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Membership: Captain America, Captain Australia, Captain Brazil, Captain Britain, Captain Liechtenstein; formerly Captain Canada/Wolverine

Purpose: To fight evil by planning for every single scenario

Aliases: None

Affiliations: S.H.I.E.L.D.

Enemies: Plantman and his plant simulacra

Base of Operations: The All-Captains Squad HQ within a S.H.I.E.L.D. base

First Appearance: The Super Hero Squad Show cartoon episode, "O, Captain, My Captain!" (October 23, 2009)

History: (The Super Hero Squad Show cartoon episode - "O, Captain, My Captain!") - After Wolverine quit the Super Hero Squad in anger after not being able to find peace and quiet, he requested that Captain America reassign him and Cap did so, assigning Wolverine to his All-Captains Squad just as the team was being assembled to battle the South American rain forest, which apparently kept attacking anyone who got near it. When Wolverine remarked that he wasn't a captain, Captain America replied that he was now and redubbed Wolverine Captain Canada, giving the mutant hero a new costume to wear. Reluctantly donning the new costume and identity of Captain Canada, Wolverine entered the ready room of the All-Captains Squad HQ, where the bored team members attacked Wolverine when Wolverine didn't perform the All-Captains' salute. Captain America arrived shortly thereafter and ordered the All-Captains to stand down despite Captain Liechtenstein insisting that Wolverine hadn't performed the salute. Captain America then whispered to Wolverine that there were a few rules that had to be followed to be in the All-Captains, insisting that Wolverine need not worry before giving Wolverine a large manual of the All-Captains' rules. After Captain America told Wolverine to let him know when he was ready for volume 2 of the rulebook, Captain Britain helped Wolverine to his feet and introduced himself and the others. Captain Brazil introduced herself by kissing both of Wolverine's cheeks before the diminutive Captain Liechtenstein introduced as "tiny but economically prosperous." Captain Britain then called their meeting to order, asking Wolverine to take a seat but, finding no empty seat, Wolverine cut wires from the HQ's ceiling and set on them like a swing, much to Captain Liechtenstein's annoyance. When Wolverine grumbled that he didn't care that the S.H.I.E.L.D. property was damaged, Captain Australia handed Wolverine the "No Arguing Between Captains" jar and asked him to drop a dollar in it for arguing with Captain Liechtenstein. Wolverine put a $20 dollar bill on top of the jar before Captain America announced it time to move out for their mission. Captain Australia rushed past Wolverine, knocking him aside, but before Wolverine could get mad, Captain Brazil reminded Wolverine that the All-Captains code demanded that all Captains exited the meeting room in alphabetical order by country.

A short time later, as the All-Captains Squad set up camp near a South American village, Captain Britain flew around the area for recon, returning to report that he had found nothing amiss. When he asked if Captain America was sure it was the right location, Captain America replied that he was sure, as he had found discs and a broken security camera. Setting up a projection screen, the All-Captains Squad viewed the disc Captain America had found, learning that the trees had been attacking due to control by Plantman. After seeing the video, Wolverine announced that it was time to do some gardening but Captain Liechtenstein argued that they don't begin fighting until the All-Captains' briefing was over. Captain Australia reminded Wolverine of the argument jar before revealing that he had written a report on nearly every possible battle scenario against Plantman and Captain Brazil remarked that their rulebook stated that the All-Captains Squad planned everything. Wolverine, noticing some of Plantman's plant monsters nearing the group, then asked what the plan called for against a 100-foot plant monster. A confused Captain Australia began to open his report but the plant creatures arrived and quickly grabbed Captain Liechtenstein in their vines. Captains America and Britain were captured next, followed by Captains Brazil, Australia and Canada himself, Wolverine. Captain Britain managed to free himself and went on an airborne attack while Wolverine cut himself free before rescuing Captain Australia as well. Grumbling, Captain Australia pulled out his boomerang and cut Captains America and Brazil free. Captain Australia then hurled Captain Liechtenstein at an enemy plant and Liechtenstein cut the enemy apart with his ski poles before being captured in the mouth of a mutated venus fly trap. The plant soon spit out Captain Liechtenstein and was taken down by Captain Brazil's Sonic Samba, a compelling dance that forced the plant to dance until it knocked its own self out. When Captain America was taken captive again, Captain Britain ordered retreat per Captain America's strategic move called the Canoli Conundrum, much to Wolverine's anger. Aboard the All-Captains' jet, Wolverine chewed out Captain Britain and the other All-Captains for leaving Captain America behind but the All-Captains announced that they were with Wolverine in a plan to rescue Captain America, reminding him of the regulations for the Canoli Conundrum called for Captain America to allow himself to be captured so the All-Captains would know where to attack. Suggesting that Plantman was controlling the South American rain forest jungles due to his possession of an Infinity fractal, the All-Captains Squad soon learned from Captain America's tracer that Plantman was basing himself out of a greenhouse.

The All-Captains Squad then prepared for their assault, parachuting from the jet into the South American jungles. Finding the greenhouse surrounded by Plantman's simulacra, the All-Captains jumped right into battle, defeating the simulacra as Wolverine's super-senses picked up the true Plantman inside the greenhouse. Busting  into the greenhouse to find Plantman sitting below a captured Captain America, the All-Captains were soon all defeated by Plantman's plant creatures. Knocked back, Wolverine noticed the sun reflecting in a piece of broken glass and used a glass shard to reflect sunlight so intense that it downed the plant monsters. The other All-Captains followed suit, using the greenhouse's glass windows to burn the plants with sunlight and free Captain America, who took Plantman into custody. On the way back to their headquarters, Captain America commended Wolverine's work with the All-Captains Squad, proclaiming him a valuable asset, but Wolverine announced his plans to return to the Super Hero Squad, as the All-Captains Squad was a little too "by the book" for him. Admitting to Wolverine that he knew all along that the Super Hero Squad was a better fit, Captain America folded up Wolverine's Captain Canada costume as Wolverine asked why Captain America couldn't have just told him the Super Hero Squad was a better fit.

Comments: Created by Nicole Dubuc and Noxxon Enterprise Inc. (see Appearances list for full list of artists involved).

While not mentioned at all in the cartoon episode, the All-Captains Squad's Captain Britain was presumably a member of the Corps like all other Captain Britain counterparts.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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Captain Australia

Captain Australia was a member of the All-Captains Squad who seemed to enjoy writing extensive reports on battle strategies. He welcomed Wolverine into their ranks as Captain Canada and fought in a battle against Plantman's plant creatures before retreating to later help freed Captain America.

Captain Australia wielded dual, razor-sharp boomerangs in battle.

--The Super Hero Squad Show cartoon episode, "O, Captain, My Captain!"

Captain Brazil

The overly affectionate Captain Brazil was a member of the All-Captains Squad and welcomed Wolverine into their ranks as Captain Canada, constantly reminding of specific rules in the All-Captains Squad's manual. She joined the All-Captains against Plantman's plant creatures, downing one of them by utilizing her Sonic Samba to cause the venus fly trap to beat its head against the ground to the beat. She later accompanied the All-Captains in rescuing Captain America and defeating Plantman.

Captain Brazil could project sonic waves which, when combined with her dancing ability as the "Sonic Samba," could force enemies to dance along with the beat of her song.

--The Super Hero Squad Show cartoon episode, "O, Captain, My Captain!"

Captain Britain

Captain Britain was the second-in-command of the All-Captains Squad, leading the team in Captain America's absence after Captain America invoked the Canoli Conundrum strategy. He later joined the team against Plantman.

Captain Britain had superhuman strength, flight and the ability to project energy from his hands. He also sometimes carried a wooden staff in battle.

--The Super Hero Squad Show cartoon episode, "O, Captain, My Captain!"

Captain Liechtenstein

Captain Liechtenstein was the most argumentative of the All-Captains Squad, often provoking Wolverine/Captain Canada into arguments with him. He aided the All-Captains against Plantman's plant creatures and later accompanied them to Plantman himself, where they rescued Captain America and defeated the villain.

Captain Liechtenstein was extremely small in stature and wielded razor-sharp ski poles and a sky board in battle.

--The Super Hero Squad Show cartoon episode, "O, Captain, My Captain!"


Somehow obtaining an Infinity fractal, Plantman took over the South American rain forest, transforming its trees and plants into mutated monsters at his disposal. Deeply loving plants, Plantman based himself out of a jungle greenhouse and sent his monsters to attack anyone entering his precious forests. Eventually capturing Captain America from the All-Captains Squad, Plantman held him captive until the other All-Captains rescued him by reflecting harsh sunlight into the Plantman's creatures. Distracted by the damage done to his precious plants, Plantman was taken into custody by Captain America.

Plantman did not possess superhuman powers on his own but while wielding an Infinity fractal, he was capable of mutating plants into giant monsters and controlling various plant life.

--The Super Hero Squad Show cartoon episode, "O, Captain, My Captain!"

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The Super Hero Squad Show cartoon episode, "O, Captain, My Captain!" (all images in this profile)

The Super Hero Squad Show cartoon episode, "O, Captain, My Captain!" (October 23, 2009) - Nicole Dubuc (writer), Patrick Archibald, Vic Dal Chele, Dan Fausett, Gary Hartle, Mark J. Howard, Philip Pignotti, Clint Taylor, Byron Vaughns, Craig Wilson (storyboard art), Dell Barras (storyboard art, storyboard revisionist), Mitch Schauer, Gerald T. Galang (character design), Doug Ninneman (character clean-up), Don Cameron (CG prop design, CG background design), Roy Allen Smith (storyboard art, additional background design), Rozalina Tchouchev (additional background design), Noxxon Enterprise Inc. (animation services), Joel Moser, Thomas Moser (visual effects), Matt Barrios (animatic editor), Matt Wayne (story editor), Michael R. Gerard (director), Steve Ingram, George Rizkallah, Rob Walz (editors)

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