Son of Santa


Real Name:  Daimon (last name presumably Hellstrom)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Reality-9078) Human/Demon Hybrid

Occupation: Unknown, (presumably) Lord of a realm of Hell, demonologist, exorcist, occult investigator, parapsychology professor

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Edi-Tor

Enemies: F'rahsti, Killer Kane and the Missile-Toes, the Reign-of-Terror-Deer, Elfthu

Known Relatives: "Stan" (father)
    formerly Satan (father), Santa Claus (father);
    note: These characters are the Earth-616 versions, and are just noted for quick reference, as the versions from Earth-9078 may be significantly different.

Aliases: Son of Stan
    formerly Son of Satan, Son of Santa

Base of Operations: Earth-9078

First Appearance: What The--?!#8/4 (July, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Presumably, the Son of Stan possessed the same powers as his 616-counterpart. He was seen firing blasts out of his trident/ski pole.


(What The--?!#8/4 (fb) - BTS) - Daimon gained various powers, due to being the Son of Satan. However, Daimon renounced the damnable ways of his father and devoted his life to opposing hell-spawned evil.

Son of Satan(What The--?!#8/4) - Daimon fought for the very soul of man-kind against a foul abomination of evil on a hilltop in Vermont. As the battle wore on, he noticed that his dialogue was filled with asterisks and that the abomination of evil was transforming into an Edi-Tor. The Edi-Tor had come to inform Daimon that the use of the word Satan on the cover of his book was bad for sales, and it would have to be changed. While Daimon pondered which name would be suitable, the Edi-Tor revealed that a name had already been chosen. However, due to budgetary constraints, they had to re-use the letters from the old logo. Therefore, Daimon would become the Son of Santa. Daimon met his new father, and bemoaned the stupidity of the situation. The Edi-Tor assured him it would not be that bad, and his paternal relationship would remain unchanged.

Son of Santa Shortly afterwards, Daimon melted the giant snowman F'rahsti and assured a confused crowd that he was doing the best he could. As time wore on, he fought the Reign-of-Terror-Deer, Killer Kane, and the Missile-Toes all while wondering when it would all end. After fighting and defeating Elfthu, he was accosted by people who had been given gifts by the creature. This drove Daimon over the edge, and his rant was heard by the Edi-Tor. While Daimon hoped to become the Son of Satan once again, the Edi-Tor told him he would instead become the Son of Stan. When Daimon met his new father, he immediately fainted.

Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek, James W. Fry III, and Brad K. Joyce.

It can be assumed that Daimon's history was much like his 616 counterpart, but only information confirmed in the story is used above.

I don't have the time to index all of the What The? stuff to tell which stories occur in the same realities. Presumably this is a unique reality, Earth-9078.

Profile by Mike Podgorski. Improved scans by Markus Raymond

Character name has no known connections to



The Edi-Tor was a member of an all-powerful race, embodied as a giant floating head. It was he who informed Daimon of each subsequent name change.  He was presumably modeled after editor Terry Kavanagh, who edited this story.
Actually, that image looks a lot like Al Milgrom, aka Editori-Al, to me.

--What The--?!#8/4


    Elfthu was a giant, elf-like creature who handed out presents. When Daimon defeated him, the crowd grew angry.

    --What The--?!#8/4


 F'rahsti was a giant snowman. When Daimon defeated him, the crowd grew confused.

--What The--?!#8/4

Kane and the Missile-Toes

Killer Kane and the Missile-Toes

Killer Kane was an evil, sentient candy cane. It was assisted by the Missile-Toes, which were flying disembodied human toes.

--What The--?!#8/4



    The Reign-of-Terror-Deer were flying reindeer, who were presumably troublesome.

    --What The--?!#8/4

images: (without ads)
What The--?!#8, p26, pan3 (main image)
What The--?!#8, p25, pan1 (Son of Satan)
What The--?!#8, p28, pan5 (Son of Stan)
What The--?!#8, p26, pan1 (Edi-Tor)
What The--?!#8, p28, pan1 (Elfthu)
What The--?!#8, p27, pan2 (F'Rahsti)
What The--?!#8, p27, pan5 (Killer Kane and the Missile-Toes)
What The--?!#8, p27, pan5 (Reign-of-Terror-Deer)

What The--?!#8 (July, 1990) - Kurt Busiek (writer), James W. Fry III (pencils), Brad K. Joyce (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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