Real Name: Ricky North

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: None

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsHugo "Guy" Beaumontain, Bianca, George C. Cooper, Amos Culhane, Luke Jacobson, Daisy Kane, Mad Dog, Pettishford, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Anna Stasio, Mary Jane Watson

EnemiesBrutus, Sheik Ibn Bheik, Slasher (Elyse Nelson), Timas, Cleo Vanderlip

Known RelativesStephen James North (father), Caroline North (mother, deceased), Dakota North (sister)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Dakota North#1 (June, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Ricky North is a precocious teenager who has blindly survived several bouts with danger and daring. He has not had any formal training with guns or in combat, though his father and sister are both avid fighters.


(Dakota North#4 (fb) - BTS) - SJ took Ricky all over the world on various assignments.

(Dakota North#1) - When SJ sought to send Ricky to live with Dakota, Ricky was irate and argued until SJ, who stopped a hooligan from robbing Ricky's radio with a gun, promised to pay him $200 per week. Ricky soon showed up at Dakota's place, announcing he was there to live and making himself at home. Dakota was frustrated with him as her friend Amos Culhane showed himself out. Ricky lazed around all day until Dakota returned, finding him watching TV and eating snacks. Frustrated, she practiced a judo chop on him to show him who was boss. Bored, Ricky found a gun and decided to find Dakota. She called her client Luke Jacobson and his assistant, Anna Stasio, told him where to find them. He rode down on his skateboard and found Dakota and Luke being shot at by men in a warehouse. Dakota forced Ricky behind the car to protect him. The bad guy, Otto Shanks, came out and was shot by Dakota and knocked into a river. Weeks later, Ricky, dressed just like Mad Dog, he delivered the news to Dakota and Amos that her dad was trying to get a hold of her about her husband being in town.

(Dakota North#2) - In a new dress, Dakota furiously led Ricky to the Rainbow Room to meet her dad, when an arrow nearly struck her. Unable to find the would-be assassin, Dakota found a note attached to the arrow warning her off the case. In the Rainbow Room, they met SJ and his former CIA friend George C. Cooper, who was seeking Dakota's services. Dakota and SJ yelled at each other before the handsome Timas came and asked her dance. Cooper grew concerned when his security team wasn't answering his calls, and SJ warned him against hiding his team in the men's room anymore. As men drew in around them, he drew out cards to play poker with Ricky. As Dakota informed them she would take the case and that Timas had tried to kill her with an arrow, Cooper lost his poker match to Ricky and gave him the gold pen to hold onto. Ricky gladly took it and showed himself out, despite SJ's reservations. Ricky pestered Mad Dog for attention, but Mad Dog pushed him out the door. He went out in the streets, playing with his pen as he walked. He was soon approached by model Daisy Kane, who asked him to accompany her to the airport, and she shamelessly flirted with him on the way. Daisy convinced Ricky to go to Europe with her, and they played poker on the way. They soon arrived in Paris.

(Dakota North#3) - In Paris and with few resources, Ricky convinced Daisy to find his dad's ally Guy Beaumontain so they could find some cash. Ricky and Daisy found Guy, who called SJ and arranged for Ricky to have funds to get home. He escorted them out, recounting his history with SJ as they walked. As Guy waited, Ricky forged his dad's signature to obtain more funds as Daisy flirted with him. Ricky and Daisy listened to Guy's long stories, but rushed into the subway when Guy left for the bathroom. Ricky waited while Daisy went shopping, and she soon returned to tell him she'd bought train tickets for that evening. She gave him a ticket to the Pompidou Museum while she went on an assignment. Ricky checked into the museum, playing with the pen and not hearing Dakota yelling at him due to his headphones. Ricky later met Daisy on the train and he nearly heard Dakota shout a warning to him, but Daisy distracted him.

(Dakota North#4) - Dakota kept screaming out warnings, but Ricky couldn't hear her clearly. Soon, he and Daisy moved to the car of Sheik Ibn Bheik, who she claimed to know from her modeling days. In the car, she said hello to her friends, including Bianca, then pulled Ricky into a private car to be alone with him. The butler Pettishford agreed to get him a chocolate malt. Ricky was surprised to see a change in terrain out the window, not knowing the entire train car had been dislodged. Daisy distracted him further by showing him all the Sheik's guns. Ricky kept playing poker with Daisy, not knowing the car was moving independently in Switzerland toward the Sheik's estate. When she asked about his pen again, Pettishford grew furious and grabbed a gun as she seized the wheel. Pettishford demanded the pen, but Ricky kicked him in the stomach, kissed Daisy, and jumped free of the car as it crashed into the building. Ricky hid out, waiting until he could call Dakota for help. Amos and Dakota found Ricky and she embraced him while yelling at him for disappearing. Amos broke them up and they realized that Sheik Ibn Bheik was approaching with armed men on horseback. As Amos and Ricky ran for it, Dakota drew the men off, though they quickly gassed her. She woke up in restraints in his home, where Ricky and Amos were tied up as well. Ricky refused to reveal the location of the pen, so the Sheik had his falcon Brutus destroy several little birds, then threatened to send Brutus against Dakota.

(Dakota North#5) - As the Sheik and his men kept searching for the pen, Ricky was shocked to hear that it was full of nerve gas. The Sheik furiously sent Brutus against Dakota, who managed to duck it at the last second, though tied to a chair. As the bird flew at her again, Ricky sarcastically asked her to be quiet while he watched cartoons. The bird tore open Dakota's pants as the Sheik and his men laughed, then she managed to arrange herself so the claws slashed through her ropes. She kicked Brutus, who flew down at her again. Dakota managed to break the leg off her chair and she knocked the bird out of the air. Furious, Sheik grabbed Rick and put his chair in a pool of water. He then grabbed a TV, threatening to drop it and electrocute him, but Dakota jumped at Ricky and knocked him free. Sheik drew a gun, determined to end things, but Amos managed to trip him, causing Sheik to drop the TV and electrocute himself. Dakota freed Amos and Ricky and they jumped at the others. Ricky revealed he'd hid the pen in the pocket of one of the men. He grabbed the pen and forced them to drop their guns or he would break the pen. The trio rushed out and found a car to escape in, not noticing one of the men had stolen the pen again. Amos kissed Dakota as Ricky noticed the pen was gone. The Sheik and his men fought over the pen, breaking it open and setting the gas free, and Dakota soon found them dead. The group returned to the USA and were greeted by Mad Dog and Cooper. When the doorbell rang, Daisy entered, asking if she could stay.

(Web Of Spider-Man I#37) - Ricky was still living with Dakota and tagged along when she was hired by a coalition of modeling firms to investigate a series of murders of super models by a killer called the Slasher. After Dakota inspected the body of the latest victim, Ricky reminded her that their father's birthday was coming up and suggested that they should visit or at least call him. Ricky questioned whether or not Dakota loved her own father, and Dakota told him that it was because she loved him that she stayed away, since the two of them couldn't stand each other. Days later, Dakota and Ricky met with super model Elyse Nelson, and her friend and fellow model Mary Jane Watson. Elyse had worked at every fashion expo the Slasher had struck at, so they suspected he might be obsessed with her and decided to keep an eye on her. A few days later, at the Fall Fashion Expo, Dakota assigned Ricky to look after the girls but he got distracted talking to a group of super-models who seemed to be interested in him. He regained his focus when Dakota radioed him, and he noted a suspicious looking man who was going to the opposite way from the rest of the crowd. While Dakota pursued the suspect, she sent Ricky and Spider-Man to find Elyse and MJ. Ricky went, but Spider-Man chased after Dakota and helped her catch the suspect, but he turned out to be a decoy. Dakota and Spider-Man managed to find MJ in time to save her from the real Slasher, who was revealed to be Elyse.

Comments: Created by Martha Thomases and Tony Salmons.

Thanks to Mike McDermott for adding Ricky's missed appearance from Web of Spider-Man I#37.


Profile by Chadman.

Ricky North has no known connections to

Hugo "Guy" Beaumontain

(Dakota North#3) - An old ally of SJ North, Guy Beaumontain was contacted by SJ's son Ricky and young model Daisy Kane in Paris. Guy called SJ and arranged for Ricky to have funds to get home. He escorted them out, recounting his history with SJ as they walked. As Guy waited, Ricky forged his dad's signature to obtain more funds as Daisy flirted with him. Ricky and Daisy listened to Guy's long stories, but rushed into the subway when Guy left for the bathroom. Dakota North and her ally Yvon entered and learned that Ricky had just been there.

--Dakota North#3


(Dakota North#4 - BTS) - A modeling friend of Daisy Kane, Bianca said hello to her friend aboard the Orient Express.

--Dakota North#4 (Dakota North#4 - BTS

Mad Dog

(Robert Morales)

(Dakota North#1) - Mad Dog was training in gunfire with Dakota, shooting at cardboard cutouts, though he quickly had to rush to get the phone. Weeks later, Mad Dog, with Dakota's brother Ricky dressed just like him, he delivered the news to Dakota and Amos that her dad was trying to get a hold of her about her husband being in town.

(Dakota North#2) - Mad Dog rushed the pestering Ricky out so he could get some work done. Mad Dog later served his special sushi recipe to Dakota, Amos, and George Cooper. He convinced Amos that Dakota's heart was not yet taken. Mad Dog and Amos were there later with SJ, Cooper, and Dakota when they realized Ricky was missing.

(Dakota North#3) - Dakota was furious at SJ for Ricky being missing, kicking over one of her targets until Amos restrained her, seeking to calm her down, but she rushed out. SJ gave Dakota the news that Ricky had been seen in Paris and she rushed off there despite his request she stay. She asked Mad Dog to contact Yvon, who ran her office in Paris. Amos was jealous of Yvon and sad that Dakota hadn't said goodbye to him.

(Dakota North#4) - Mad Dog was hanging with Amos when Dakota called to check in, asking him to look into Cleo Vanderlip while she pursued Ricky to Venice. Amos rushed off to join Dakota in Venice. Mad Dog soon let Dakota know that Amos was on his way to join her, frustrating her.

(Dakota North#5) - SJ and Cooper continued yelling about Dakota and Ricky's fate while Mad Dog struggled to get work done. As SJ yelled at Mad Dog for being in a band, he was shocked to learn that Mad Dog was looking into Cleo Vanderlip. SJ rushed off to Rycom to confront Cleo, leaving Mad Dog and Cooper behind.

--Dakota North#1 (Dakota North#1-5

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Dakota North#3, p1, pan1 (Ricky North)

p13, pan5 (2nd)
Dakota North#3, p7, pan3 (Guy Beaumontain)
Dakota North#1, p1, pan1 (Mad Dog)

Dakota North#1-5 (June, 1986-February, 1987) - Martha Thomases (writer), Tony Salmons (penciler/inker), Larry Hama (editor)
Web of Spider-Man I#37 (April, 1988) - Jim Owsley (writer), Steve Geiger (penciler), Keith Williams (inker), Jim Salicrup (editor)

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