Real Name: Daramulum

Identity/ClassExtradimensional (Alchera/Dreamtime) god 

Occupation: God of the sky and weather

Group MembershipAboriginal gods (Altjira (Dreamtime god), Baiame (creator god), Gnowee (sun goddess), Mamaragan (lightning god), Marmoo (god of evil), Narahdarn (death god); , the Rainbow Serpent (fertility goddess) see comments);

Affiliations: Aboriginal tribes, notably the Wiradthuri and Yuin (see comments)

Enemies: Possibly Marmoo

Known Relatives: Presumably Baiame (possibly father with Birrangulu; or possibly brother);

Aliases: Dharamulan, Daramulun; likely numerous others (see comments)

Base of OperationsAlchera, the Dreamtime (extradimensional realm)

First Appearance(Real world) Unrevealed;
    (Marvel Comics, mentioned)
 All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z#3 (March, 2006);
    (pictured) Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica (2009)

Powers/AbilitiesLike other Aboriginal gods, Daramulum ceased aging upon adulthood and cannot die by conventional means. He is resistant to conventional diseases and injury, heals at superhuman rates and has superhuman endurance. Only dispersal of a major portion of his bodily molecules will cause death, and even then, a god of greater or equal power, or several gods acting together, may revive him. Aboriginal god flesh and bone are at least twice as durable as human tissue, and average gods can lift about 20 tons. 
    In some tribes, such as the Yuin, he is a supreme being and primordial god.

    Like other Aboriginal godsDaramulum can navigate the Dreamtime with ease. He is likely a metamorph, able to change his shape, making his body smaller or larger at will.

    He may or may not be able to shift all or portions of his body into the form of animals and other natural objects. 

    He apparently grants power to the medicine men. 

    Daramulun's voice is heard in the bullroarer, which is frequently called dharamulan, and in the thunder. Presumably, as god of the sky and weather, he can manipulate the weather at will.

    Daramulum may possess additional abilities unique to his godly role.

    Some sources report Daramulum as having only one full leg (see comments).

He plays

Height: Unrevealed (perhaps 5'10" to 6'5")
Weight: Unrevealed (some sources have discussed gods being 2-3x more physically dense and thus weighing far more than human, but that has not been confirmed and has been called into question)
Eyes: Unrevealed (presumably brown)
Hair: Black

Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica: The Aboriginal Gods) - The Aboriginal gods’ precise origin, like that of all Earth’s pantheons, is shrouded in legend. Most Aboriginal gods dwell in Alchera, a realm bordering the “Dream Dimension” of the demon Nightmare within the Dreamtime, the collective unconsciousness of all sentient beings in the universe. Alchera appears to be one of countless planetary objects existing within the Dreamtime and cannot be comprehended through reason.

    According to ancient myths, the god Altjira could not depart the Dreamtime without losing his powers. However, he directed the other Aboriginal gods to temporarily leave the Dreamtime and descend to the Australian continent within the Earth realm eons ago when the land was barren and featureless. The gods then shaped the landscape according to Altjira’s plan.

    The gods of Alchera have been worshipped by the Australian Aboriginal peoples from approximately 18,000 BC into modern times. Unlike many of their counterparts in other Earth-based pantheons, the Aboriginal gods are still actively invoked and worshipped on Earth by a handful of remote Aboriginal tribal groups.

(Myth history) - Daramulum played
an important part in initiation rites, separating the youths from their mothers and teaching them the Burbung ceremonies, and knocking out a tooth. He also granted power to the medicine men and influenced the development of the bullroarer, which is frequently called dharamulan.

CommentsCreated by unknown/unidentified Aboriginal people;
    adapted into the Marvel Universe by Anthony Flamini and Ben Oliver

    Courtesy of https://pantheon.org/articles/d/dharamulan.html:

The supreme being and primordial god of the Yuin. He plays an important part in initiation rites, separating the youths from their mothers and teaching them the Burbung ceremonies, and knocking out a tooth. He also gives the medicine men their power. Daramulun's voice is heard in the bullroarer, which is frequently called dharamulan, and in the thunder. He can change his shape, making his body smaller or larger at will.

His name means "Leg-on-one-Side," from dhurra, "thigh," and mulan, "one side." The Wiradthuri say that one leg terminates in a sharp point of bone. He is regarded to be a sort of half brother (or near relative) of Baiame.

    Here's a question that occurred to me over time. If the gods of Asgard are the Asgardians, the gods of Olympus the Olympians, and the gods of Heliopolis are the Heliopolitans, than why aren't the Aboriginal gods, who dwell in Alchera, the Alcherans?

    Most races of gods are descended from Gaea or have her involved early in their ancestry, so she may be his mother or grandmother. 

It may be that Baiame and the other Aborginal gods were singlehandedly created by Altjira in the Dreamtime, and it wasn't until Altjira sent them to Earth that they met Gaea's various Aboriginal personas and worked with her to create the features of the physical world. In that sense, Baiame would be more of a contemporary/partner of Gaea. That interpretation would also fit the fact that we established "Wuragag" (the first man) as an alias of Baiame, and his partner "Waramurungundi" (the first woman) could be another identity of Gaea.
--Anthony Flamini

    Some Australian/Aboriginal information, courtesy of the Marmoo profile by Grendel Prime:

    In the real world, Aboriginal Australians have a rich history spanning at least 50,000 years. At the time of British colonization and seizure of land (ca. 1788), there were about 400 different nations across the continent (and currently about 5000 different groups) with about 7000 different languages (and accordingly different names to various gods). Indigenous Australians are not currently confined to remote tribal groups.

    The Australian continent is roughly the size of the USA. Suggesting Indigenous Australian culture is homogeneous and has one language is as inappropriate as applying the same concepts to Native Americans.

Profile by Snood.

Daramulum should be distinguished from:

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Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica: Aboriginal Gods


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