Real Name: Brent McCinley

Identity/Class: Human (Australian) mutate

Occupation: Predator, shark hunter, black market trader

Group Membership: The Bane (Leo De Benning, Dolph, Francesca Lexley Grace, Mr. Robart, many others)

Affiliations: Coast guard of Sydney, Jenks, Red Lord (Bodb Derg), Tongs

EnemiesKnights of Pendragon (Ben Gallagher, Kate McClellan)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: McGinley Shark Control in Port Jackson, Australia (see comments)

First Appearance: Knights of Pendragon I#15 (September, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Empowered by the Bane McCinley can transform into a semi-humanoid shark-like form and a gigantic shark with fins and spikes on his back. In his semi-humanoid form he possessed enhanced human strength and in his full shark form the proportional snapping power of a shark (9,3000 newton at the front of his jaw and 18,200 at the back). B'ngudja apparently is resistant to pain and can easily survive deadly injuries. Injuries sustained in any form transfer over in other forms including lost limbs and organs. He presumably possesses a healing factor that regenerates him over time. He could apparently be killed by complete disintegration.

   McCinley poses as the ancient shark god B'ngudja.

Height: (Human) 5'11"; (B'ngudja) 30' (by approximation)
Weight: (Human) 195 lbs.; (B'ngudja) 5 tons (by approximation)
Eyes: (Human) Blue; (B'ngudja) Solid black
Hair: (Human) Black; (B'ngudja) none


(Knights of Pendragon I#15 (fb) - BTS) - Empowered by the Bane Brent McCinley posed as B'ngudja to attack a number of swimmers and surfers in order to turn public opinion against Australia's shark population. This facilitated the Bane's illegal shark-poaching operations.

(Knights of Pendragon I#15) - B'ngudja ripped apart a surfer at Port Jackson in Sydney, Australia. After he was done eating the surfer he returned to land and transformed back to human form.

(Knights of Pendragon I#15 - BTS) - The surfer's remains were found by the authorities.

   During their investigations of illegal hippo ivory trade author Ben Gallagher and reporter Kate McClellan met with Astra TV's owner Les Buchanan in Australia after the surfer's murder. Meeting them on his yacht he showed them the place where the surfer's body had been found and told them the authorities had nicknamed the murderous shark after the shark god B'ngudja. Buchanan then promised to bring them Brent McCinley back in Port Jackson because McCinley pretty much knew everything about sharks.

   While eating at a restaurant in Sydney Ben asked Kate if she would come along to meet McCinley, but she had other plans already because Les had invited her to dinner.

(Knights of Pendragon I#15) - Gallagher found crates full of hippo ivory at McGinley Shark Control warehouse. McCinley interrupted him and Gallagher confronted him about the ivory and told him that he had met McCinley's supplier Robart in Wakanda. McCinley wanted to know if Gallagher was a cop, but Gallagher ignored the question and enquired if McCinley traded sharkfin for the ivory. McCinley didn't understand what the problem in killing sharks was because he considered them a danger to humans. McCinley told Gallagher to arrest him or let him hunt down the killer shark the media called B'ngudja. McCinley asked Gallagher to come along for the hunt.

   Gallagher insisted McCinley to answer his questions from earlier while they were on the sea. McCinley admitted that he was trading sharkfin for the ivory and that he had a fine deal with the Tongs in Kowloon, who sold the ivory to the Japanese. The coast guard allowed him his illegal trade because he dealt with their shark problem in the area, which was a shame because the sharks were actually not the problem. When Gallagher asked him what was killing the bathers McCinley transformed into B'ngudja and tackled Gallagher into the sea. Completely transformed into his giant shark form B'ngudja attacked Gallagher underwater, wounding his chest. Hanging on to B'ngudja's chest the giant shark was unable to kill Gallagher, but Gallagher's blood drew a school of sharks to them. Gallagher was sure they would kill him, but the sharks attacked B'ngudja instead and left him for dead.

(Knights of Pendragon I#16 - BTS) - Kate investigated McCinley's warehouse on her own and found ivory and the heavily injured Ben inside. Ben revealed to her that McCinley was B'ngudja and a member of the Bane. Ben told her they had to search the property of Jenks in Cootamundra because McCinley had sold some of the ivory to him. When they heard a noise Kate thought it could be McCinley, but Ben assured her he had been killed by sharks.

(Knights of Pendragon I#16) - With a smoke in his hand McCinley, partially eaten, confronted Kate and Ben in his warehouse. He failed to light his cigarette when his lighter dropped to the ground along with three fingers. McCinley transformed into his humanoid shark form and attacked the duo, but Kate used her Pendragon powers to apparently slay B'ngudja by incinerating him with a powerful energy blast.

(Knights of Pendragon I#17 - BTS) - Ben Gallagher died at Sydney General Hospital of the injuries inflicted upon him by B'ngudja.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett & John Tomlinson (writers), Gary Erskine (pencils) & Bambos Georgiou (inks).

He is a Marvel UK character.

The sign on Brent McCinley's warehouse clearly said McGinley, but he was called McCinley throughout the story.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

B'ngudja has no known connection to:


(Thor & Hercules: Encyclopedia Mythologica) - B'ngudja was one of several shark gods sired by Tame (Kāne Milohai) and Haumea. In ancient times, he lived off the coast of Woodah Island (in modern-day Northern Territory, Australia) where he hunted dolphins in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

(Knights of Pendragon I#15 (fb) - BTS) - B'ngudja's attack on a dolphin-man in the Gulf of Carpentaria left a red stain on the rocks of Chasm Island that could still be seen to this day.

(Knights of Pendragon I#15 - BTS) - In modern times Bane agent Brent McCinley posed as B'ngudja.

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Knights of Pendragon I#15, p1, pan2 (main image)
Knights of Pendragon I#15, p18, pan3 (head shot)
Knights of Pendragon I#15, p19, pan3 (transforming)
Knights of Pendragon I#16, p7, pan4 (human form, partially eaten)
Thor & Hercules: Encyclopedia Mythologica, p5 (deity)

Knights of Pendragon I#15-16 (September-October, 1991) - Dan Abnett & John Tomlinson (writers), Gary Erskine (pencils), Bambos Georgiou (inks), Steve White (editor)

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