's parents and flew away with them to Doom's castle in Latveria. Tobias killed all the guards on his search for Doom's time machine. The Avengers and young Tony Stark found Tobias there and young Tony didn't wait to attack. Tobias gained the upper hand again and tried to bury everyone beneath the castle's walls, but only Stark's parents were buried and soon died. Tobias was now beaten up by Vision. Suddenly Malachi arrived with the time chair formerly used by Luna and took his brother back to Limbo.

(Iron Man I#325) - In Limbo Malachi talked with his mother about how she had met Kang. At the same time Tobias trained his fighting skills at Kang's side against Anachronauts ("greenshirts"). They killed them all, but Kang was angry at Tobias, who couldn't prevent the Avengers from retrieving the young Tony Stark from the past (Earth-96020). In another room Mantis suddenly left Tobias alone, who was surprised when she scratched him.

Some time later the twins teleported with Kang, Mantis and the Anachronauts into Stark's arctic base for their final confrontation with the Avengers.

(Avengers I#395) - The twins fought ferociously against the Avengers even used guns against them. Tobias was still defeated by Wasp and Hercules. Malachi tried to protect his brother and attacked Quicksilver and Crystal, but he too was shot by Wasp and then knocked out by Century and Black Widow.

Comments: Created by Bob Harras, Terry Kavanagh, M.C. Wyman & Tom Palmer.

Some people thought that Malachi and Tobias were Scarlet Witch's twins. This could've been the original plan because in their first appearance Tobias fought Vision with solar beams and even commented that the Vision had the same power.

Malachi and Tobias were two of the characters seen in Avengers Forever where it was revealed that the characters serving Kang during the Crossing were just Space Phantoms (and Kang was just Immortus).

They used the same weapon as Neut.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Malachi should not be confused with:

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