Real Name: Jack (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human Mutant (Australian)

Occupation: Unknown, possibly unemployed                                                              

Group Membership: Weapon X

Affiliations: Ballz; Meredith

Enemies: Sauron;
Probably the Director of Weapon X

Aliases: None Known

Base of Operations: Neverland, a concentration camp for mutants run by Weapon X;
     (formerly) Sydney, Australia

First Appearance: Weapon X: The Draft - Sauron (October, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Jack is a telepathic mutant. Overuse of his powers results in his body parts undergoing a kind of petrification process and breaking off. He seems rather nonchalant about this, in fact remarking that "it happens all the time," suggesting that they eventually grow back. The extent of his telepathy is unknown, although he appears to be mostly a mindreader.

History: (Weapon X: The Draft - Sauron) - During the "draft" for Weapon X operatives, Sauron was sent out to recruit Emma Frost. Frost, needless to say, was quite disinterested in the idea, and placed Sauron in a telepathic trance. When Sauron came out of his fugue he found that he had flown all the way to Sydney, Australia, the location of the mutant serving as his "plan B": Jack. Jack turned out to be a laid-back Australian Aboriginal who lived in a mobile home with his dog Ballz. More than a little startled by a pterodactyl-man tearing into his trailor, Jack and Ballz tried to flee in Jack's truck, but Sauron stopped them by slamming into the windshield. Temporarily stunned by this reckless strategem, Sauron was nearly roasted alive when Jack lit the gasoline spilling out of the truck. After knocking off one of Jack's hands, Sauron finally calmed Jack by explaining to him that the apparent attack was merely a recruitment mission for Weapon X. Excited to be joining up with a super-team "like the Great Lakes Avengers," Jack went to a local bank to tell his girlfriend Meredith goodbye. Just before they left for America, one of Jack's feet broke off, prompting Jack to ask Sauron for some duct tape. Sauron, who was hardly in his right mind throughout the entire Weapon X series, was confused by this request, and began to strike at Jack angrily. This incident pretty much reduced Jack to a torso, and Sauron brought Jack to Weapon X in a box. Jack was still smiling and relaxed even when the technicians examined him in this state.
Jack's relaxed attitude disappeared, however, after he met the Director of Weapon X, and learned his true plans for mutants.

(Weapon X II#5) - Jack was last seen hanging on the wall behind an interrogator in the Neverland concentration camp, serving as backup in case one of the questioned mutants lied.

Comments: Created by Buddy Scalera and Karl Kerschl.

Jack's fate is unknown, although Cable and pals busted up Neverland in Weapon X#10.

Profile by Reddie

Clarifications: Jack-in-the-Box should not be confused with:


Ballz was Jack's dog, presumably so named because Jack was a soccer fan. Jack left Ballz behind in Sydney, but not before pouring him lots of dog food and telling him to stay out of a neighbor's flowers. Ballz let out a mournful whine as Jack left with Sauron, presumably sending that Weapon X was up to no good.


--Weapon X: The Draft - Sauron


Meredith was Jack's girlfriend, a Euro-Australian who worked in a bank in or around Sydney. She is apparently used to weirdness, failing to freak out even at the sight of Sauron.

--Weapon X: The Draft - Sauron


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Weapon X: The Draft - Sauron (October, 2002) - Buddy Scalera (writer), Karl Kerschl (artist), Mike Marts (editor)
Weapon X II#5  (March, 2003) - Frank Tieri (writer), George Jeanty (penciler), Dexter Vines (inker), Mike Marts (editor)


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