See also Aboriginal gods

Altjira - Aboriginal god - by Markus Raymond

B'Ngudja - Bane-empowered killer - by Markus Raymond

B'Ngudja - Aboriginal god - by Markus Raymond

Boomslang - Serpent Society - by Squeak

Boxers - Triad assassins - by Loki

Captain Australia - national hero - by Proto-Man

Cholmondeley, Herbert - WWII collaborator - by Prime Eternal

Cyborg Dingos - Reavers pets - by Darc-Light

Daramulum - Aboriginal god - by Snood

Dreamguard - Force Works character - by Markus Raymond

Examiner - Triad enforcer - by Marvellous Luke

Fat Man - Kid Colt foe - by Snood and Prime Eternal

Gateway - X-Men ally - by Norvo

Graham - Australian police officer - by Markus Raymond

Harrison, Rolfe - Leatherneck Raider - by Prime Eternal

Jack - Inhuman - by Chadman

Jack-in-the-Box - Weapon X operative - by Reddie

Jardine, Barry - Australian police officer - by Markus Raymond

Jolly Swagman - humor character - by Loki

Kangaroo - Spider-Man foe - by Stunner and Minor Irritant

Kangaroo (Earth-92131) - X-Men: Animated series character - by Marvellous Luke

Koala Kommander - Spider-Gwen foe - by Grendel Prime

Marmoo - Aboriginal god - by Grendel Prime

Mundy, Shane - bank robber - by Markus Raymond

Murphy, Jaboa - Korvac's ancestor - by Darc-Light

Nanjiwara, David - SHIELD agent - by Loki

Orphan - alien that crashed in prehistoric Australia - by Markus Raymond

Panacea - Inhuman - by Chadman

Rainbow Serpent - Aboriginal god - by Snood

Robbins, Alf - alcoholic robber - by Markus Raymond

Slipstream - X-Men member - by Norvo

Springs, Alice - actress - by Loki

Talisman - Aboriginal sorcerer - by Prime Eternal

Ugly John - X-Men character - by Grendel Prime

Wolverine (Earth-8107) - Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends character - by David Lawrence and Proto-Man


Blowfly - Tigra foe - by Markus Raymond

Fagin - Brotherhood member - by Prime Eternal

Unicorn - Stockpile member - by Gauntlet: Dark Rider

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