Membership: Napalm, Sprint, Uzi, Vice, Windmill

Purpose: The Grip is Senor Muerte’s own private superarmy, protecting the druglord’s operations

Affiliations: Senor Muerte (leader), Allies of Tamone and other soldiers serving Senor Muerte; Enemies of Freedom Force (Avalanche, Blob, Mystique, and Pyro)

Base of Operations: A village church in an unnamed Latin American country

Appearances: Marvel Comics Presents#41/4 (January, 1990)

History: The origins of the Grip, and source of their exo-skeletons are unrevealed.

In the fight against drugs, Senator Kelly went to South America to get photographs for his “Just Say No” Campaign. He and his partners were captured by Senor Muerte’s men, and were to be executed when Senor Muerte changed his mind. In reality it was Mystique, leader of the government team Freedom Force impersonating Senor Muerte, who with her team had come to free Senator Kelly and his men. A little later the real Senor Muerte, suspecting something had gone awry, and his personal army of superagents came, but they were defeated by Freedom Force, who escaped  (with Senator Kelly and his men) in a helicopter.

Clarifications: Senor Muerte has no connection to:
Senor Muerte,
Ramon Garcia, aka Senor Suerte, @Luke Cage, Hero For Hire#5
Senor Muerte,
Phillip Garcia, the younger brother of Senor Muerte, @ Captain America I#224, and partner of Senor Suerte, Jaime Garcia, the youngest of the three Garcia brothers, @ Power Man and Iron Fist#56.

Vice has no known connections to:

Vice, of the Power Tools who served Dr. Karl Malus, @ Avengers Spotlight#29

agent Vice, of the Psi-Ops/Gauntlet, @ X-Man#37, 40.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell and Dave Cockrum.

Profile by the Beetle (Kim Henckel). This is/was the first profile posted from anyone besides me. I hope to get many more from Kim and any other "Masters of the Obscure."




Don't you think this guy looks like he could have connection to Carrion?

Senor Muerte - the leader of a drug cartel in Latin America. Senor Muerte is a cruel and calculating druglord, who will gladly kill any persons standing in his way. He swore he would rebuild his empire and track down and kill Mystique and Freedom Force. His name is translated in English as "Mister Death." Given his name and appearance, you'd expect some kind of "touch of death", but nothing of this sort was ever shown.


Napalm - Wears a bodyarmor, with the ability to produce Napalm, defeated, while trying to burn Blob, by Pyro who began controlling the fire coming out of Napalm’s bodyarmor

Uzi - Wears a bodyarmor, with the ability to fire bullets, defeated, when Pyro began controlling the fire coming out of Napalm’s bodyarmor .













Sprint was defeated by Blob when he smashed Sprint’s, Windmill’s and Vice’s heads together- He wears a bodyarmor . With that name, you'd thing he had superhuman speed, although this is not demonstrated. Presumably the bodyarmor gives Sprint more strength than a normal person, because he keeps hitting Blob, but can’t understand why he doesn’t move.

Vice was defeated by Blob when he smashed Sprint’s, Windmill’s and Vice’s heads together.- Wears a bodyarmor, with vice grips attached to it, that presumably allow him to grab things with great force.

Windmill was defeated by Blob when he smashed Sprint’s, Windmill’s and Vice’s heads together. Hewears a bodyarmor, with “windmills” attached to the back. He He can presumably fly and/or generate winds, but this is never shown.



Tamone - Senor Muerte’s lieutenant, who was ordered by Senor Muerte to execute Senator Kelly and his men, but was fooled by Mystique disguised as Senor Muerte not to kill them. When he discovered his mistake he tried to make up for it, by having his men shoot the prisoners, but they were defeated by Avalanche.


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