Real Name: Marsdale (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Boxing agent, Criminal

Group Membership: Gang-With-No-Name (Clown, Death Reaper, Trapster, Whirlwind, Zodiac)

Affiliations: Red Ronin;
formerly Madame Fang, his gang

Enemies: HAMMER, Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Crusher Hogan, Bobby Chance

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Hydra airship at a scrapyard in McKeesport, Pennsylvanna;
formerly a gymnasium in New York City, NY

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#271(December, 1985)

Powers: Manslaughter has permanent analgesia (he is unable to feel pain). He is also very strong (possibly above human levels, but that is not clear).

History: BTS - At some point in the past, Manslaughter underwent an operation that made him completely unable to feel pain and possibly augmenting his strength.


(Amazing Spider-Man I#271) - Manslaughter and Madame Fang run a boxing gymnasium somewhere in New York City. Their finest boxer is Bobby Chance, but he does not want to renew his contract. When Manslaughter is about to attack (and probably cripple) Chance, the janitor of the gym, Crusher Hogan (the wrestler that faced Spider-Man waaaaay back in Amazing Fantasy 15) hits one of Manslaughter's goons with a broomstick. The ensuing fight (and shots) attracts Spider-Man, who defeats Manslaughter and his gang (with the help of Hogan and Chance) Spider-Man leaves the scene with the villains webbed, and Hogan and Chance exultant. He is presumed to be in jail.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#309) - Spider-Man, in search of a kidnapped Mary Jane, easily takes out Marsdale. Spider-Man attempts to force him to reveal who took her or where she is, but he has no idea. Spider-Man leaves, and the other fighters decide that they shouldn't be inimidated by Marsdale, and they should feel free to quit working for Madame Fang. The Marsdale rips the wall to pieces getting out of Spider-Man's webbing, and the other fighters decide that maybe they'll stick around after all.

(Dark Reign: Zodiac#3 (fb) - BTS) - Zodiac ambushed Marsdale in his neighborhood to get a chance to duplicate Marsdale's inability to feel pain. Zodiac stole the power.

(Dark Reign: Zodiac#1 (fb) - BTS) - Zodiac got him out of the coma Marsdale had been in for weeks. Marsdale was so thankful that he joined forces with Zodiac, unaware that Zodiac was the one that put him into the coma in the first place.

(Dark Reign: Zodiac#1 (fb) ) - Marsdale told Clown everything he needed to know about the abandoned Hydra airship Zodiac's team used as their headquarter. They felt both inspired by Zodiac and Marsdale told Clown why he owed Zodiac for bringing him out of a coma.

(Dark Reign: Zodiac#1) - Two days later Zodiac called Marsdale to ask him if their mole, Whirlwind, had called in that day. He hasn't, but Marsdale was sure Whirlwind would find a moment to do so.

(Dark Reign: Zodiac#2) - Marsdale, Trapster and Clown set up explosive charges in the basement of the hospital where Human Torch was brought after Zodiac attacked him. Zodiac blew up the building, but Insivible Woman saved her brother and everyone else in their vicinity within a force field.

(Dark Reign: Zodiac#2) - Marsdale attended the first official meeting of Zodiac's Gang-With-No-Name where Zodiac informed Marsdale, Clown, Trapster and Death Reaper how he hacked into HAMMER's security system to play out the scenario of an attack by Galactus on Earth to distract HAMMER from their activities. Zodiac's plan included sending the stolen Red Ronin robot to NYC to cause chaos.

(Dark Reign: Zodiac#3) - Marsdale used the distraction to go after Bobby Chance. He beat Bobby and everyone in the bar he found Bobby in to death.

(Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal Infinity Comic#8) - Marsdale was among a group of criminals in jail wanting to beat up Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz.

No known connection to:

Madame Fang has no known connection to:



Madame Fang seemed to be in charge of the operations in the gym, and gave orders to Manslaughter. Her final fate is unrevealed (she did not join Manslaughter in attacking Chance). She was still employing Marsdale when Spider-Man encountered him the second time. Marsdale went to report his encounter to her, although she was not actually seen. Her final fate is unrevealed.
--Amazing Spider-Man I#271 (309-BTS













(Amazing Spider-Man I#271) - Bobby Chance was a promising and talented boxer whose only mistake was to have signed a contract with Madame Fang and Manslaughter. He was good friends with Crusher Hogan, who often spoke to him about Spider-Man (shame none of it was true, though).

(Dark Reign: Zodiac#3) - Marsdale found Bobby and beat him to death as revenge for getting out of his contract in the past.
--Amazing Spider-Man I#271 (Amazing Spider-Man I#271, Dark Reign: Zodiac#3











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